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Sports: NBA, union staffers set meeting; formal session may follow by Sam Amick

With time running out for the start of the NBA season to be saved, the labor talks will resume on Wednesday in New York.

According to a source close to the situation, staff members from both sides will convene for a meeting that doesn’t qualify as a bargaining session but could be followed by a formal negotiating session on Thursday.

Wednesday’s session will not include NBA commissioner David Stern, any owners, National Basketball Players’ Association executive director Billy Hunter or union president Derek Fisher. NBPA attorney Ron Klempner and attorneys for the NBA are expected to attend, and it remains unclear whether deputy commissioner Adam Silver will also take part.

While the two sides have made significant progress on the economic front in negotiations, the systematic disagreements remain. Hunter deemed the owners’ insistence on a hard salary cap a “blood issue” after talks stalled on Sept. 13 in New York, but after the Board of Governors meeting in Dallas last Thursday, Stern said that everything was negotiable.

As such, one source said a follow-up meeting Thursday involving Stern and Hunter could indicate progress, as the union had made it known that future discussions were only warranted if the owners showed some willingness to budge on that key issue.



Industry Tips & Advice: Integrated Music Marketing Campaign

Berkleemusic instructor Mike King explains the main elements of an integrated music marketing campaign.

Industry Tips and Advice: Should Artist Do Conferences and Submit to Festivals?

You know the old saying: ‘you gotta pay to play’. But should artists be required to pay to submit to festivals, even if they end up not playing (ie, getting rejected)? This has been a long-running complaint among artists and managers at places like SXSW, where bands are required to pay a fee through Sonicbids for consideration.

And so what? Doesn’t the payment of an entry fee signal some level of seriousness? And, shouldn’t promoters have the right to normalize the chaos of submissions? “It’s ultimately the choice of the promoter out there,” Sonicbids founder Panos Panay recently told Digital Music News. “When you’re applying to college, the college says ‘this is the way I need you to apply for me.’”

But what about shifting the payment obligation onto the festival promoters, instead of the artists? Well, that’s exactly the model being pursued by GigMaven, a company specialized in booking, ticketing, and promoting gigs. In fact, GigMaven counts Make Music New York among its first festival clients – but the critical difference is that GigMaven wants festivals to foot the bill, not artists. “I’ve never been a big fan of the premium artists have to pay because of Sonicbids,” said Howard Han, GigMaven founder and CEO. “It’s bad for artists and although it provides short term cash for festivals, it damages their reputation in the long run.”

This is a licensed white label submissions service, another key difference. But can Han unseat Sonicbids, arguably the standard in this space and a company with years of specialized experience? Sounds like a difficult challenge, though Han is slowly chipping away. “We plan on pitching the larger festivals but I [first] want to sign up more smaller festivals…” http://www.digitalmusicnews.com/stories/040611festival

Industry Tips & Advice: Managing Your Music’s Reputation Online

Marcus Taylor from The Musician’s Guide ( http://www.themusiciansguide.co.uk ) talks about how to manage your brand or artist reputation on Google using several search ranking tactics.

Music News: Ne-Yo Is Expecting His Second Baby…

It’s wedding bells and baby booties for Ne-Yo. The “Closer” singer is engaged to longtime girlfriend Monyetta Shaw, and the happy couple are expecting their second child together.

According to Us Weekly, the baby announcement was kept under wraps for most of Shaw’s pregnancy. A source told the mag the baby is expected as early as October, which is just two weeks away.

Despite being busy with her pregnancy, Shaw has also been working on a new boutique in Atlanta called Emerlyn & Ester, set to open soon in the city’s upscale Buckhead District.

Ne-Yo (real name: Shaffer Chimere Smith) welcomed his first child, daughter Madilyn Grace, back in November 2010 and was ecstatic about becoming a father. “Feels like I’m in luv for the first time,” he tweeted at the time. “Welcoming that lil’ girl to the world last night defined for me what ‘willing to kill and die for’ truly means. My world, my life, all hers.”

The couple have not revealed when they plan to marry.

The last time we checked in with Ne-Yo, the exuberant 31-year-old’s mind was on music and his showstopping VMA performance of “Give Me Everything” with Pitbull.

