ARTICLE: Joell Ortiz Speaks On Thoughts That “Big Pun’s Back” Is Disrespectful

“Just a couple of days after Liza Rios accused Brooklyn rapper Joell Ortiz of disrespecting her late husband, Big Pun and his son, Baby Pun by recording a song titled Big Pun’s Back, Ortiz finally decided to respond via twitter.

“Shout to Nicole, Pun’s Sister and MaMa Pun for the kind words. GOD will judge by my intentions. Im good with that,” Joell wrote. “No matter how good your intentions may be there will always be some negativity if you take action. still gotta do what you feel is right. if they was no PUN, Breal, nore, cuban, seiss, armagadon there would be no ME! im clear on that. always have been,always will.”-This50

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