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Featured Artist Video: Geeda Sham “Going Insane”

Music News: Maino Says There Is No Beef With Big Sean, It Was Just a Misunderstanding.

The “Hi Hater” rapper says the discrepancy with Sean was all a “misunderstanding.”

Maino recently implied that there was some sort of beef when he called Big Sean “Lil’ Sean” during an interview, but he says that it was just an accident and misunderstanding. During an interview with WGCI’s DJ MoonDawg, the Brooklyn, New York rapper said that he said Sean’s name wrong and cleared up the unintended shot at the 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards.

“I was making a point to some of my homies that a lot of the rappers of today, you look foolish beefing with because they ain’t about that type of energy. They ain’t about that. They ain’t about the gangsta, thug imagery. They ain’t into the street credibility or what have you. They more or less cool dudes. There’s nothing wrong with that. I gave examples like Wiz Khalifa and Big Sean. In the heat of my conversation, I called him ‘Little Sean.’ People thought I did it on purpose, and I really didn’t.”

He said he held off until he saw him in person so that he could personally discuss the matter with the G.O.O.D. Music rapper.

“I ran into him at the BET Awards on the red carpet and I wasn’t going to reach out through no phones. I was going to see him whenever I saw him and told him that wasn’t really what I was about, because that was contrary to everything I was saying. Why would I say in one breath, ‘You look crazy beefing with dudes like that’ and at the same time trying to diss him?” he said. “He not even talking like that. These artists not even talking like that. They cool dudes and had jobs and was just existing. Drinking, getting high, smoking, partying, that’s cool. That’s fine with me. It wasn’t really me trying to get at him. It was really a misunderstanding.”

The “Hi Hater” rapper also spoke on Papoose’s recent claim of being “King of New York,” stating that no one is yet to one-up him.

“Ain’t nobody from New York outdo me yet, not even new artists,” he exclaimed. “Did he say he was the king of New York? I’m out here moving. I didn’t catch it, I heard some things.” source: hiphopdx.com

Music News: Drake Releases Tracklist For Take Care.

Drake – Take Care (Official Tracklisting):

1. Over My Dead Body
2. Shot For Me
3. Headlines
4. Crew Love ft. The Weeknd
5. Take Care ft. Rihanna
6. Marvins Room
7. Under Ground Kings
8. We’ll Be fine
9. Make Me Proud ft. Nicki Minaj
10. Lord Knows ft. Rick Ross
11. Cameras
12. Doing It Wrong
13. The Real Her ft. Andre 3000 & Lil Wayne
14. Look What You’ve Done
15. HYFR ft. Lil Wayne
16. Practice
17. The Ride

18. Hate Sleeping Alone
19. Untitled ft. Lil Wayne

Sports: Giants Improve To 5-2

The NY Giants rallied their way to a 20-17 victory over the Miami Dolphins, yesterday! The Giants seemed to have problems in the red-zone, until the fourth quarter, when Eli finally connected with WR Victor Cruz (pic above) on a 25-yard TD pass to take the lead. The Giants D was ferocious in the fourth quarter to help seal the deal! The Giants increased their record to 5-2, while the Dolphins dropped to 0-7! Check out the

Quote Of The Day…. Happy Halloween

As spirits roam the neighborhoods at night,
Let loose upon the Earth till it be light…
~Nicholas Gordon

Article: Hottest Halloween Costumes of 2011 [INFOGRAPHIC] by Charlie White

Want to know what the hottest Halloween costumes are this year? Or maybe you’re a contrarian, and don’t want to be seen in the same costume anyone else is wearing. Or maybe you’d like to know what the most popular candy is this Halloween, 2011.

You came to the right place. Find out what’s hot and what’s not by checking out the spooky stats on our Halloween infographic from Webtrends, showing you which costumes and candy garnered the most buzz.

According to Webtrends, the data used to create this infographic represents online mentions from October 1-24, 2011 and is an aggregation of Twitter, blogs, online news sites and other social media sources.



