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Industry Tips & Advice: How to Plan a Successful CD Release Party

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Article: The Lucrative Side of Hip-Hop Beef – 10 Rap Feuds That Fueled Sales (3 of 10) by Alexis Garrett Stodghill

50 Cent vs. Ja Rule
This beef started way back in 2000 when, “50 Cent was beaten and stabbed by [Irv Gotti], his brother Christopher, and a Murder Inc. rapper named Ramel ‘Black Child’ Gill,” according to. Murder Inc. is  Ja Rule’s label, so 50 has since then enacted his resulting vendetta against Murder Inc. by attacking its biggest star. 50 Cent’s tirades culminated recently in a viral video dis of the fellow Queens native upon hearing that  for gun possession. But this dis did a strange thing. Ja used it as an opportunity to put the beef to rest – and grab the spotlight to promote his coming album. Before heading off to the clink, he told “I’m cool. We ain’t beefing no more. We’ll never collaborate. That’s just what it is” — and of course to look out for ‘The Renaissance Project,’ his eighth album. The album is not out yet, but attention from beefing with 50 is certain to generate better sales.
Winner in this beef: Ja Rule for snatching needed attention during a lull in his career from a much bigger star.




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