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Music Video: “Stay” Tyrese Feat. TaraJi P Henson

Tyrese has been keeping busy with a new book, movies, and now a new album. Check his first single off his album titled “Stay”. Check The Video Below.

Sports: Lebron Tweeted About Joining NFL… See What Some NFL Players Had To Say About That.

“I recommend he keep his NBA contract and just play the Madden video games if he misses football”said Bengals CB Leon Hall.

“The mentally weakest person I’ve ever seen”, said Lions linebacker Chris Spielman.

“I think LeBron has a better chance of making the NFL and being an impact player than Michael Jordan had of making it in Double-A baseball,” Spielman said. “I’d pay money to see him run routes.

“There’s no doubt, physically, that he has the skills.”

“He could be a tight end that doesn’t have to block,” Bengals Safety Chris Crocker said“He’s very athletic. You see basketball players make the transition. Antonio Gates and Jermichael Finley, those guys play tight end. If he can catch, he could be a pretty good tight end.” – 

Music News: Drake Visits Hot 97 Studios and Speaks On Serena Williams Fling, Pusha T Diss and more

On the topic of his fling with Serena Williams, Drake doesn’t deny it happened but hints that Serena has moved on. “Old news can always become new news, but right now I’m focusing on this album….”
Flex: Did you know that Wayne was going to go at Jay-Z on “It’s Good”…
Drake: I’m not gonna say that I didn’t hear the song before it went out….Wayne recently said I can never feel like I created a monster in Drake because I’m his boss….I’m a soldier for Wayne. I just did what I’m supposed to do, I delivered a verse. And he does with the song after that is completely up to him…
It’s silly to say that the initial jab wasn’t a jab, it’s silly to say that [Hov's] initial comment wasn’t completely directed at that situation….and Wayne is never afraid to step up to the plate, did what he did back and that’s what hip hop is about. I have the utmost respect for Jay, I’m not really involved in that situation. He’s been a great mentor in my career. And Wayne is a brother to me…

Flex: Miss Info had pointed it out that Pusha T’s did a freestyle that had some jabs. Did you take offense to it?
Drake: Not really….I’ve never really had any interaction with Pusha T. So for him to diss me would be purely issues that he’s having with himself…We’ve met but we’ve always been cordial. I’m a fan of the Clipse, I say it in interviews….I’ve never really had an issue with him. But it’s a frustrating time for alot of people right now, I get it. So if it’s directed at me, just make it a little more direct next time. I’m up for whatever. I’m didn’t take offense…..

Lol! well-played, Drake. I think he handled both the Weezy question and the Pusha question quite deftly.

source: missinfotv

Industry Tips & Advice: Music Publishing Basics


Producer, musician and label owner George Howard reveals the ins and outs of an often mysterious but very important part of the music business: publishing. He discusses the importance of publishing and copyright ownership to an artist’s career, how to go about copyrighting your music, and how to be your own publisher. In addition, he discusses what exactly a music publisher does, how money changes hands, and what you need to do to ensure that you are maximizing your publishing revenue.

Shoot Date: May-05

Articles: Big Boi Takes Plea Deal

It looks like Big Boi is in the clear. The Grammy-winning OutKast rapper accepted a plea deal Thursday to settle his drug case and avoid jail time.

According to the Associated Press, Big Boi appeared in a Miami courtroom Thursday (October 13) and accepted a plea deal from prosecutors that will give him three months of drug testing, community service and $2,000 in donations to charities.

As previously reported, the OutKast rapper was arrested while stepping off a cruise ship this past August after a K-9 dog sniffed out drugs –including ecstasy– that the rapper was carrying.

As long as BB can remain clean for three months, the charges will be dismissed. –Jakinder Singh

Industry Tips & Advice: Ty Cohen’s Indie Music Business 101 : Call 2 – Part 12

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