Industry Tips & Advice: New York Comic Con 2011 – Breaking into the Industry

Rob and Ben ask industry developers for advice on how to best break into the video game industry.

Glossary: Music

Music Publisher:

Is an entity that owns or controls the copyright to a song or musical work and represents its business interests. Publishers often represent songwriters and hold exclusive rights to their works. Finally, many elite songwriters hold their songs in their own music publishing companies (this is a long and diverse list, including Irving Berlin, Bob Dylan, Rogers and Hammerstein, Billy Joel, Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen and Dianne Warren).

Industry Tips & Advice: What is a Mechanical License?

Producer, musician, and label owner George Howard discusses what mechanical licenses are and how they make money, how revenue from mechanicals is collected, and the controlled composition clause that reduces the mechanical royalty rate under certain circumstances.


BE SAFE HAVE FUN AND BUST A MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Article: 17 Ways Bands Should Use Email to Grow Their Fan Base and Sales by MusicNomad

Your relationship with your fans has never been more important. They hold the money and are the ones that want to buy directly from you. They love your music and are whom you need to develop an intimate relationship with if you want your band’s career to grow. If used right Email and Email management is a powerful tool to make that fan relationship grow. Email can be used in a range of ways such as a personalized message to give them an update on your band or a call for action to buy something from you. We have put together what we believe are the 17 best ways to use Email to connect with and grow your fan base and sales.

Bands (and not management or interns) should always write their own emails to be authentic.

Noon Eastern time on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday is the idea time to send broadcast Emails to your fans when people are at work across the US and Europe.

The ideal frequency of emails to fans is about every 2 to 4 weeks with updates on your tour, merch and music announcements.

Negotiate upfront if you leave from a record label that you keep your email list and you own it.

Give great deals on email offers for pre-orders, such as a $50 package for $25.

Don’t put links to iTunes and Amazon in your Emails. Fans want to buy direct from you so always link them directly to your home site.

In each Email make sure you have direct and separate links to buy merch, buy tour tickets and buy music. Don’t be afraid to have a big “Buy” button at the top of the Email.

Sell Email exclusive package offerings around holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, Cinco De Mayo, etc or just give some music away for free that day in exchange for an email.

Your fan Email lists are gold and building them up is huge! Collect emails and zip codes from your fans at shows or ask for them when giving away something for free like a download.

Pay someone to go around and collect emails and zip codes at your shows. It’s that important.

Ask your merch company for the emails and zip codes for the fans that bought your merch.

Send emails by zip code so you can target upcoming shows to promote them and ask them to come out. The best time to send a show announcement is 30 to 45 days before the show date. The ideal time to send an email reminder about an upcoming show in a particular town is 5 days before the show. Offer them something special like a $5 coupon off at your merch table. In the subject line put the name of that city such as “New Tour Date announced in Chicago”. This will personalize it and increase the overall open rate for that Email.

Don’t go overboard in graphics and special effects in your Email but make it look nice and spend some time designing it. Resize images in HTML as they download quicker.

Before you send out a fan Email send a test email to you and your band members Email to see how it looks and fix any issues before sending.

If you have only a fans Email and no zip code give something away for free such as a live show recording or free album download in exchange for it and tell them it will help you more effectively communicate with them in the future about tour dates or special appearances in their city. It’s the truth.

Don’t cut and paste blanket Emails to your fans. Be authentic even if it takes you longer as it will go so much further this way. They will tell a friend this band sent me a personal Email and viral marketing will begin. Split up the Emails and get everyone in the band involved.

Send an Email to fans in a particular city you just played and thank them for their support and have a local connection in your email to those fans and tell them what you did in or thought about their city besides your show.

About MusicNomad
MusicNomad is a musicians advocate organization that tries to make sense of the vast and fragmented music industry through researching, interviewing, reviewing and ranking thousands of companies in the music industry and filtering the ones that can really help musicians. They then do write ups on the companies, rank them and give you a direct link to their website. There are also tips, news and articles for musicians to explore. The Website (www.musicnomad.com) is free to use and focuses on fighting for the underdog, independent musicians!





