Industry Tips and Advice: How To Address Contacts Through Email Without Becoming A Nuisance

A few years ago I hated leaving Hip-Hop shows because every rapper would be by the door handing out their latest mixtape. Nowadays everything has gone digital and my mailbox can’t escape being filled everyone’s latest single or mixtape. So I’ve decided to give rappers a bit of a guide on how to not on everyone’s shit list.
Now let’s get one thing clear, if you “work” in music (or are trying to get into the industry) you are going to be getting email from everyone and if you’re not, then you’re probably not very important. It’s annoying, I know but artists need to find ways of getting their music heard and emailing is one of the simplest ways to do that today. If you don’t like it, hit spam on any unwanted emails. It’s your right!
But artists need to learn how to send an effective email. It’s really not that difficult.
1) Learn to BCC: Seriously, quickest way to end up in someone’s SPAM folder or getting cussed out is not putting emails in the BCC box. For those of you who don’t know what BCC does, it’s simple, it hides the email addresses of the people you are sending your music to. Why do this? Because people don’t want their email out there for everyone to see and they don’t want 30 replies on the same email of people cussing you out. Plus, say you do have some important people on your list, do you want every bum to have that address? Do you want other rappers to have your mom’s email address? Then learn to BCC.
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2) Label Correctly: The file name should read as “RAPPER NAME – SONG TITLE (PRODUCED BY BEATMAKER)”. It should not read “Track21 – Crappy Edit”. If you got other versions of the song label like this “RAPPER NAME – SONG TITLE (PRODUCED BY BEATMAKER)[RADIO EDIT]”. It just makes reading and finding songs easier once downloaded so that way people can put them in their MP3 players. Some blogs will ask for it in a different name, but make sure you include the important stuff (your name, track name and what version it is).
3) Don’t Attach: Send a Zippyshare or Hulkshare link. Don’t use Rapidshare, Zshare, or any site that has too many advertisements. You want a site that gives bloggers an embedded code so that they can post your music up without a problem. Viruses are everywhere on the internet and most people don’t want to download anything. Plus, downloading music means taking away space from people’s hard drives. Give them a download link, make their lives easier.
4) Press Releases: Don’t just send a download link or youtube link. Let the reader know who you are, what you look like (include an image!) and what you are giving them. You don’t want to give them 3 pages of info they won’t read but give more than a sentence.
5) Backup Links: Datpiff is great for mixtapes. They count downloads and plays plus they will stream your music but here’s a secret, most blogs hate DatPiff links. Think of it, you’re asking blogs to direct traffic to another website! Give them a backup link. Send the Datpiff link and another download link. This goes for singles. Send a backup link in case someone kills your link.
6) Include Contact Info: Have your social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, ReverbNation, Official Website, EVERYTHING).
7) Review: Before sending out the email, CHECK EVERYTHING!!! All the links, misspellings, everything. Nothing worst than a rapper who can’t spell his homtown’s name. Just a bad look.
8) Don’t Be Annoying: Seriously one email is enough. If you want to be risky send two, but don’t overdo it! Also hitting up someone’s twitter, gmail, and facebook with messages may seem like you’re grinding, but in reality you’re just being annoying. If it’s hot it’ll get play. Focus on who’s opening your emails, not who isn’t.
Sidenote: There are a million and one email marketing companies. We here at ThatsMajor have our own as well (contact for a quote), but I’ll let you guys in on a secret. There aren’t 50,000 people in the music industry! So if someone says they’ll email your track for X of dollars to 100,000 people, odds are 95,000 of those people are not checking your email and that list is not focused on just Hip-Hop heads. So it’s really just a bunch of junk emails who don’t give the slightest shit about your music.
Also, one blast won’t really do anything for you. Have a plan or work a plan with who you are hiring. If you got a mixtape, drop a few tracks leading up to the release, drop the tape, then drop videos. Don’t just get one email blast and expect that to have any impact on your work. Contact artists that have worked with the company a lot and see if they recommend the company.
Finally, don’t ask for a blast that day or tomorrow. You want to be a professional, have it time out so that the company can do the blast, send you a preview, you edit, and then send it out. Just makes life easier when people aren’t running around last minute trying to get stuff done.

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