“This is my first time performing at the VMAs, so this is going to be big,” he promised. “This was the show where, before I made it, where I was like, ‘When I make it, yeah, I definitely got to do that one.’ And I’m here. I’m happy. I’m definitely beyond happy. I’m gonna maintain; very ecstatic to be here.” source: www.Mtvnews.com

Industry Tips & Advice: A Musicians Guide for Getting Help & Support By Ariel Hyatt

Delegating The Heavy Lifting: A Musicians Guide for Getting Help & Support
By Ariel Hyatt (@CyberPR)

Ariel Hyatt founded Ariel Publicity 12 years ago as a traditional Music PR firm. The company went 100% digital to accommodate the changing media landscape in January of 2007 and since then she has not looked back. Cyber PR is currently handling campaigns for over 95 artists. For this week’s Industry Notes, Ariel outlines for ASCAP Members her tips for finding assistants and interns.

I travel a lot to speak at music conferences and I see this all of the time: Musicians squirming in their seats as I present ideas on how to improve their marketing. The idea of having to do one more thing is just unbearable to them, and they literally begin to melt down in front of me.

One of my best friends is an artist – a dancer – and she literally takes to bed after she has to write a press release; it literally makes her sick.

You will NEVER achieve the success you want it if you try to do it all alone and take on things that stop you dead in your tracks!

I can not stress this enough: You MUST learn to delegate, and get the stuff that makes you completely stressed out off of your plate.

Two issues are up for you right now from reading this:

1. You can’t afford to pay someone to help you

2. You don’t want to give up control and you feel a need to do it all yourself


Step 1: Figure Out What To Delegate

The first step in your journey is you need to figure out what you want to get off of your plate. Is your MySpace page hogging up too much time? Do you need help with PR & Marketing? Do you just need someone organized to help you file papers and organize your home office?

Step 2: Write A “How To” Guide For Each Task

I urge you to take the time to do this BEFORE you get anyone in to help you! Take a few hours to write a guide on each task explaining it exactly the way you do it. This is called systematizing and it will be critical for your success in achieving your goals around outsourcing. Imagine that the person you are writing these guides for has NEVER done any of the tasks you are about to assign. Type them out.

This is CRITICAL to your success with delegating because when people are left to their own devices they may not perform in the way you want them to.

Start With Small Tasks – 1 to 2 Hours at Most Start with small tasks that can be achieved in an hour or two to see if your new intern / assistant is up for it (not everyone will be good at everything) and make sure you ask them what they would like to focus on – Facebook or MySpace. Or maybe they are better in person, and they want to pass a clipboard around at your show to help with newsletter sign ups.

Or maybe they are creative writers and their talents will be best used writing press releases or designing logos and graphics for posters, flyers and websites.

Hold Them Accountable If they are working for college credit make sue they provide you with a spreadsheet of all they are doing, or at least a report that breaks down their time and what they did with it. They will probably need to do this for school anyway.

Inspect and comment on their actions – remember when you were in school how you were graded and checked-up on. If you do not inspect the work that interns are doing for you they may go off course.

Where To Get Good Marching Orders

Cyber PR’s Sound Advice

I have written many step-by-step guides on how to be your own publicist, how to get reviewed on blogs, how to get started on Twitter, how to install Facebook apps, etc. Look through my articles, have your new intern read them and follow along to the letter!

Bob Bakers Buzz Factor

I love Bob and he writes great material and wonderful books that your intern can read and follow along. I love his MySpace and Guerilla Marketing books – buy them.

Derek Sivers’ Blog

Derek has many marketing tips plus a great FREE book to download to get your interns motivated.

Inner Rhythm

Download Kavit’s free ebooks here. They will walk your interns through the new realities of the music business. Start with the fabulous “How To Design A Winning & Profitable Music Business.”

New Music Strategies

Andrew Dubber’s New Music Strategies attempts to unpack and explain what’s going on in the online music environment – and from that, develop strategies. I love his ebook called “20 things” it’s indispensable

Rockstar Life Lessons

Carla Lynne Hall is my Mastermind forum manager and an amazing strategist herself. Her blog is wonderful too! I suggest diving into the “Recession Proof Musician” series.

* Chris Brogan’s Blog

Expert social media strategist Chris Brogan has a great blog packed with ideas on how to create a social media strategy that works for you, and yes a great series of ebooks too.