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Article: The Top 10 Halloween Songs

10. “Witchy Woman” Eagles

9. “Runnin’ With the Devil” Van Halen

8. “Somebody’s Watching Me” Rockwell

7. “Don’t Fear the Reaper” Blue Oyster Cult

6. “A Nightmare on My Street” D.J. Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince

5. “Highway to Hell” AC/DC

4. “Werewolves of London” Warren Zevon

3. “Ghostbusters” Ray Parker Jr.

2. “Monster Mash” Bobby “Boris” Pickett & the Crypt-Kickers

1. “Thriller” Michael Jackson



Industry Tips & Advice: Top 100 Game Developers Industry Advice

Top game creators share their best advice on getting into the videogame industry. Make a mod? Get a degree? Or just get in the door and mop the floors? Hear what they have to say.

Glossary: Internet


Earnings Per Click. This number is given by dividing your revenue earned by the number of clicks you sent to the offer. For example, if you send an offer 100 clicks and earn $5.00 then your EPC would be $0.05

Industry Tips & Advice: Income Streams for Songwriters


Ron Sobel is president of North Star Media, a California publishing company. He discusses various topics pertaining to publishing and the music industry. In this segment, he talks about the major streams of income for songwriters. Ron starts by talking about the amount of money you can recieve from radio play and public performances from PRO’s. He goes on to discuss mechanical royalties and statutory rates for songs. Another source of income for a song is being paid for synchronization in TV and motion pictures. The last topic he talks about is generating money from new forms of media and digital downloads.

Shoot Date: Nov-05

Industry Tips & Advice: What Artists Should Know About Their Business

Syd Butler, founder of French Kiss Records, shares his thoughts on why any artist who is serious about success needs to be acquainted with the business and financial aspects of their career.

Real Talk: Minister Farrakhan Blast Media During a Commercial Break At a Radio Interview.



off that “ON DECK” hosted by DJ Suss One Get It Done Entertainment LLC

Industry Tips & Advice: The Film Industry

Anthony Hall, award winning movie producer, shares his advice on how best to achieve a successful career in film production.

Those looking to start or further a career in film production career will greatly benefit from Anthony Hall’s insightful answers to the following questions:

“How does one start out in film production?”
“What can you tell us about the movie industry?
“The movie industry is highly competitive; how does one achieve success?”

Glossary: Music

Tray Card:

The part of the album artwork that sits behind the tray and is seen when you look at the back of the CD case.

Industry Tips & Advice: Harry Fox Agency Licensing

In this clip from www.artistshousemusic.org – Charles Feldman, Vice President of Writer/Publisher Relations at BMI, talks about the Harry Fox Agency. The Harry Fox Agency only represents music publishers. Feldman explains that this includes writers that have their own publishing company. Also in this segment, he discusses the synchronization license. Feldman believes that the Harry Fox Agency no longer deals with synchronization licenses. Harry Fox Agency still deals with the mechanical license however.

Music News: Cops Called To Nicki Minaj House, But Why?

Nicki Minaj is having problems with her help. According to TMZ, police visited the Young Money starlet’s Hollywood home yesterday afternoon (October 27) after a dispute occurred between Minaj and one of her maids.

The altercation stemmed from an incident that happened weeks ago when Nicki fired an employee that took photos of her. The Queens rapstress believed that the woman came back on Thursday to confront her, which is when the problems started. Nicki asked her to leave, and when she stood her ground, Minaj’s boyfriend, Safaree “SB” Samuels, got involved and allegedly pushed her. This caused the maid’s boss to call the police and file a battery report.

Meanwhile, sources are telling TMZ that the woman in question is not the same person that Minaj fired, and that Nicki mistakenly confused the two. Nonetheless, the maid eventually decided not to press charges.

As of press time neither Nicki Minaj nor her boyfriend, SB have commented on the incident. —Elan Mancini source: hiphopdx



off that “ON DECK” hosted by DJ Suss One Get It Done Entertainment LLC


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