Real Talk: “Life, Liberty, & Indefinite Detention Without A Trial” by Lee Camp.

Music News: Young Jeezy Names His Top 5 Rappers.

Jeezy reflects on his struggle to get his voice back in working condition. Young Jeezy recently stopped by KYLD WILD 94.9 to speak with host Nessa, who asked the rapper to run down his top five rappers, dead or alive. During the interview, he revealed an unlikely assortment of emcees, a combination of the deceased [...]

Article: Administration Unveils IP Theft Public Education Campaign by Sandra Aistars

Top Administration officials today announced a new public education campaign created in partnership with the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) about intellectual property theft and its victims. Attorney General Eric Holder said, “As our country continues to recover from once-in-a-generation economic challenges, the need to safeguard intellectual property rights – and to protect Americans from intellectual [...]

New Music: Consequence Drops Curb Certified

Download Album Here:

Industry Tips and Advice: What They Don’t Teach You in Music School.

What They Don’t Teach You in Music School by Michael Laskow Most music schools and books about the music business seem to concentrate on making music and doing deals. While those subjects are very valuable indeed, it’s equally important to arm one’s self with the knowledge of the street — some practical advice that may [...]

Interview: Mary J Blige On The Morning Riot.

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