The Musicians’ Atlas

An indispensable guide to help with tour PR, and marketing

CD Baby Podcast

Free audio podcasts for download crammed with ideas to get your interns motivated

The Indie Bible

I love this wonderful directory of outlets to send your music for every imaginable genre; plus tips written by industry thought leaders.

Step 3: Go Get Help

Here are some solutions to consider… this is my guide to getting the help you may need. I broke it up starting with free solutions that won’t cost you more than your time to options that you will pay for:

Getting Help FOR FREE Get students to help you while they earn credit for school:

Entertainmentcareers.net & Music-Jobs.com These websites will let you post as an employer for free – post as a record label (that’s what you are) and ask for help with PR and marketing. Offer college credit only. You will be amazed at how many young people who need to get credit for school are turning to these sites to find interesting internships. www.entertainmentcareers.net – www.music-jobs.com

Your Local College Or University There are a few places on campus to try:

The Career Services department Music school Communications department

Look for classes on PR, marketing and online strategy. I suggest that you connect directly with the professors and leave a courteous message asking them if they require internships and if they have any students who like music and may be interested in working for your record label.

There is always a class that is studying marketing and PR and students need to come up with “marketing plans” and “publicity plans” all of the time. Ask the professor to have the class come up with one for YOU as an artist instead of a hypothetical business. You will be amazed at what a team of young people who are not jaded by the music business may come up with.

Photography and Film Schools Students studying photography would be delighted to take photos of a band – they get an assignment complete and you get free headshots!

This also works for film students (free video for YOU).

Production Schools Students learning about audio production may also need to record. Research which audio schools are in your area and call them up!

Identify Your Superfans & Motivate Them Ask your mailing list if anyone on it can give you a few hours a month assistance in exchange for free show tickets, T-shirts and beers at the gig.

Email Signup At Gigs You can also create a column on your email signup list that you pass around at gigs asking – would you like to be in our virtual street team? If they say yes – add them to your team!

Email Signup On Your Site And you can add a signup box to your website using a free widget from Reverb Nation to capture your fans who may want to help you.

Free Online Tools To Use

Reverb Nation
Reverb Nation has an entire street team management system that you can use for free to delegate tasks and keep everyone organized

See How Others Do It – Then Copy Them! By joining other musician’s street teams you can see how they delegate and copy what they do. Google will get you there in a few clicks.

Paid Services

In some cases you do get what you pay for so you may want to spend some money. This does not have to break the bank at all – here are some of my favorite places to go for paid help!

Elance is a fabulous site where service providers of all types bid against each other (eBay style) to work for YOU!
There are tons of categories here and you will find almost anything you need – graphic designers, copyeditors, writers, virtual assistants etc. You can also get a MySpace page skinned for a lot less than you would imagine.

I have used this site to get my books designed, powerpoint presentations done for a fraction of NYC prices and through this amazing site I found Kristie, my fabulous VA (virtual assistant) who checks my email, helps me keep track of all sales of my books at Amazon, and runs both ReviewYou.com and my affiliate program; yet I have never met her face-to-face. There are countless reliable VA’s who prefer to work from home (many are moms with children in school so they have extra hours during the day).

You can set the price you want to pay. The best part is that Elance has an escrow service so if the provider does not deliver a satisfactory job, you will not release your money until they do!

TIP : look at each person’s reviews and only use providers that get fabulous reviews and high ratings from other Elance users to avoid disappointments.

Bio Writing – Ben Lazar
I have a full-time bio writer on my staff who will craft an excellent bio for you. He is a 17-year music industry veteran and has served as a major label A&R guy for years at Island Def Jam. Plus he has also booked the entire CMJ Music Festival so he really knows how to hone in and focus on a band’s message and help you get it across.

Review You – Guaranteed CD Reviews
I created this site to help musicians get one review at a time guaranteed from expert music writers – buy one or buy 10 and save a fortune in postage and PR pitching / following up agony.

Bandletter – Will Design and Send Your Newsletters For YOU!
I co-own a service that is hands down the easiest solution to managing your newsletters – why? Because my partner Kevin will do it all FOR YOU – all you need to do is write the copy. Kevin will design, and send each newsletter, clean up your mailing list from the bounce backs and advise you on the best strategies for getting your fanbase to buy.

Hire a Teenager in Your Family

Trust me THEY know how to work MySpace much better than you ;) again don’t set them off to figure it out on their own – give them a syllabus with steps to take.

