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Sports: Carmelo Anthony Hints At Another Charity Game, But This One To Be Played In NYC.

After Saturday’s exhibition dubbed “South Florida All-Star Classic” made fans want more, and the NBA season seems losing games, day by day; ‘Melo decided to amp up the next big (exhibition) game and bring it back to NYC! LBJ, Stat, CP3, ‘Melo, and other stars could light up the Big Apple, and give back to NYC! Check out Melo’s twitter from yesterday (Monday), his interview with the NY Post after the Saturday exhibition, and some video below!

“Working on an epic exhibition charity game in NYC,” he wrote“Showtime. I’m  comin’ home.”

NY Post Interview:

“We’re going to keep giving back,” Anthony said.

“We had conversations,” Anthony told The Post“It was just good to get  everybody together.

“I don’t think anything is going to happen between now and Monday,” Anthony  added“So we’ve just got to be prepared for that, be prepared for the lockout  for the first two weeks and see where all this is going.”

“It’s sad all the way across,” said Anthony, who scored 30 points for victorious  Team Wade and hit the game-tying 3-pointer with two seconds left to send the  game into overtime. “It’s [sad] for us as players. It’s sad for the owners. It’s  sad for the fans of the NBA.”

“If they want to lock us out [longer tan two weeks], we’re sticking together,”  Anthony said“It’s Saturday. Let’s be realistic. I don’t think anything is  going to happen between now and Monday.” –  source: www.thatsenuff.com

Charity: P.Diddy aves Boys And Girls Club In Harlem.


“Diddy Saves the Boys & Girls Club of Harlem”

NEW YORK, N.Y. (October 11, 2011) — The Boys & Girls Club of Harlem, an organization dedicated to youth development by providing access and opportunities for young people in their community regardless of economic, social and family circumstances, today announced a remarkable contribution
from business magnate Sean Combs, founder of the entertainment conglomerate Bad Boy Entertainment

The donation will significantly impact the organization’s operations budget, which has been under tremendous pressure due to enormous shifts in federal, state and private funding.

“Mr. Combs’ contribution comes at a time when we were faced with the possibility of eliminating existing programs and/or club sites. 100% of Mr. Combs’ contribution will go directly to the young people, and provide educational, recreational and social enrichment programs allowing us to move forward as a club, uninterrupted.” Willie C. Bentley, Jr. Board Member and Resource Development Chair.

The Boys & Girls Club of Harlem is part of a nationwide affiliation of local, autonomous organizations working to help young people of all backgrounds develop the qualities they need to become responsible citizens and leaders.

A hometown hero, Sean Combs grew up in Harlem and credits the historically artistic community for influencing his musical oeuvre. Over the years, he has continued to lend his support and has remained an active member of the community.

For further information on the Boys & Girls Club of Harlem, please contact Willie C. Bentley, Jr. on (347) 498-3090.

The mission of the Boys & Girls Club of Harlem is to provide access and opportunities for youth to reach their full potential as
responsible members of the community.

THEIR VISION: The Boys & Girls Club of Harlem will develop young minds, instill character, and foster leaders of tomorrow by
delivering relevant youth services in a positive environment. We will be a best-in-class organization by creating a culture of excellence
through a renewed commitment with the village of Harlem. We will work together with the community to realize our mission.

PR Contact for Sean “Diddy” Combs
Keesha Johnson
(212) 981-5212
source: thatsenuff.com

Article: Shady 2.0′s Thought On BET Cypher Before It Even Aired.

Eminem’s new rhyme regime gave their thoughts on the BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher before it even aired.

The DJ Premier hosted Cypher performances have recently become one of the highlights of the annual BET Hip Hop Awards. Specific examples include Skillz filming his own Cypher and later being rewarded with a spot on this year’s show. In a bit of a twist, individual crews participated in the 2011 Cypher performances including and some of the Shady Records roster.

BET while the awards were still airing in some areas, and the terms “#Cypher” and “#Shady 2.0” quickly began trending on Twitter. While there was more than enough talent to bounce ideas off of each other, Yelawolf revealed that no one in the crew heard each other’s rhymes prior to the taping. The one thing Slaughterhouse did reveal was that they were roughly 70% finished with their Shady debut. And any delays can be attributed to Eminem giving them the space and artistic freedom to experiment while also participating in events such as their Brisk Bodega show and the BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher.

“Everybody did a really good job, and we did our rhymes over and over and over until everybody started forgetting them,” Eminem explained. “The best thing about doing a cipher for me—and I’m sure for everyone else—is just knowing the caliber that everybody rhymes at. You know everybody’s gonna fuckin’ bring it.” source: hiphopdx.com

Industry Tips & Advice: Ty Cohen’s Indie Music Biz / Business 101 : Call 2 – Part 10

Industry Tips & Advice: About Publishing Companies


Ron Sobel, President of North Star Media, talks about publishing companies. Publishing companies are the manager of the song. Sobel shares his viewpoint that a song is a three dimensional entity. A song is composed of the writer half and the publisher half. The writer is the creator and the publisher is the business end. Also in this segment, Sobel points out that writers have the option to manage their own songs.

Shoot Date: Nov-05

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