Article: Billboard Magazine Declares That Discounted Music Doesn’t Count

In new rules issued this week,  Billboard Magazine declared that unit sales for albums priced below $3.49  will no longer be eligible for the Billboard charts and won’t be counted in Nielsen SoundScan sales data during their first four weeks of release. EPs and individual songs must now also sell for $.39 or more per [...]

Industry Tips and Advice: Promo Tips For Artist PT. 4

Promo Tip #31 Never mail your CD without a purpose or a contact person’s name on it and expect miracles. Far better that the contact person knows to expect your CD, his or her name is spelled correctly, and you are mailing it to a company that actually works with your style of music. Promo [...]

Article: Not Posting Videos On Facebook? New Data Shows You’re Missing 60 Million Viewers by Bruce Houghton

New comScore data shows 84 million U.S. Internet users watched online videos in October for an impressive average of 21.1 hours per viewer. The total U.S. Internet audience viewed 42.6 billion videos, an all time high. Google sites, driven by YouTube, ranked #1 with 161 million unique viewers and 20.9 billion videos viewed. But Facebook, [...]

Industry Tips & Advice: How to Communicate With Fans So You Connect With Them (Instead of Bore Them to Tears) by BOB BAKER

In the same way that there is an art and craft to songwriting, there is also a craft to writing and using language in general and these word-related skills can play a big part in how effectively you communicate with fans – especially online. In this article I’m going to quickly address something called “point [...]