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Run DMC Superstar 80′s shoe.

Run DMC presents a 25 year anniversary edition addidas sneaker for their song ‘My adidas’. The two present this special adidas Superstar 80s ‘My adidas’ commemorative shoe. The sneakers comes with a gold rope chain placed as a lace lock on the sneakers. The sneaker will be released on November 11th, 2011.

Industry Tips & Advice: Chris & Paul Weitz on Twilight, A Better Life and Suck City – 2 of 3

Writer-director brothers Paul (“About a Boy,” “The Vampire’s Assistant”) and Chris Weitz (“The Golden Compass,” “Twilight: New Moon”) talk about their latest projects “A Better Life” and “Another Night in Suck City” and why Twi-hards are the hope of the future of filmmaking.

This interview is presented by the Writers Guild of America, West’s Latino Writers Committee. The LWC seeks to enhance the visibility of Latino writers in the industry — to elevate their status and increase their participation. It also attempts to fight pervasive stereotypes about Latinos — in front of and behind the cameras.

Industry Tips & Advice: Finding Your Target Market

Jerry Goolsby, professor of Music Industry Studies at Loyola University, tells a bit about how a band goes about finding its target market, and the importance of that audience in a band’s career.

Shoot Date: July 06

Glossary: Music

Promo Package:

A package used to promote music, including a promo CD and any appropriate press releases, one sheets, photos and other information. Also known as press kit or press pack.

Music News: Pusha T Shuts Down Rumors Of Any Problems With Drake.

Pusha T is the rap Freddy Krueger of dream land. Today, not only did he launched his new website www.pusha-t.com, but he dropped a record called “What Dreams Are Made Of” from his Fear of God II: Let Us Pray EP coming out next month.

Hip-hop fans are still talking about the last song Pusha T put out, “Don’t Fuck With Me,” over the instrumental to Drake’s “Dreams Money Can Buy.”

Pusha didn’t call out names on that one, but he threw daggers. Lines like “Rappers on their sophomores, actin’ like they boss lords/ Fame such a funny thing for sure when niggas start believing all those encores/ I’m just the one to send you off, bonjour” had fans speculating about he was rifling off his lyrical ammo at.

One name that came up consistently on the rap blogs was Drakes. To which Drizzy answered on a recent Funkmaster Flex interview: “I listened to it and I just couldn’t pick it out,” he said referring to the alleged diss. “I couldn’t pick out where I was supposed to be offended. First of all I never really had any interaction with Pusha T so for him to diss me would be purely issues that he’s having within himself. We’ve met but we’ve been just always cordial with each other. I’m a fan of The Clipse. I say it in interviews so I never really had an issue with him but you know it’s a frustrating time for a lot of people right now. I get it, so if it was directed at me just make it a lil’ more direct next time.”

Pusha saw no problem with Drizzy’s retort.

“What he said on Flex, any self respectable man is supposed to say when you sitting on Flex with five million listeners… When you have a album coming out,” Pusha told XXL. “That’s all well and good. I don’t take that any type of way. I seen the same thing happen when Drake put out his ‘Dream’s Money Can Buy.’ His rendition. That was a freestyle over that record. Everybody was like ‘who is he talking about?’ so on and so forth. I never thought anything about it. I never felt no type of way about it. People was like [Drake] said ‘my favorite rappers lost it or they not alive no more.’ Everybody was like is he talking about Kanye, Jay-Z, Pusha, the Clipse? Man, none of that shit ever phased me. I never looked at [his rhymes] no type of way. I looked at it like that was a amazing record.”

Pusha says some fans should stop speculating and just enjoy the raps.

“I think people are putting too much on it,” Push said. “I’m a fan of [Drake’s]. I been a fan of dude. I always thought his shit was good. But when it comes to this rap, I don’t play a whole bunch of games. I just don’t. When I attack these instrumentals, I’m really feeling myself. I really am. I’m good man. When I put that record out, I never put ‘Drake Diss.” That’s what the people felt about it. I can tell you for sure, you listen to the whole first verse of the song, Drake ain’t never stole nothing from me. A lot of stuff, people are picking and choosing what they feel applies to him and so on and so forth. There are a lot of different angles and mindsets I was in when I was writing that record. But I think it is what it is and I love it.”

Fear Of God II: Let Us Pray officially arrives on November 8. —Shaheem Reid

Industry Tips & Advice: How to get Music Played on the Radio – Online Music Insider

Online Music Insider host Jamila Joy shares the #1 question she’s been asked over the years as Radio Host & Programmer…”How do I get MY Music Played on the Radio?” Joy share a few do’s and don’ts, as well as tips in How to get Music Played on the Radio – Part I – Online Music Insider.

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