SPORTS: Plaxico Burress Plans To Return To The NFL….

The criminal record and locker room issues attached to Plaxico Burress are no reason not to sign him. In a league practically built on second chances, Burress deserves another shot (figuratively speaking). And remember, the only thing seriously hurt in his shooting incident two years ago was his ego. Other second-chance NFL players have committed or been charged with far more destructive crimes.

Burress’ age is a concern — he will be 34 in August — but he still has plenty left to give.

Baltimore or St. Louis might be interested, but Burress donned a Phillies hat upon being released from prison on Monday. Maybe his wardrobe choice was coincidental. More likely it was a message that he’d like to join Michael Vick’s ex-con-a-thon in Philly.

And the Eagles, in need of a big target in the red zone, might just bite.


Faces long odds

Dan Pompei

Chicago Tribune

For a team to really want Plaxico Burress, a lot of planets will have to be aligned. The team will have to know Burress well. It will have to be able to get him at a reasonable price. It will need a strong coach who can handle Burress. It should have a veteran team with an established quarterback. And it will have to be able to live with the possibility of Burress being a backup receiver who does not contribute on special teams.

Burress will be 34 soon. He hasn’t played football in two years. He has a history of not always doing what he is expected to do. If he is able to play anywhere near the level he played at prior to his incarceration, he will have beaten long odds.

Most teams, understandably, won’t be interested. He could, however, fit with the Jets.


Plenty of questions

Sam Farmer

Los Angeles Times

It’s hard to imagine a 34-year-old receiver who hasn’t played since November 2008 will spark a bidding war, especially when free agency — whenever that happens — will be flush with similar receivers. Terrell Owens will be looking for a new team, as will Randy Moss and Sidney Rice.

Plus, what kind of shape is Burress in? How does he run? What’s his mentality like after his prison term?

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