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This is promising for the digital music industry modern age business.


It is anticipated that global digital music revenues will more than double from $7.4bn in 2010 to 20.1bn by 2015, growing at a CAGR of 22.1% over the period. Subscriptions will be the fastest growing segment, growing at CAGR of 60.8% to 2015.

In terms of digital music market value, the US, Japan, UK, France and Germany are the key digital music markets, together accounting for 79.5% of the global market in 2010. India, China, and Mexico are the upcoming digital music markets, which present strong growth potential.

Globally, ISPs are entering the battle against music piracy, primarily driven by the collective efforts of music companies and local government’s support. In 2010, France, Ireland and South Korea took steps to curtail music piracy, while others including the UK, New Zealand and Malaysia are aiming to do so in 2011.

This report examines developments across the rapidly evolving digital music industry. It analyzes the evolving value chain and business models; provides market sizing and forecasting by segments, paid users and geography and underlines key players strategies and industry stakeholders’ initiatives to curb piracy.

Features and benefits

* Predict the key growth areas in the digital music industry, arising from changing consumer preferences to access music anywhere and on multiple devices.

* Gauge the size of the digital music industry opportunity, gaining an insight into the business potential of online, mobile and subscription services.

* Benchmark your performance against the major digital music download retailers and music streaming companies.

* Which factors are driving and resisting the growth of the digital music industry and what trends will shape the future of the market?

* What is the industry’s size in terms of value and paid users, which segments and which regions are the fastest growing?



RadioShow : Lupe Fiasco – The Illuminati & The Music Industry By RadioPlanet.TV

YouTube Blockbuster Series “THE MUSIC INDUSTRY EXPOSED” Created By Under User_Name “FarhanK501″ has Covered more in depth about illuminati influences on music industry.Click the Link http://www.youtube.com/user/FarhanK501#grid/user/DE48BFDB3124D5E7

Jay Cooper, a music lawyer based in Los Angeles, assesses the new vogue for 50/50 record deals and whether they are beneficial for artists. He also explains how 50/50 deals differ from traditional royalty-participant deals.

Behind The Scenes Of DJ Khaled’s New video “It Aint Over” featuring Mary J Blige, Jadakiss, and Fabolous.

Jay Cooper, a music lawyer based in Los Angeles, discusses some recent distribution strategies explored by major artists – such as Paul McCartney’s deal with Starbucks, the Eagles contract with Wal-Mart, Radiohead’s self-distribution, and Prince’s strategy of giving away his album free with a concert ticket – and whether any of them seems to be the future of the music business.

Things are not G.O.O.D. between Consequence and Pusha T.

Cons, a former G.O.O.D. Music artist, has been firing shots at Pusha, Kanye West, and much of the rest of the label recently. Specifically, he dropped a video on Wednesday (July 27) in which he called West a puppet master. In turn, Pusha T headed to Chicago radio station 107.5 WGCI’s The Morning Riot, to address the situation.

“Me and ‘Ye have never talked about it,” Pusha T said. “That, in itself, should tell you how serious it is.” As for whether or not he would respond on wax, Push made it seem unlikely. ”It’s not like a back and forth thing, because it doesn’t do anything for me, because the stuff he does isn’t good. To me.”

This morning, Consequence appeared on the same station, and gave his side of things.

“When you’re dancing around issues,” Cons began, ”it really shows one thing: it shows that you can’t comepete. And I’m gonna say this clearly. He lyrically can’t compete.” He continued, “As it stands right now, I’m the most talked about commodity in hip-hop. And I’m gonna go out here and say it: I’m probably the best pure lyricist in hip-hop and in music right now. And among the elite songwriters in this game.”

Combating Pusha T’s accusations of irrelevancy, Cons pointed to Beyonce’s single “Party,” which was co-produced by Cons and includes him on the hook. He then went on to call Pusha T a “worker,” stating that “he was jet fuel for Pharrell Williams, and he’s gonna be jet fuel for Kanye West.” He also spoke on other estranged G.O.O.D. Music artists GLC, Really Doe, and Rhymefest, saying that, though they likely had the same gripes as he, they weren’t speaking out like Cons because they go about situations differently.

Before dropping a new diss track called “Everybody Told Me To Straighten It Out,” Cons said his attack are ”going to continue until Jay-Z intervenes.”

