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Industry Tips and Advice: What Do You Think Is More Valuable Twitter Followers Or Facebook Likes?

by Paul That’s based on a joint survey conducted by ReverbNation and Digital Music News, one that found that artists now place a disproportionate premium on Facebook Likes.  In fact, they not only regard Likes as being three times as valuable as email signups, but they also made similar comparisons to YouTube channel subscribers and Twitter followers. [...]

Music News: The Guy Who Hacked Gene Simmons Page Is Getting 15 Years In Prison.

The memo is out: major content owners are deathly serious about enforcing their property, and they want to make examples. That may include 24-year-old Kevin Poe, who has been linked by the FBI to a recent denial-of-service (DDoS) attack on  The Connecticut-based Poe has been charged with two federal counts of conspiracy and unauthorized impairment of a [...]

Article: Music Supervisors and Synch Licenses by Andrea Johnson

Music Supervisors and Synch Licenses 3 inShare 1 After watching prime time dramas such as ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, the amount of new music that a show like this introduces to the public is astonishing: “Anyone’s Ghost” by The National, “Abducted” by Cults, “Chameleon/Comedian” by Kathleen Edwards, “Hit It” by Miss Li, and “Echoes” by Mostar [...]

Articles: John Leguizamo Pushes Boundaries In MTV’s ‘Pioneers’ Speaker Series.

Triple-threat talent John Leguizamo has made a career out of pushing boundaries, not being afraid to speak his mind and never taking no for an answer. As such, we were proud to have him as part of our MTV Pioneers Speaker Series, where he sat down with MTV News’ Sway Calloway to talk about breaking the [...]

Music News: Behind The Scenes Of Watch The Throne Tour With Kanye West.

In order to give fans more exclusive access to the creative process behind the famously successful Watch The Throne tour,  Kanye West  has been releasing video diaries that chronicle his thoughts about being a superstar, the responsibility he bears as an artist to be better than his forbears, and his passion for music and imagery.  There are five episodes [...]

Industry Tips and Advice: Best Kept Secret For Advancing Your Music Career.

By MINH D. CHAU Let’s paint a scenario. Let’s say you’ve got some great music. You’re an up-and-coming independent. It doesn’t matter who you are – the songwriter, the producer, the artist, the manager, or the indie label owner. You’ve generated some pretty good buzz for that music. And, you happen to have $5000 to [...]

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