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ARTICLE: How To Choose A Producer

Tonight I am meeting with a new client who wants me to produce some music for him and it got me to thinking about choosing a producer and about being a producer. And yes, you need a producer. You need someone who is outside of the creation of the music to hear what you are actually doing. As a creator you can easily get lost in your intentions and not hear your actual work. You’ve coloured it with time, ego and intention and you may not hear what is there.

Let’s start with choosing a producer. Unless you have a large budget and a label that is willing to go to the mat for you promoting your CD, you are not going to have the kind of choices that you would like to have. No world famous producer is going to work on a recording he thinks no one is going to hear, no matter how good it is. Now if you have a small budget, you can still contact whatever producer you choose. Sometimes they take on a client that has no backing because they like the artist or the material. I am just saying that that happening is really a long shot. Try to contact them. You have nothing to lose but a little time and postage. But that very rarely actually happens. So let’s assume you haven’t signed with the Capital Music Group and you are putting the recording out yourself. Now what kind of choices to you have?

First consider the budget. How much money do you have? Enough for recording, mastering and manufacturing? How much actual money to do you have to pay the producer? Secondly, is he or she also an engineer or will you also have to also pay an engineer? Thirdly, does the producer or the engineer have a studio or will you have to be paying for the studio time as well?

Unless you have a lot of money to put into the project, I suggest that you work with a producer/engineer/musician that has his own studio. That way you can negotiate a flat rate per day that includes the producer, engineer, studio and musician costs. Any additional musicians or singers that are needed would be extra, but you can talk about that in advance and, more than likely, there are musicians that the producer you hire frequently works with, and he can, perhaps, get you his rate for their services.

So now we know what we need from this producer, how do we choose one. Start here: of the local recording artists in your area, are there any who have a CD that you think sounds really good? That’s the first step. You want the recording to sound really good. Secondly, of these same local artists, is there a producer that has captured that artist on CD; has he served the artist and the songs?

(By the way, these suggestions are all for the artist who wants to make his or her statement from their artistic perspective. Making radio hit recordings requires a lot more involvement from a lot more people, all of whom are either very expensive and/or will own the lions share of the project and will call all the shots. In that instance, you will simply be the product, the clay that they will mold. I have never been able to turn myself over to anyone like that, so you have to ask yourself my favorite question again…what do you want to havehappen here?)

To return, you can also contact producers whose work you admire who don’t live anywhere near you. I know that I have produced a number of artists who came here to Los Angeles from Chicago or Seattle or Denver and stayed in a hotel and worked with me. They heard a recording of me or someone that I produced and they liked what they heard, so the emails started and before to long, we were working together.

You want to contact several people because you never know how personalities will mesh. You need to find someone you can be in the trenches with, who has or appreciates your sensibilities. On one project, I worked with a producer who was always on the phone talking to his next client or project. I mean he was spending a lot of my time doing business not connected with what I was paying him to do. I spoke to him about it and it let up a little, but never really stopped. You don’t want a person like that. I never worked with him again.

And regardless of what you’ve heard or seen or read about, you don’t want a producer who’s getting loaded on your time. Nobody works better loaded than they do straight. I’m not against getting high. As a matter of fact, I believe that all drugs should be legalized just like booze is, but I don’t get loaded and try to engineer or produce a project. There is a time and a place for everything. And I mean everything. More tomorrow on what the actual costs are.
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ARTICLE: Main Chick Or Side Chick That Is The Question ?

Chick: The woman who is one level above a man’s jumpoff but
ALWAYS a step below the wifey or girlfriend.

I’m not here to put down the side chick, do you, and better you than
me so we’re cool. I’m just here to help the confused ladies who are
having a side chick/main chick identity crisis. So after I give you my
clear cut signs that you are indeed the side chick, ihiphop’s own
sexpert Mike Stylezz will come in and give you hopefuls a few tips on
what you can do to become a main chick (here’s to hoping) More often
than I would like I see my girls get caught up and infatuated with a
dude so quickly that they can’t even see the most obvious of signs he
already has a main bitch, so my first gem of advice to you is to open
your damn eyes get your head out of your ass and start to pay
attention. The following are my clear cut signs that you are in fact
the backup second string QB in his game.

1. You do not get holiday’s which includes Christmas, Halloween,
Thanksgiving, and especially Valentine’s Day (you may get the night
before or after but never on the actual holiday. Also you do not get
birthday’s (other than your own).

2. While he may meet your family (which doesn’t mean he wanted to) You
will never meet this…let me repeat NEVER meet his, so stop asking.
Although you will never meet ANY of his family, you may meet SOME of
his friends but don’t get it twisted that it only because those boys
have side chicks too and can relate…it’s like a side chick meet and
greet if you will.

3. You do get presents, he may know your dress size and/or shoe size,
but that’s because those are things he can give you- material things.
The main chick is the HBIC, she gets everything else from him
(emotions, babies, his balls) you get sex and gifts THATS IT.

4.He always comes to you, he meets you at the place, he will meet you
at your house, sound familiar? He knows he can’t take the chance of
your hoop earring falling off in his ride and his main chick finding
it, thats side chick 101.

5.As a side chick you get special phone etiquette: he will never use
your name when on the phone with you, that’s when he answers the phone
because he will definitely prefer to text you since he’s probably with
wifey, and he will always delete any all messages to and from you on a
daily basis.

If you aren’t paying attention you could easily mistake a side chick
for the main chick. The side chick has certain privileges, receives
gifts, and probably gets it in more than the main chick, but at the
end of the day you are disposable. So for you wifey wannabes here’s
some tips from an expert.

How To Step It Up From Side Chick To Main Chick (Mike Stylezz):

1. You need to prove to him you`re more than a side chick, that you`ll be there no matter what happens. Ride or die chick. Say things that`ll make him question how loyal she is. Say things like I would rock with you even if you were broke and bummy.

2. First make sure you look better than his girl, if you dont then lets be honest you`re just a good time, and he`ll never leave her for you. If you are somewhat better looking then go to the gym wear your sexy heels all the time. Make sure your hair and nails are always on point.

3. Listen to him very carefully. When he talks about her try to be the opposite of everything she is. If she complains be super understanding. If she never has time for him pretend your taking off from work just to see him.

4. Sex game has to always be on point! Super on point. You`re obviously a good lay if hes coming back for more and risking his relationship but be consistent. The day you start slipping is the day hes out. Just got tired of the cooch. You`re done.

5. Dont Pressure him to leave his girl. If you butter him up enough and treat him like a king he`s gunna start doubting how much he likes or loves her. Then one day their gunna fight and hes going to think about how much better life is with you (if you done everything right so far) and its a wrap.

6. Do not ask him to buy you anything! Dont get in the “I`m you`re side chick you better bribe me or i`ll tell” mindset. Guys are severely turned off by that, for that they can just cheat with a nasty hooker and she wouldn’t tell and most likely cost way less.

7. Make sure he knows hes the only one getting to smash that a$$, he`ll never take you serious if he knows you`re also giving the business to other dudes. Remember you`re trying to make him think you`re better than wifey not a slide.

-In conclusion as a dude the only reason I would get a side chick is because I`m bored, you have alot of skank swag compared to my main girl, you`ll do things sexually she wont, I just want to prove that I still got it or you`re just so hot I dont want to let the chance go by. Its hard for a guy to change his mind once hes wifed up, he has so much invested but if he is slightly attracted to you and you follow my rules and be patient there is chance that he`ll hip toss that broad and rock with you.