Consequence is preparing to release his latest mixtape, Movies on Demand 3, and plans to announce a release date later this week. —Adam Fleischer xxlmag.com

ed Cohen, Managing Partner, TAG Strategic on the 360 model.

Ted Wiprud, Director of Education for the New York Philharmonic, discusses the institutions initiatives for childrens music education (such as the Very Young Peoples Concerts), and the pedagogical techniques used to capture and retain the interest of young children.

This great article discusses who and how we should target people to grow and expand the brand. A great read.

Forget Facebook fans; brands need to target the friends of fans. That’s the takeaway of Social Essentials, a new service provided by ComScore, with help from Facebook. The service offers unprecedented insights into the influence of brands through social media, complete with detailed credit card behavior that can link web browsing patterns to purchase decisions.

ComScore recently released a white paper based on the data that shows why brands should focus more on the friends of their fans, and engage the most hardcore users with interactions that will ripple throughout their network’s newsfeed. The data was collected through a massive survey of privacy-flouting Facebookers who volunteered to have their complete Internet behavior vigorously tracked. Here’s the key stat, as far as marketers are concerned: A meager 16% of company messages reach users in a given week, largely because the Facebook newsfeed usually only displays popular posts and few fans go to the brand’s page on a regular basis.

The solution is to reach friends of fans through messages that are shareable, and promotions that require voting, checking in, or other interactivity. “Friends of fans represent about the most untapped potential in Facebook marketing,” says ComScore VP of Marketing Solutions, Graham Mudd. For example, Starbucks’s impressive 23 million fans pales in comparison to the number of friends of those same fans: 670 million. In other words, for popular brands, the friends of fans represents “a very large proportion of the Facebook universe.”

ComScore’s research finds a high degree of similarity between the tastes of friends. As a result, brand impressions of friends account for nearly double of what can be achieved from marketing to fans alone (except in Southwest’s case, where friends were only about 25% more):

In other words, it’s smart to pamper power users. For example, Twitter evangelist and Ultimate Fighting Champtionship CEO Dana White credits hardcore bloggers for the success of his once underdog sports organization. Taking note of this kind of strategy, the White House has recently started courting influential social media users in the political arena. Brands can expect exponentially increasing returns from targeting friends of fans up until about the 10 million-fan mark.

Thanks to a large swath of purchasing information, ComScore can also track how much more likely fans are to actually spend money on certain products. Correlation data shows an 8% purchasing jump from fans of Starbucks, compared to the average buyer.

The white paper does acknowledge that “at least a portion of these differences reflect the pre-existing preferences of these consumers,” meaning that at least some of these caffeine-craving purchases would have been made regardless of Facebook fandom.

However, there is good reason to believe that the psychological mechanism of clicking “like” probably steers more latte-happy fans through Starbucks’s doors. Mudd tells Fast Company that future iterations of the product will be able to determine the causal effect of fan pages–for a premium consulting fee.

The service will, in the future, be able to track what kinds of products users are purchasing, what they were doing before and after seeing messages, and even what type of credit card was used–making it easier to conjure up savvy promotions that scintillate the particular pressure points of Facebook users.



“Tell Congress to oppose S. 978, the new “Ten Strikes” bill

Here they go again: Big business’s lobbyists are launching another attack on Internet freedom. Senators are considering a “Ten Strikes” bill to make it a felony to stream copyrighted content — like music in the background of a Youtube video — more than ten times.

As the writers at TechDirt point out, under this bill you could go to jail for posting video of your friends singing karaoke:

The entertainment industry is freaking out about sites that embed and stream infringing content, and want law enforcement to put people in jail over it, rather than filing civil lawsuits…. We already pointed to one possibility: that people embedding YouTube videos could face five years in jail. Now, others are pointing out that it could also put kids who lip sync to popular songs, and post the resulting videos on YouTube, in jail as well.

That’s right: Ten strikes and you could get jail time. Less than a month ago, the Hollywood industry magazine, Variety, reported, “Industry lobbyists pressed House members on Wednesday to pass legislation that would make illegal streaming of movies, TV shows and other types of content a felony….”

Only a few weeks later, the MPAA is getting its wish. Will you email your lawmakers and tell them to vote against the Ten Strikes Bill?”

