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Industry Tips & Advice: Top 100 Game Developers Industry Advice

Top game creators share their best advice on getting into the videogame industry. Make a mod? Get a degree? Or just get in the door and mop the floors? Hear what they have to say.

Glossary: Internet


Earnings Per Click. This number is given by dividing your revenue earned by the number of clicks you sent to the offer. For example, if you send an offer 100 clicks and earn $5.00 then your EPC would be $0.05

Industry Tips & Advice: Income Streams for Songwriters


Ron Sobel is president of North Star Media, a California publishing company. He discusses various topics pertaining to publishing and the music industry. In this segment, he talks about the major streams of income for songwriters. Ron starts by talking about the amount of money you can recieve from radio play and public performances from PRO’s. He goes on to discuss mechanical royalties and statutory rates for songs. Another source of income for a song is being paid for synchronization in TV and motion pictures. The last topic he talks about is generating money from new forms of media and digital downloads.

Shoot Date: Nov-05

Industry Tips & Advice: What Artists Should Know About Their Business

Syd Butler, founder of French Kiss Records, shares his thoughts on why any artist who is serious about success needs to be acquainted with the business and financial aspects of their career.

Real Talk: Minister Farrakhan Blast Media During a Commercial Break At a Radio Interview.


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