Music News: Canibus Issues an Apology To J.Cole.

Canibus Says “I’m a sit my old ass down somewhere man”

Music News: Saigon and Just Blaze To Work On a New Street Album.

Saigon posted on Twitter that he will be releasing a new album with Just Blaze titled “Warning Shots 3: One Foot In The Grave” The album will be released January 24th and the release party will be February 3rd at Webster Hall. It’s nice to see accomplished producers collabing with the Hiphop vets and not [...]

Interview: The Bizzo Interviews Jo Brew (Indie Musician Of 18 years)

Define “indie”? For me it’s really about having independent artistic control for all areas of one’s career. Having said that, sometimes it’s necessary to have a ‘team’ around you. Live bookings, publicity, distribution, online networking, writing, recording, performing depending on what you want from your career, you’re probably going to need some help. That help [...]

Glossary: Music

Sound Recording (a/k/a record, CD): The (P) in copyright, this is a performance of a song or musical work on fixed, reproducible media. Remember, the owner of a sound recording does not grant any rights to the underlying music – remember, just because your brother makes a garage tape of “Stairway To Heaven” does not [...]

Why Did Canibus Diss J.Cole? On “J. Clone”

Posted On Canibus’ Facebook Page Some people pose the argument that Canibus is always dissing somebody and to that I reply that I have always been one to speak up if ever my values, beliefs, or what I stand for as a man in this thing called Hip Hop have ever been challenged. Throughout my [...]

Industry Tips and Advice: How To Present Your Demo By John Braheny

Here is a checklist that will maximize your chances of getting heard and respect the listener’s time. 1. Never send more than three songs unless specifically requested otherwise. Demo listeners like watching the “in” pile diminish and the “out” pile grow as quickly as possible. If the listener has a limited time to listen, which [...]

Music Video: 50 Cent Queens, NY Featuring Paris

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