Go To This website and to send a email to your local congressmen


What are your thoughts on this????

source: http://act.demandprogress.org/letter/ten_strikes/

A&R for Slip n Slide Records, A&R Manager/Marketing Consultant for Slip N Slide Records. Vakseen Drops some knowledge.

Tip #11:
Go beyond the social networks and sign up to the best indie and unsigned music artist sites. Add a full profile, good photos, your best music, update the info regularly and DO NOT REDIRECT them with only a little info to find out more at another site. These indie communities are built to attract music biz personnel as well, to browse for the talent needed for various projects. While you have the viewers attention and time, have the important info right there, don’t waste their time with a redirect link! Include a link to your main site, if they want to learn more they will go to it.

Tip #12:
Hand out your CDs (or demos). Have your web link printed on the CD. Include your band name and contact info as well. Remember, your name on the work is more important than the name of the work. Hand the CD to club owners that feature your type of music.

Tip #13:
Send press releases and reviews of your shows to local print newspapers, magazines and event papers. When writing press releases, read up on “press release tips” and the like to tweak your presentation.

Tip #14:
Professional photos mean you take yourself seriously. All photos in your press kit should be quality photos, not just your main bio picture. The money spent on a photographer that can capture your music “image” is money well spent.

Tip #15:
Collect addresses and email addresses (email is free!) to keep your fans current on what you are up to. When building your lists, try to list their location city, state and zip with a bit of personal input about that fan. This is a great way to create a more personal and targeted mailing list without bombarding people that are too far away to attend a show.

Tip #16:
Practice and practice and practice. Longevity in the music business means learning new things, constantly creating, and always improving.

Tip #17:
Zero in on your target. Know where they hang out, where they shop, what they do for fun, and hit them where they live online and off. Your audience is a specific crowd of people so don’t waste time being where they are not.

Tip #18:
Play, play and play some more. Get gigs in one part of town on Friday and another part of town on Saturday. Do mini tours outside of your town.

Tip #19:
Create your own support group of family, friends, and school mates – communicate well with them on your plans and goals to help spread the word on you, where you plan to go and how you plan on getting there. Delegate tasks to the appropriate people.

Tip #20:
Online send out press releases and reviews of shows via all appropriate sites.

I recently stumbled across a article of 100 tips to market your music. Over the next week an a half we will be giving you all those tips check out tips 1-10.

Tip #1: A music artist must start somewhere, that’s usually locally, but it’s better to not just dive in without a plan. But begin you must. Create a plan with some ideas and set goals as to what you need to accomplish weekly, monthly, and yearly. Start small and make it progressive. Reach bench marks and keep at it.

Tip #2: Image is everything. Image is the complete package – artist/band name, look, performance, merchandise, and style, to how that brand is marketed. A stage name can be a descriptive statement of the image you or your band project. Be unique and interesting to look at in some way….build your own unique stage persona.

Tip #3: Word of mouth has always been the best promotion – tell people what you do. Get people talking. Create your buzz by just giving enough info to get people interested, but hold some secrets close.

Tip #4: Those that promote the most win.

Tip #5: You may be a truly great talent, but without getting out there and consistently marketing yourself, networking, meeting the right people, maintaining your image, and being humble, your talent will only get you so far.

Tip #6: Be innovative in your promotional efforts! The Internet has made it possible to hear a LOT more music, from a LOT more artists. You are now a very small fish in a very large pond – you will need to find a way to stand out, above and glow in the dark. Think beyond the box on every promo tip.

Tip #7: Learn web basics to use the Net to your advantage. The Internet thrives on links, quality content, keywords and consistency. Properly use the tools of the Internet to build your online brand.

Tip #8: Create a web site. Buy your own artist name or band name URL for your web site, keep it simple, easy to remember, make sure it loads quickly and is easy to navigate.

Tip #9: Submit your web link to online music directories, search engines, good music resource sites, in the best possible descriptive category. Use niche sites like tour date sites, lifestyle, regional, music magazine, music ezines, music Blogs and similarly themed sites.

Tip #10:Use Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, Bandcamp and any of the good social networks and extend your fan base. Update on a regular schedule.

