The Bodega Cold Kutz Radio Show On December 16th.

On Friday, December 16th, your late afternoons will be changed forever. Get It Done Entertainment LLC will be bringing you The Bodega Cold Kutz Show live from Log on and listen every Friday from 5pm-7pm as Tha Bodega Cold Kutz show will keep it real and stay true to the Hip-Hop culture. With DJ [...]

Opportunity: BMI Foundation Announces Opening of 15th Annual John Lennon Scholarship Competition

The opening of the 15th annual John Lennon Scholarship program has been announced by the BMI Foundation, Inc. The 2012 program will award three scholarships to U.S. college student songwriters. Prizes totaling $20,000 will be given for the best original songs submitted to the competition. Established by Yoko Ono in 1997 in conjunction with the [...]

Article: Distributor Pulls 234 Labels From Spotify, Napster, Rdio After iTunes Payments Drop 24% by Bruce Houghton

Electronic music distributor STHoldings has pulled all its distributed labels from streaming music services Spotify, Simfy, Rdio and Napster.  “Despite these services offering promotion to many millions of music listeners we have concerns that these services cannibalize the revenues of more traditional digital services,” the company said. “These concerns are confirmed in our own accounts [...]

Events: Vibes To Touch December 10th Final Show of The Year.


Music News: ASCAP Members Kick-Start the Holiday Music Season with the Top Ten Most-Played Songs

“Sleigh Ride” Tops List, Having Been Played Nearly 65,000 Times Since October 1 New York, NY, December 6, 2011: Nothing raises peoples’ spirits – and inspires shoppers’ zeal for finding the perfect gift – like holiday music. That’s why radio stations around the country are eager to start playing America’s most beloved holiday songs earlier [...]

Industry Tips & Advice: How Audio Post Production Works by Dave Roos 1 of 3

Films like Tim Burton’s Batman require extensive editing of audio, including voices and special effects. © Terry O’Neill/Getty Images Batman looks down from a Gotham rooftop into the dark alley below. We hear the sounds of the big city: cars whizzing by, sirens wailing in the distance, indistinguishable voices calling to each other from the [...]

Industry Tips and Advice: Promo Tips For Artist PT. 7

Promo Tip #61 You will hear a lot of noÂ’s and negativity. That is to be expected as everyoneÂ’s taste is different. Hopefully someone will give you some constructive criticism. Learn from it what you can but keep moving forward. Promo Tip #62 Develop yourself as a complete package. Record labels do not spend the [...]

Politics: The Senate To Dissolve The Bill Of Rights!!!

In a stunning move that has civil libertarians stuttering with disbelief, the U.S. Senate has just passed a bill that effectively ends the Bill of Rights in America. Text: Mike Adams | Also watch this video: The US Constitution is gone  [The article's heading re-named on Dec 4, 2011 (01:28 local time SE). The word "declares" was exchanged [...]

Music Video: The Roots “Tip The Scale”

Music News: DMX Plays a Game Of Wheelchair Basketball With Disabled Vets.

As The BoomBox previously reported, rapper DMX was released in July from an Arizona state prison after serving an eight-month sentence. And since his incarceration ended, the MC has been making the rounds as a good guy. According to MTV Hive, DMX had a relatively “normal” fall season. The rapper reportedly mopped up a Greensville, [...]

Music News: SoundExchange Has Undistributed Digital Performance Royalties for ASCAP Members

ASCAP and SoundExchange are notifying ASCAP members who have unclaimed digital performance royalties from streaming music services. SoundExchange is the only organization in the United States authorized to collect royalties for the digital performance of a sound recording on behalf of the performers and rights owners of the recording itself. SoundExchange is totally distinct from [...]

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