TIP : Buy them Music Success In 9 Weeks, The Indie Bible, Musicians Atlas or Bob Baker’s fabulous books!

Good Luck with delegating and please post your stories on my blog! www.arielpublicity.com/blog

Here’s to your success!



Industry Tips & Advice: The Brand Gap

from on .

Industry Tips & Advice: 2011 Marketing Trends for Music – Part 2 (ustream, foursquare, location, gaming, scvngr)

PDF link http://goo.gl/3RO13 Music Marketing Mentorship link http://www.bob-baker.com/marketing/music-mentor.html

In this video I cover trends that every music promoter should know, including: live streaming video, location-based apps, video game challenge techniques, scavenger hunts, and more.

Sports: Giants Beat The Rams To Even Out Their Record.

CBS News: Steve Spagnuolo and the St. Louis Rams came to the Meadowlands bearing gifts and the New York Giants readily accepted them.
Eli Manning threw two touchdown passes and linebacker Michael Boley scored on a 65-yard fumble return to lead New York to a 28-16 victory over the mistake-prone Rams on Monday night in the first matchup between Giants coach Tom Coughlin and Spagnuolo, his former defensive coordinator.

This one was ugly with mistakes by the Rams (0-2) giving New York (1-1) a crucial win after a disappointing loss to Washington in the season opener.

All four of New York’s touchdowns resulted directly from St. Louis mistakes.

Manning hit Hakeem Nicks with a 3-yard TD pass after a muffed punt and Domenik Hixon made a spectacular juggling grab on a 22-yard score after a busted coverage late in the first half.

Sam Bradford threw a touchdown pass and Josh Brown kicked three short field goals for the Rams, who moved up and down the field except in the red zone.

Bradford might have made the biggest mistakes, throwing a pass backward and seeing Boley run it into the end zone.

It was that kind of night for the Rams.

The Rams killed themselves in the red zone. They settled for three short field goals after drives stalled inside the Giants 10, with the first coming after they got a first-and-goal at the 1 following a 68-yard catch and run by Danario Alexander.

New York built a 21-6 halftime lead and was never threatened again.

After Manning threw an interception deep in Rams’ territory on the opening drive, the Giants looked lost for a couple of minutes, until the Rams woke them up with their first big mistake.

It resulted because St. Louis was without regular punt returner Danny Amendola.

Greg Salas took his place and muffed Steve Weatherford’s punt with Dave Tollefson recovering at the 38.

Nicks, who was questionable for the game with a bruised knee, put New York ahead with the 3-yard TD catch. The score came after New York got a first down at the Rams’ 9 after Bradley Fletcher was called for pass interference against Nicks.

A 25-yard field goal by Brown closed the gap to 7-6 later in the quarter, and the Rams seemed to be in position to take the lead early in the second quarter when Bradford moved them to the Giants 27.

However on third-and-8, Bradford tried to throw a halfback screen to Williams who was lined up as a receiver. The pass was thrown backward, making it a lateral and Boley picked up the fumble and ran 65 yards for a touchdown and a 14-6 lead.

The margin grew to 21-6 just before halftime when cornerback Al Harris let Mario Manningham run past him on a first-and-10 from the Giants 47 and Manning hit him in stride for a 31-yard gain.

Hixon made a one-handed catch of Manning’s pass — juggling the ball three times with his right hand — for a 22-yard touchdown. He seemed to hurt his right knee on the play and barely played in the second half. He missed all last season after tearing the ACL in his right knee in June.

A 17-yard pass interference penalty against Justin King kept the Giants’ opening drive in the second half alive and Jacobs scored one play after Manning got New York a first down with a 23-yard screen pass to Ahmad Bradshaw.

Bradford closed the scoring with a 19-yard touchdown pass to Alexander late in the third quarter.

Industry Tips & Advice: How to manage online reputation

Kevin Meredith (Lomokev)

The presentation was part of a series of discussions: Brave New World — A New Arts Landscape

Part of the Brighton Digital Festival, Fabrica is holding a series of three discussion evenings during September. Each with a different theme they will add up to an in-depth look at how social media and the digital space is changing the arts landscape. From artists taking their first steps and learning how to manage their online reputation, to those using the digital space to make work and invite creative participation, to the forces that will reshape arts organisations, challenging elitism and encouraging a diversity of voices into the arts.

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