Artistopia – The Ultimate Artist Development Resource

It’s been almost 15 years since the Tupac Shakur and Christopher “Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace murders captured the hearts and minds of entertainment world, but those close to the rappers are still finding ways to heal and find closure.

Just recently, Young Noble of the Outlawz and Lil’ Cease of Junior Mafia decided to record a new song entitled “Bury the Hatchet,” to commemorate their squashing of the beef, in addition to recognizing the 15-year anniversary of Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur passing away.

“At the end of the day me and the Outlawz was always cool, and me and Cease are cool, and I just thought about how nobody never really grabbed hold of The Outlawz or Lil’ Cease,” Kay Slay told AllHipHop.com of the commemorative song. “They [Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G.] are two of the most high profile artists of the 1990’s and both of them passed and no one adopted their crews.”

“We winded up getting on the phone together and when we first got on the phone it was definitely an issue when we chopped it up, and as men we got to the bottom of it,” Young Noble of the Outlawz explained to AllHipHop.com in an exclusive interview. “I feel if Pac and Big had been able to do the same thing, they might be around today. As men honoring them, their families and the Hip-Hop community, it was something we felt we needed to do.”

According to both the rappers, Young Noble and Lil’ Cease share a common thread, in that they were both on the scene when their respective mentors, brothers and friends were shot.

When Tupac was murdered in Las Vegas in September of 1996, Young Noble was in the car behind Tupac.

And when Biggie was murdered in Los Angeles in March of 1997, Lil’ Cease was in the car and luckily dodged the rare, German made Gecko armor-piercing bullets, that took Biggie’s life.

“We had so much animosity towards each other without even knowing each other, just because we was ridin’ for Big and they were ridin’ for Pac, but like they say time heals all wounds,” Lil Cease told AllHipHop.com.

“If we can settle our beef then what’s the real beef, compared to what all these other ni**as is beefin about?” Lil’ Ceased asked. “Its like come on man, we lost both our dudes to this s**t and we’re mature enough to handle our situation and make something positive out of it, it makes that record really special.”

According to Lil Cease, the news of their new-found unity may surprise some, but the process was almost 10-years in the making.

“We’ve been talking for like seven years and we really didn’t let anyone know we were talking,” Lil’ Cease explained to AllHipHop.com. “We were just waiting for the right time and situation and Kay Slay presented the idea to us and then once he knew we were talking, we felt he was the best person to give it that push because Kay Slay represents the hood an its something the game needs.”

According to Young Noble, after Pac died a lot of doors were shut on the Outlawz and Kay Slay was one of the few people that always showed love to the group.

As they patiently waited for the right time to put the record out, Noble and Lil Cease thought that Kay Slay’s last album would be the best time to “Bury the Hatchet.”

“We were young and wild, so at the end of the day we were ready for whatever. We were ridin’ with Pac, our big brother so we pretty much were on some soldier s**t. Just being around Pac you had to be like that because when he was around, he was the biggest rapper in the world,” Noble recalled. “Just going to the mall, the whole mall followed, so we were damn near on some security s**t sometimes. It was definitely a tense time but it was also a great time as well. That whole era of Hip-Hop was historical. I just wish Pac and Big were here to see it.”

The two hope that them finding a way to settle their differences will lead other Hip-Hop artists to consider the same path, but both understand the competitive side of the culture.

“People think you have to be a certain way in this game. Nah man, there’s nothing wrong with settling your differences especially if it wasn’t that serious,” Lil Cease. “All this stuff about Big having something to do with Pac and Pac having something to do with Big, all that is laid to rest.”

All proceeds from the song “Bury the Hatchet” will go to Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace’s respective foundations.~as seen in Allhiphop.com

Looks like a tour will be in the works for Jay-Z and Kanye West.
“The Throne” will be a North American Tour and will kick off on September 22nd at Detroit, Michigan’s Palace of Auburn Hills. The tour will go as far west as Los Angeles, California and as far east as East Rutherford, New jersey, finally coming to a close on November 3rd in Boston Massachusetts TD Garden.

Tickets go on sale August 8th, but purchasers who purchase pre sale tickets at Livenation.com will receive a free digital copy of the collaborative album “Watch The Throne”.

