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Glossary: Music

Copyright Law:

Refers to a body of national and state laws, provisions of international treaties (such as the Berne Convention and the Global Agreement on Tarriffs and Trade), as well as customary business practices surrounding use of intellectual property.
In the US, music is protected under the Copyright Act of 1976. This law provides protection for songs and other musical works, as well as sound recordings of those works.

The law grants copyright owners the exclusive right to do and authorize any of the following:

Reproduce the copyrighted work in copies or phonorecords (see Recording Rights);

Prepare derivative works based on upon the copyrighted work (see Adaptation Rights);

Distribute copies or phonorecords of the copyrighted work to the public by sale or other transfer of ownership, or by rental, lease or lending (see Reproduction Rights);

In the case of music (as well as other protected intellectual property), perform the copyrighted work publicly (see Public Performance Rights);

Song copyrights are held by music publishers, while sound recordings are controlled by record companies.

Article: Emilio Rojas Talks About Rumors Of Signing To Rick Ross

The Rochester, New York native also touches on his origins and being deemed a “political” rapper.

Rumors have been swirling that Emilio Rojas is on his way to signing with Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group, but he claims that there’s nothing official to announce. Speaking with MinaSayWhat, the Rochester, New York native said that he’s connected with the crew but that nothing is set in stone.

“Ross is like the big bro. I’ve been building with him and Spiff and Sam Sneak and them. Just stay tuned. That’s the fam, that’s it,” he said. “I’m dead nice. With rap, I’m nice. I can rap. But everyone else on MMG can rap, too.”

Rojas addressed what he would bring to the table if he were to sign with MMG, explaining that he is able to go in certain directions that other artists cannot.

“There are directions that you could take me that you couldn’t necessarily take a lot of artists on the come up. Not just even referring to MMG, but any team that I would be a part of or any label that would be lucky enough to have me,” he joked. “There are directions that you could take me that a lot of people can’t. Like, I can rap. I’m nice. A lot of cats that are making the hit records aren’t that nice, but I’m dead nice. And, I can make the crossover records. I feel like you could put me on a record with a big pop hook and I could still rap my ass off. There isn’t that middle ground most often. I may not be the best of both worlds, but I’m up there. I’m in the top bracket.”

Watch the full interview below, where he also speaks on being a “political” rapper, his origins and more.

Industry Tips & Advice: Copyright Law Basics


Ike Williams and Patricia Nelson, media and entertainment lawyers of Fish and Richardson, talk about issues pertaining to copyright law. Patricia goes over the definition and the rights you have with a copyright as well as when your work is considered copyrighted. Work made for hire, how you can lose a copyright, the benefits of registering your work for a copyright, and statutory licenses are also covered in this clip.

Shoot Date: Sep-05

Industry Tips & Advice: Ty Cohen’s Indie Music Biz / Business 101 : Call 2 – Part 9

Article: Common Speaks On His Upcoming Album and More. . .

Common tapped Nas for his latest single “Ghetto Dreams,” but as previously reported, the duo has much more in store. Speaking with Hard Knock TV, Com Sense reiterated that their collaborative LP is still in the works and that it originated as a mixtape titled Nas (Dot) Com.

“At some point, we will do that. We’d talked about it and we had a good idea to call it Nas (Dot) Com. That was actually going to be a mixtape at one point,” he revealed. “But we decided that we should make it an album. And we will. Nas is working on his album right now and my album is coming, November 22nd.”

He also spoke on his current standing with G.O.O.D. Music, explaining that although his upcoming album The Dreamer, The Believer won’t release on the label, he’s still part of the family.

“I’m still G.O.O.D Music affiliated, for sure. I’ll always be,” he said. “Me and ‘Ye, that’s my brother. I’m still part of the whole G.O.O.D. Music family. It’s not coming out through the G.O.O.D. Music label, but I’m still always associated. I’m still part of G.O.O.D. Music.”

Watch the full interview below, where he also speaks on working with No I.D., a potential Soulquarians album and more.

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