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Industry Tips & Advice: Music Producers – Finding Your Target Market

Industry Tips & Advice: Becoming A Music Supervisor

Joel Sill, an independent music supervisor and publisher, gives advice to anyone wanting to become a music supervisor. Sill suggests starting at a film studio. Even though there aren’t a lot of them, they offer the broadest range of information. Music supervisors must know about all the aspects of the music business, such as record companies, record producers, and publishing.

Shoot Date: Nov-05

Industry Tips & Advice: Advice for Screenwriters from Walt Disney Pictures President

In this interview, Nina Jacobson talks about how to become a successful screenwriter in Hollywood. How do you find a literary agent? How do you get your script in front of the studios? These questions and more are answered by one of the most powerful women in the entertainment industry.

Glossary: Gaming


Short for “costume play.” The practice of dressing up like a character from a game, movie, or manga. Often seen at conventions, trade shows, and expos.

Industry Tips & Advice: How to get your music played on the Radio

There is a simple submission process to get your music played on KYHY Radio (Greater los angeles area) Jigga Jones talks about the easiest way to get thousands of people to hear your music and talk about your band


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