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ARTICLE: The Benefits Of An Electronic Press Kit In Music

Today we’re going to look at what an electronic press kit is (Also known as a EPK) and what you as a musician would include in one. We also look at how having an EPK would benefit you. If you haven’t made an electronic press kit yet, now is the time to do so.
What Is An Electronic Press Kit?

First of all, what is an EPK? Well, a EPK is a press kit in digital format. If any journalists want any information about you or your band, they would search your website to see if you have a pack for the media. This will be your pack.

Some of the contents of musician’s electronic press kits can typically be found on their social networking pages, such as their Facebook, Reverb Nation, and MySpace pages. The difference between these sites and an electronic press kit however, is that the press kit takes the fragmented bits of information scattered across various profiles, and merges them into one concise entity. The end result is a single destination for every bit of information a professional in the music industry could ever need to know about you or your band.
Benefits Of An Electronic Press Kit (EPK) For Your Music

So if a lot of it is already out there (Your bio, photos, sounds, and awards), why take the time to regurgitate what you’ve already done for your social media sites? Well, here are a few good reasons:

EPK’s Are Streamlined.
Event coordinators and members of the press are busy people; they don’t have time to wait for your MySpace page with 15 videos and a high resolution background to load. If they want to see the videos and they want to see your fancy photo shoot, they’ll navigate to the video and photo sections of your press kit. Don’t make them sift through all of that when they’re really just looking for an email address or a band roster, you will find that you lose a lot of important people’s interest fast.

Different Information Types For Different People.
Fans want to watch video clips of you performing at the last concert they went to, they want to leave you a comment to let you know how much they loved your show, and they want to sign up for your newsletter. Journalists want facts: Awards you’ve won, venues you’ve played, albums you’ve made, what your promotional efforts have been like, and a list of where you’re performing next.

Saving Music Event Coordinators Time.
Who is the main point of contact for bookings and how can they be reached? How much original material does your band play? What equipment and instruments do you have? What is the approximate footprint of space needed to perform? What additional amenities will you need? If event coordinators can easily find this information without ever asking, you’ve saved them and yourself one or two rounds of emails or phone calls before you ever initiate contact.
Cover All Bases With Your EPK Electronic Press Kit

When creating your electronic press kit, remember that more is better than not enough. It’s impossible to predict what information a reporter could be interested in, so it’s best to have it all. They may want to know the last show you had in their city, the name of your first EP, the title of that one song you sang about your aunt Donna, you don’t know. So cover it all, otherwise you risk losing the opportunity to be mentioned by them.

If you want press, you need to have an electronic press kit. This makes you easily accessible, and appear to be easy to work with. So don’t delay, get your EPK up and running on your website today!
-Danielle- Art of Melody

Music News: Says Single “Born This Way” is not worth more than 99 cents

Ever since Lady Gaga’s Born This Way was released on May 23, much has been made of its pricing and promotion, a multi-tiered plan that included partnerships with everyone from the folks behind “FarmVille” to Best Buy … and, of course, Amazon.com, which decided to price the album at 99 cents on the day of release to promote its Cloud Drive service (and when the download demand subsequently sank the site, they extended the deal for a second day).

According to some estimates, downloads through Amazon accounted for nearly half of Born This Way’s 1.1 million sales — which certainly proved that it worked — but at the same time, it also sparked genuine debate about the inherent worth of an album … and whether the Amazon model may have fundamentally changed the way new releases are promoted and priced.

So, in a new interview with The Wall Street Journal, Gaga was asked whether she believed that Born This Way was worth more than 99 cents. And her answer was somewhat surprising.

“No. I absolutely do not, especially for MP3s and digital music. It’s invisible. It’s in space. If anything, I applaud a company like Amazon for equating the value of digital versus the physical copy, and giving the opportunity to everyone to buy music,” she said. “It also wasn’t really 99 cents, because Amazon paid the difference on all of those purchases as part of their promotional campaign for one of their new services. I think it’s amazing and it was a really nice surprise and I felt honored that they chose my record to be part of it.”

Amazon would be paying the difference on all those 99-cent purchases to Interscope/ Universal Music Group — a tab that could run as high $3.2 million, according to Billboard.biz — but in the long run, that loss might actually be viewed as a win, since it drove traffic to the site and raised awareness of its fledgling Cloud Drive service. And Gaga is the first to admit that the plan isn’t for everyone … it’s up to individual artists (and their labels) to determine a price point. But she’s happy with the results this time out.

“I don’t know if other artists or other companies would want to adopt the same model,” she told the WSJ. “Everyone always has the opportunity to sell their music at any price they want to. This sort of happened this way and it’s very exciting.” -mtv news

Music News: Nas Doing A Free Concert TODAY!

Today (June 2), Nas will performing live at the Gansevoort Plaza in New York City as part of Bacardi Rums “Like It Live, Like It Together” kick-off event.

The free concert is hosted by Elvis Duran and features New York’s Power 105.1 morning show host, DJ Envy, on the turntables.

The Queensbridge legend will hit the stage as part of an effort to help Bacardi bring people together for an experience that turns online “likes” (expressed via Facebook) into real life moments for fans across the country. To kick off the campaign, Bacardi will present top “likes” ranging from food, cocktails, and entertainment by God’s Son.

With no RSVP required, if you’re in the New York City area be sure to stop by the Gansevoort Plaza on 9th Ave & Gansevoort Street to enjoy a free show from Esco. —Nicole LoPresti


Chi-town rapper Common is the latest to share his sentiments about Gil Scott-Heron, the influential poet, musician and rap forefather who passed away last Friday (May 27) at age 62.

In a statement to XXLMag.com, Common touched on Scott-Heron’s personal influence as well as his broader impact on rap music. ”Gil Scott-Heron was one of the greatest artists to ever walk the earth,” Common told XXL. “The soul of his music touched my heart and spirit. His voice and his words and his songs were like the revolution being told in the freshest way. He is a true father of hip hop and he will always be cherished and loved.”

A memorial service will be held for Scott-Heron this morning (June 2) at 10:30 a.m. at Riverside Church in New York City.

Scott-Heron’s cause of death has not been disclosed as of press time. —Lauren Carter