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Music News: Damon Dash Settles With Court For Selling Alcohol Illegally.

UPDATE: The music mogul and associates were accused of being a “public nuisance” and having six counts of selling alcohol without a license.

Though he moved out of his DD172 space in New York City, New York’s Tribeca neighborhood in June, Damon Dash is in legal hot water for what occurred there.

According to The Village Voice, policemen served the property with a court summons and order to show cause yesterday at 4:30 p.m. Dash and associates are accused of six counts of storing and selling alcoholic beverages without a license. DD172 was first caught violating the liquor code in November 2010 and this past May.

The violations “were conducted in an open and notorious manner and the operators of this establishment appear to have evinced a ‘business as usual’ attitude in the subject premises.”

The club’s actions apparently constitute a “public nuisance,” and plaintiffs are seeking a preliminary injunction from the judge as well as a restraining order.

[September 8]

UPDATE: According to The Village Voice, judge Cynthia S. Kern has signed a stipulation that settles the restraining order against 172 Duane Street as long as owners abide by the liquor laws in the future and agree to provide security guards during events, warrantless inspections by police and abiding by the certificate of occupancy. Dash’s company has not operated out of the premises since the beginning of summer.

Music News: Ski Beatz compares Currensy’s Pilot 1 and 2 to Jay-Z “Reasonable Doubt”

Ski Beatz knows talent when he sees it. Early in his career, the platinum producer from North Carolina also doubled as an MC in the 1990s group Original Flavor, but after meeting a young, fast-rapping Jay-Z, he decided to put down the mic and pick up producing full time. He hasn’t looked back, crafting fan-favorite tracks for the likes of Hov, Camp Lo, Talib Kweli, Lil Kim and .

These days, it’s the New Orleans spitta who has him most excited. “I feel like the albums I did with Curren$y —Pilot Talk 1 and 2 — are like the Reasonable Doubts of this time,” Ski told Mixtape Daily.

Comparing Curren$y to Jay might seem like a stretch, but having produced four tracks on Jigga’s classic debut, Ski has enough experience with both artists to draw the educated parallel. “The music that I chose and gave Curren$y is timeless music; it’s gonna be around,” Ski explained. “Older people listen to Curren$y because the beats — it kinda takes them back. But younger cats listen to it because of the lyrical content and the flows; because they are able to relate to what Curren$y is talking about.

“That’s how it was with Jay: The music that we chose was kinda older-sounding music, but the lyrics was now.”

For Ski, meeting Jay was life-changing. It was Brooklyn’s DJ Clark Kent who introduced the two when he brought Jay to an Original Flavor video shoot. Dame Dash, who managed Ski and Original Flavor at the time, also was impressed by the up-and-coming Jigga. Together with Kareem “Biggs” Burke, Dame and Jay would go on to start Roc-A-Fella Records. Ski just wanted to make their beats.

“Jay rhymed, and at the moment when I heard him rhyme, I was like, ‘This dude gotta get on one of our songs,’ ” Ski remembered. “He was dope! He was the best rapper I’ve ever heard in my life.

“He got on [Original Flavor's] ‘Can I Get Open,’ and after that, me, personally, I decided to stop rapping and just start producing him solely.”

Ski eventually would move on from working with Roc-A-Fella. According to the producer, he wanted to build his own Roc-A-Blok production company. Ski would build his discography with Camp Lo, Sporty Thievz and Pittsburgh Slim.

He has recently hooked up with Dame Dash again, and put out his 24 Hour Karate School compilation in 2010 and its sequel, 24 Hour Karate School Part 2, in August. The new volume features Freddie Gibbs, L.E.P. Bogus Boys and Maybach Music Group signee Stalley. The previous album boasted features from Jay Electronica, the Cool Kids, Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y and Smoke Dza.

While nothing can top working with Jay-Z, for Ski, these days it’s about discovering what’s new. “I love being able to still be relevant and being able to work with these cats: the Wiz Khalifas, the Smoke Dzas, the Dom Kennedys,” he said.

Article: The Lucrative Side of Hip-Hop Beef – 10 Rap Feuds That Fueled Sales (9 of 10) by Alexis Garrett Stodghill

Dame Dash vs. Jay-Z
These two former friends built Roc-a-fella records from scratch, only to see Dame Dash be forcibly ousted in the end — according to him. How did this happen? Both men tell opposing sides of the story.  the obnoxious go-getter in Dash that had been an asset when they first started out became monstrous once their empire was established. Dash claims that Hova “screwed him over” (as he has) by forcing a buy-out of his shares in Roc-a-fella for less than he deserved, and sneakily positioning himself . Since those days, Jay has of course gone on to release multiple albums, and create wildly successful tours… and Dame? As late at 2010 he was still blaming Jay-Z for his relative lack of success. Dame complaining about Jay makes Jigga look like more of a businessman– and thus a winner.
Winner in this beef: As image is (almost) everything in the rap game, all the points in this particular beef go to Jay-Z.




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