Interview: The Game Interview With Tim Westwood.

Article: Active vs. Passive Fans: Why Radio & TV Still Rank Tops For Music Discovery by Hisham Dahud

The data presented in a recent NPD Group/NARM study found terrestrial radio and syndicated television among the main influential sources of music discovery (60% and 49% respectively). With all the new avenues for music discovery out there, why are the majority of people still choosing to shape their musical tastes through premeditated and controlled media sources? By assessing the [...]

Industry Tips & Advice: How Audio Post Production Works by Dave Roos 2 of 3

Boom mics record the actor’s voices, which are then edited during audio post production. © Gregg Segal/Stone/Getty Images Different Aspects of Audio Post Production In film and TV, the audio portion of a project is recorded separately from the video. Unlike your home video camera, the film or video cameras used in professional productions don’t [...]

Industry Tips and Advice: Promo Tips For Artist PT. 8

Promo Tip #71 Give your fans insider, behind the scenes, back stage with the band info and videos. This is great info to include in newsletters – people that signed up to learn more about you on purpose. Promo Tip #72 Take the good with the bad, and take it all graciously. You must keep [...]

Music News: Adele Makes Fan Pay To Charity For Free Tickets…

Want to see Adele for free? It’s pretty much impossible. The “Someone Like You” singer’s comp tickets come with a price: a $20 donation to charity. Adele’s tour rider, which the Smoking Gun excerpted, states that anyone who gets a comp ticket – be it from the performer, promoters or staff at the venues – [...]

Music News: Rihanna Sells 197,000 Her First Week.

Rihanna’s first week album sales have just been released. Rihanna’s new LP unit sales came in at 197,000 close to her last album “Loud”. Her album sales landed her at the third spot on Billboard 200 chart and she has given her fans another piece of music to enjoy. Rihanna was releasing album notes on [...]

Article: Artists – Change Your Thoughts. Change Your Mind. Change Your Life BY: Brian Thompson

A lot of musicians are nerds. There. I said it. Or should I say… were nerds. Their exterior may have a new shine to it now; calm, cool and collected. But on the inside, well that’s a different story. Let’s face it, many of us became musicians to try and break free from those nerdy [...]

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People are so busy dreaming the American Dream, fantasizing about what they could be or have a right to be, that they’re all asleep at the switch. Consequently we are living in the Age of Human Error. Florence King