Music Video: KRS One ‘Aztechnical’

By: ThaLadyBlogga As we get closer to its release, KRS-One continues to drop tracks from his highly anticipated 20th album. This latest visual , “Aztecnical”, is a thorough lesson in history and the BS our media tries to feed us. This country runs on a myriad of things, Fear is one of them. Read this [...]

Music Video: Common “The Dreamer” Album Commentary

Article: Artists Call CBS the Chief Copyright Pirate By IULIA FILIP

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – Dozens of recording artists accuse CBS Interactive and its subsidiary CNET Networks of promoting “massive infringement” of copyright by offering free downloads of file-sharing software specifically designed for media piracy. They claim CBS and CNET were the main distributors of the “infringement engines,” and made a fortune in ad revenue from [...]

Industry Tips & Advice: How Audio Post Production Works by Dave Roos 3 of 3

Sound engineers combine a film’s dialogue and sound effects in a post-production studio. © Piotr Powlietrzynski/Photographer’s Choice/Getty Images Audio Post Production Systems and Software Film and TV editing is an entirely digital world. No one sits around splicing film stock anymore. Even if a project is shot on film, it’ll be digitized for editing and [...]

Industry Tips and Advice: Promo Tips For Artist Pt. 9

  Promo Tip #81 Attend music conferences, indie showcases, music festivals. Gain exposure and network. Promo Tip #82 Be easy to work with and be flexible. A good reputation carries a lot of weight. Flexibility can also mean possibly adjusting areas of your work or image so as to get your foot in the door [...]

Music News: RZA Challenges Jay-Z To a Game OF Chess For a Prize Of 1 Million Dollars.


Music News: Michele Bachmann’s Late Night Intro Music On The Jimmy Fallon Show Was ‘Lyin Ass Bitch’…

As the house band for dancing spider monkey Jimmy Fallon, The Roots are sometimes forced to express themselves via the intro music that they choose to play when various celebrities walk out onto Fallon’s stage. Last night, Michele Bachmann came on the show. The intro song The Roots played for her: “Lyin Ass Bitch,” by [...]

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