Article: VMA’S Performances Ranked From Top To Bottom

So Here’s a little recap of the VMA’s…

Performances Ranked from best to worse:

1) Chris Brown
Chris Brown not only showed love to the Wu Tang Clan, but to Nirvana as well. He would then follow it up with a series of high flying maneuvers to his hit “Beautiful People” Making him nab the number one performance at the show.







2) Lady Gaga
 Lady Gaga grabs second with her alter ego and theatrics which were well put together.








3) Jay-Z & Kanye West
 The “Watch The Throne” pair get a cool third place for a energy packed performance in performing “Otis”






4) Beyonce
 Beyonce comes in fourth due to the showing off of her belly, which she announced earlier in the night that she was pregnant. Congrats B!





5) Adele

Adele gets the fifth spot for her beautiful voice and her natural talent. Not to mention that the rest of the performers kind of go downhill from here.




6) Bruno Mars (Amy Winehouse Tribute)

Bruno Mars Get sixth with his dedication to Amy Winehouse which personally i felt he could of picked a better song to represent the singer… R.I.P Amy Winehouse





7) Jessie J and the band
 Jessie J who was in a foot cast gets 7th for her beautiful singing voice and determination to be in the award show. On a side note, if your performance comes after a woman who can’t move then it must of really sucked. I.E pitbull and LiL Wayne







8} Pitbull & Neyo

 What can i say not a fan of this song or Pitbull’s Red Pants






9) Britney Tribute

 Not much to say about Brit she didn’t perform but her tribute sucked, especially since she had to share it with Beyonce and didn’t have time for a speech.






10) LiL Wayne
 Last but not least LiL Wayne.
This was definitely a performance to forget. He opened with “how to love” which since he can’t sing was horrible then he goes into “John” with a live band which just sounded even worse. Overall show was good, could of done without LiL Wayne and the show should of ended with Beyonce.

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  1. S

    I agree that Beyonce should of ended the show. I think it would of ended in a happier note. As far as Lil Wayne’s performance, I was truly disturb by his outfit. I think he was trying to pull off the old 80′s rocker look with jeans that look like spandex. I believe Kevin Hart was right by saying to Lil Wayne to stick with rapping, cause it is his true talent. It’s okay that you want to venture out and bring different things to the table, but next time try doing it better.

    August 29, 2011 at 1:38 PM

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