Tour Dates are as follows:

9/22/11 Detroit, MI Palace of Auburn Hills

9/24/11 Toronto, ON Air Canada Centre

9/25/11 Montreal, QC Bell Centre

9/27/11 East Rutherford, NJ Izod Center

9/28/11 East Rutherford, NJ Izod Center

9/29/11 Washington DC Verizon Center

10/4/11 Philadelphia, PA Wells Fargo Center

10/6/11 Chicago, IL United Center

10/7/11 Chicago, IL United Center

10/8/11 Minneapolis, MN Target Center

10/10/11 Denver, CO Pepsi Center

10/13/11 Tacoma, WA Tacoma Dome

10/14/11 Vancouver, BC Rogers Arena

10/16/11 San Jose, CA HP Pavilion

10/17/11 Sacramento, CA Power Balance Pavilion

10/19/11 Los Angeles, CA Staples Center

10/20/11 Los Angeles, CA Staples Center

10/21/11 Las Vegas, NV MGM Grand Garden Arena

10/25/11 Dallas, TX American Airlines Center

10/26/11 Houston, TX Toyota Center

10/29/11 Atlanta, GA Philips Arena

10/30/11 Greensboro, NC Greensboro Coliseum

11/1/11 Baltimore, MD 1st Mariner Arena

11/3/11 Boston, MA TD Garden

Industry Tips & Advice: President of EMI CMG Publishing in Nashville – About Publishing

Eddie DeGarmo, president of EMI CMG Publishing in Nashville, gives an overview of publishing. He discusses the history of publishing and how it has evolved in recent times. Eddie then goes over the various forms of media a publisher in the music industry is involved with. He also explains the publishers role in developing songwriters into artists and shopping them to record labels.

SPORTS: Amir Khan Wins, Zab Judah Falls With A Uppercut To His Stomach.

Brooklyn Bred fighter Zab Judah Falls in the 5th with a shot to the stomach. Some fans Argued it was a low blow but Amir Khan was just the bigger better fighter in this match. Zabs age seemed to show just a little, and Amir Khan clearly was in control of the fight. Sad day for us Brooklynites Check the highlights below.

Industry Tips & Advice: Managing Publishing Companies

Sandy Feldstein recounts his experiences as the CEO of a print publishing company with several hundred employees. Sandys grass roots approach to creating a family-business environment in this large organization transformed the companys culture, improved morale, and helped to increase profitability. He took daily walks through the company buildings to meet and greet each employee by name. He held daily meetings with Human Resources staff to be apprised of special circumstances concerning individual employees and then let those employees know that the company cared. Through such actions Sandy created an environment of loyalty and prosperity during his 13-year reign.

MUSIC NEWS: Amy Winehouse Found Dead!!!

A press release from the Metropolitan Police, which doesn’t specifically name Winehouse, says:

“Police were called by London Ambulance Service to an address in Camden Square NW1 shortly before 16.05hrs today, Saturday 23 July, following reports of a woman found deceased.

On arrival officers found the body of a 27-year-old female who was pronounced dead at the scene.

Enquiries continue into the circumstances of the death. At this early stage it is being treated as unexplained.”

Last month, Winehouse canceled her European tour after a performance in Serbia where she seemed completely out of it. Check back for more updates as the story develops.
source: tmz.com

Industry Tips & Advice: Law, Industry Custom, and Why Artists Get Stiffed

Dina LaPolt, an entertainment lawyer based in Los Angeles, CA, discusses various ways in which the law and industry custom conspire to stiff artists out of money that is, in theory, theirs. She discusses in specific how Sound Exchange diverts some royalties away from artists, and how hiring a producer (or producers) to work your record can get expensive fast.

Industry Tips & Advice: Quality and Strengths in an Artists

Blue Note Senior A&R Director Eli Wolf discusses the qualities and strengths he looks for in the artists he signs, as well as the responsibility of an A&R rep to be a good artists’ advocate to the label you work for.

Industry Tips & Advice: Being a CEO in the Music Business

Bob Cavallo, Chairman of the Buena Vista Music Group, discusses the duties of a CEO of a music (recording and publishing) company, as well as the attributes that he believes make for a successful company head.

ARTICLES: Jay-Z and Kanye West Release “Otis”. Another Single Off Of “Watch The Throne”

New Single Titled Otis What are your thoughts on it?


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