Music News: ASCAP and the Radio Music License Committee Announce Settlement in Principle

New York, NY, December 5, 2011: The Radio Music License Committee (RMLC) and The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) today announced a settlement in principle concerning the fees payable by America’s radio stations to publicly perform ASCAP’s 8.5 million plus musical works through 2016. The RMLC represents the vast majority of the [...]

Article: Jay Frank On How To Create Hits & Building A Next-Gen Record Label [VIDEO] Bruce Houghton

Former CMT, Yahoo Music executive and FutrueHitDNA author Jay Frank has just launched DigSin, a new model independent record label. Frank, interviewed here by Ian Rogers on This Week In Music, is a music loving data geek who sees patterns in fan reactions and believes he can harness them to build hits. He’s creating DigSin [...]

Article: Songkick CEO Ian Hogarth On How Social Media Is Changing Live Touring [VIDEO] by Bruce Houghton

The live music industry (promoters, club owners) has, in my experience, been slow to adapt to the new realities of marketing. Ineffective strip ads and radio campaigns are finally being replaced by more nuanced marketing: targeted email, social media, even GroupOn. Studies by ticketing companies like Evenbrite and Ticketfly have proven that social media sells [...]

Industry Tips and Advice: Promo Tips For Artist PT. 6

Promo Tip #51 Create a music slogan of up to 8 words (less is better) that quickly, accurately and in a catchy manner describes your music in a real way. Promo Tip #52 Give a review to get a review, honestly is the best policy, but never brutality. Many times someone will return the favor [...]

Featured Artist Video: Elephant Man “Gal Me Love/Dat Me Seh”

Glossary: Music

Songwriter,Composer, Lyricist: Is a person who composes music or writes song melodies or lyrics. A songwriter can also be a recording artist, but that role is completely separate from a copyright standpoint. Composers and lyricists own their music at the time of creation, but if their music is well known, chances are good that their [...]

Interview: Wale Interview On Kube 93

Music Video: Jon Connor Freestyle on StatiK Selektah Shade 45 Show.

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