New Music: Common Freestyle Acapella On Hot93.7

Sports: Tyson Chandler and Mike Bibby Come To New York.

The Knicks were making big moves over the weekend. It’s Official! Knicks signed 7-foot-1 C Tyson Chandler on a sign-and-trade from the Dallas Mavericks on a three-team deal (excerpt below), and acquired PG Mike Bibby off waivers for a veteran minimum ($1.4 Million)! The Knicks signed Chandler to a four-year/$58 Million contract! Knicks C Ronny [...]

15 Year Anniversary Of Redmans Muddy Waters

Yesterday Marked the 15 year anniversary of Redman’s “Muddy Waters” album.  As the third offering in the mercurial Redman’s repertoire, Muddy Waters served as a defining album with respect to his career trajectory. After two differing but successful releases in Whut? Thee and the sophomore follow up Dare Iz a Darkside, the mainstream public was unsure of what to make of the [...]

Article: What Artists Should Know About ReverbNation’s Promote It BY: BRIAN HAZARD

Running a Facebook ad campaign is confusing. You bid for ad placement, but the price you pay bears little relation to your bid. What’s the difference between reach and social reach, connections and clicks, CPC and CPM? More importantly, is there any way to tell how many people played, downloaded, and shared your song, or signed [...]

Music Video: Pac Div “Top Down

Industry Tips and Advice: How To Get Booking Agents To Take You Seriously?

By Daniel Kohn The answer to this question is simple, straightforward, but not necessarily the easiest to stomach. So here goes….. Drum roll…..The best way to get booking agents to take you seriously is to ignore them, not worry about them at all and wait for them to eventually approach you. Ignore them? Not worry [...]

Quote Of The Day

A comfortable old age is the reward of a well-spent youth. Instead of its bringing sad and melancholy prospects of decay, it would give us hopes of eternal youth in a better world. Maurice Chevalier