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Industry Tips & Advice: Peter Shukat on Grand Rights License

In this clip from www.artistshousemusic.org – Peter Shukat is an entertainment lawyer with Shukat, Arrow, Hafer, Weber & Herbsman in New York City. He explains the use of grand rights licenses in theatrical presentations and how the royalties are split among writers.

Industry Tips & Advice: Janet Kleinbaum On Marketing to Specific Genres

In this clip from www.artistshousemusic.org – Janet Kleinbaum, Senior VP of Artist Marketing and Video Production for Jive Records, talks about the different ways of marketing to certain demographics. She uses the hip hop act Young Bloodz as an example of an artist who has a very specific marketing audience.

Industry Tips & Advice: Entertainment Law: Music Industry 202

Prepare for a powerful lesson on the legal aspect of the music industry from 14-year, high-powered, veteran entertainment attorney, Matthew Middleton, Middleton Law Group. You think you know? Find out how much!

Industry Tips & Advice: Hire a Music Lawyer

As a general rule of thumb, when the person you are making a deal with decides to hire a music lawyer, you need to hire a music lawyer of your own. Finding an entertainment lawyer for the first time can be a little overwhelming, but it is possible to find one who understands your needs and your budget. This advice will help as you try to find a music lawyer.

1.Identify Your Needs

Do you need an entertainment lawyer on a one time only basis, or do you need to keep a lawyer on retainer? Do you need help with contract negotiation or dealing an intellectual property right violation?

Music lawyers are specialized entertainment lawyers, and within the world of music lawyers, many attorneys have further specialized in dealing with a certain part of the industry. Understanding what you need legal help with will make it easier for you to find a lawyer who is up to the task. Knowing whether you are looking to build a long term relationship with a lawyer will also impact the process.

2.Ask Around

Once you know what you need from a lawyer, start asking around among your music industry circle. You are almost certain to know someone who has had to visit a lawyer for a music industry issue before. There is no substitute for a recommendation from someone who has had a good experience with a music lawyer – or a warning from someone who has been burned. Your contacts’ contacts are your best pool of information.

3.Do Your Own Research

If you have can’t find anyone who can recommend a good lawyer – or even if you can – invest a little of your own time into researching your options. Start by Googling the entertainment lawyers in your area. If you live in a town without any music specific attorneys, expand your search. Read reviews from old clients and check out websites to figure out who specializes in what part of the music industry.

While you are doing your research, be sure to check for any complaints about your short list of lawyer names with the bar association. Avvo.com can also help.

4.Meet With Your Short List

Whether you do it by phone or in person, have a brief question and answer session with your short list of lawyers. Find out what they specialize in, how soon they can work on your case, how much they charge and what their payment terms are.

5.Hire Your Music Lawyer!

After you have had your initial meetings with your short list, choose the lawyer that has the skills for your particular case at a price you can afford. It is also important that you feel comfortable with your lawyer. You need someone who listens to you, not rolls right over you.

1.Watch Your Sources

Recommendations are the best way to find a lawyer, but don’t take the recommendations of the person on the other end of your legal issue. Even with the best intentions in the world, it is never a good idea for two parties in contract negotiations to have the same lawyer, especially if they have worked with this attorney for a long time and you are a new client.



Industry Tips & Advice: Sound Recordings and Works Made for Hire

In this clip from www.artistshousemusic.org – Wallace Collins, an entertainment attorney based in New York, discusses what work for hire means in terms of copyright ownership of sound recordings, and what the thresholds are for a work to qualify as a work for hire. His argument and discussion of copyright revisions passed in 1976 have implications for many, if not all, the current record deals in circulation.

Industry Tips & Advice: Entertainment Law Tip: Sample Clearances

An overview of clearing sound recording samples and musical composition samples (they are two different clearances)

Industry Tips & Advice: Neil Portnow on Starting a Career in the Music Industry

In this http://www.artistshousemusic.org clip, Neil Portnow, president of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS), gives advice on how to start a career in the music industry. He also discusses the benefits of membership with NARAS.

Industry Tips & Advice: Jim Jones: Music Business 101 Week 1 (November 2010)

Part 1 of the 5 part series where Jim Jones shares his wisdom and knowledge of the music industry with a New York City classroom

Industry Tips & Advice: A&R Interview with Velvet Revolver’s Matt Sorum

A&R Select offers Full Service label services sales and marketing to labels and artists. Our A&R department delivers successful campaigns to independently launch and promote your music through professional tools. Why sacrifice your rights and earnings when you can have our team lead you through your own successful campaigns using the best that modern technology has to offer.A&R Select

Industry Tips & Advice: When Do You Hire A Music Lawyer?

Entertainment Attorney Dedra Davis discusses when you should acquire a music lawyer.

Industry Tips & Advice: Terence Blanchard on Being Prepared When Opportunity Knocks

In this clip from www.artistshousemusic.org – Jazz musician Terence Blanchard, manager Robin Burgess, and tour manager Vincent Bennett give advice to students at Loyola University on the importance of self-motivation, flexibility, and intense preparation in building a successful career.

Industry Tips & Advice: About the Harry Fox Agency

In this clip from www.artistshousemusic.org – Ron Sobel, President of North Star Media, talks about the Harry Fox Agency. The Harry Fox Agency collects and distributes mechanical license income for writers and publishers that have music spread among several labels and record companies. Sobel points out that publishers own the agency. However, they do extract a reasonable fee. The fee is generally around four or five percent.

Industry Tips & Advice: How A Music Library Determines Their Licensing Rates

In this clip from www.artistshousemusic.org – Adam Taylor, President of APM Music, discusses what he and his company take into consideration when determining the cost of a license for using one of the works they represent.

Industry Tips & Advice: Sandy Feldstein On Managing Publishing Companies

Sandy Feldstein recounts his experiences as the CEO of a print publishing company with several hundred employees. Sandys grass roots approach to creating a family-business environment in this large organization transformed the companys culture, improved morale, and helped to increase profitability. He took daily walks through the company buildings to meet and greet each employee by name. He held daily meetings with Human Resources staff to be apprised of special circumstances concerning individual employees and then let those employees know that the company cared. Through such actions Sandy created an environment of loyalty and prosperity during his 13-year reign.

Industry Tips & Advice: Music Marketing to Generation X and Y with Catherine Stellin

Catherine Stellin, Vice President of Trends and Research at The Intelligence Group, establishes the differences between Generations X and Y and discusses the large role that music plays in the lives of these generations. Stellin also focuses on how the importance of music and entertainment in these generations impacts the marketing process for these age groups. The Intelligence Group assists companies like Target, Microsoft, and Warner Music Group with consumer and trend marketing research.

Industry Tips & Advice: Entertainment Law Tip: Getting Signed To A Major Record Label

Getting signed to a major label is not what it used to be. Here is a brief overview of what is going on…