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Article: The Lucrative Side of Hip-Hop Beef – 10 Rap Feuds That Fueled Sales (10 of 10) by Alexis Garrett Stodghill

Jay-Z vs. 50 Cent
 very early in 50’s career, sparked by what Jay saw as 50’s attacks on his first break out hit, 2000’s “How to Rob.” After building on their beef for three years, the two miraculously squashed it to go on a lucrative tour together in 2003. That’s convenient! Yet, 2009 saw two of the most successful men in rap going at each other again like school yard rivals – this time over a protégé. When former Roc-a-fella rapper  it was enough to send Jay and 50 back on the warpath. Switching sides like that in an industry in which loyalty is everything caused the wrathful words to flow, and the media to cover the battle between these moguls like the Superbowl. Did it hurt that 2009 also saw the release of Jay-Z’s “The Blueprint 3”? Was it chance that Curtis Jackson’s “Before I Self Destruct” was released within a similar timeframe? We’ll never know. But,  with 500,000 sales, while the “The Blueprint 3” came out on top . Yes, in the world of rap, negative attention helps. Big time.
Winner in this beef: Beanie Sigal. Even though he has never really broken through as an artist, he continues to have major players in the game take interest in him. Well done!



Sports: Mayweather Gets No Respect For His Win. Should Be Ashamed Of Himself.

Mayweather is infamous for throwing elbows so what’s the big deal if he gets a headbutt thrown his way right? Apparently Mayweather couldn’t take a taste of his own medicine, so during a break issued by the referee and a effort to make good from Ortiz, Mayweather decided to take two cheapshots at Victor Ortiz. Hands down and not ready Victor Ortiz was knocked out and couldn’t get up. In which the ref called the fight and appointed Floyd Mayweather the winner by TKO.
So let’s just do a small recap… Ortiz fights dirty he loses a point Mayweather fights ridiculously dirty and he gets the belt. Last time i will ever watch a boxing fight again. A main reason why the sport of boxing is going down.
Larry Merchant said it best “If i was 50 years younger i would kick your ass”

Article written by Ray Reyes of Get It Done Entertainment


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