Interview: Exclusive Interview With Action Bronson.

Action Bronson has literally exploded on the scene over the past couple years and has been working hard to make sure you know his name. With the release of Dr. Lecter earlier this year, the acclaimed chef turned emcee has been getting a lot of attention from the Hip Hop world. And on November 22nd,Bronsonelli and Statik Selektah released Well Done, their first collaborative effort and Action’s sophomore album.

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Action took some time out of his busy schedule to chop it up with us about the new project, his upcoming projects, what you should eat while listening to Well Done, and much more.

JeremiahWhat’s good Bronsonelli?! I checked out Well Done and I also read somewhere that you and Statik Selektah just went in to make a track and ended up making a whole album. How did that all come about?

Action Bronson: Well first off, did you like the album?

JeremiahDope project. You and Statik Selektah were meant to make music together. Exactly the type of Hip Hop I love. It is Hip Hop in its rawest form.

Action Bronson: Is it too Hip Hop?

JeremiahNah man, it’s just right. I’ve been a fan of this since the 80’s and everything is just right.  Your delivery, rhymes and stories are dope and Statik’s production is, as always, on point. It’s refreshing.

Action Bronson: All right man, good, I’m glad. Yeah man, so Statik had hollered at me through Twitter. Twitter is the best thing in the world. He told me to come through…he was doing that track with  Termanology, “The Money Is Reality,” so we did that and I guess he liked it so he wanted to work on some more shit.  We were just going to do a little EP, just a couple songs, [but] it just turned into something else man. We just kept going.

Jeremiah: I just saw that you’re getting ready to drop a project with Alchemist next.

Action Bronson: Yeah, I just landed last night from…I was at his house for seven or eight days and we finished the whole album.

JeremiahDid you guys decide on a name for the project yet?

Action Bronson: Nah, we haven’t figured out the name yet. (Laughs) I put on Twitter that we needed a name and I got some pretty interesting ones. (Laughs)

JeremiahYeah I saw that. I sent you a couple. One was Meatloaf Management.

(Both Laugh)

Action Bronson: Meatloaf Management… that’s a pretty good one.

JeremiahThen I said you should get Oh No and Roc Marciano on there and call it Grene Peppers.

Action Bronson: (Laughs) Grene Peppers… I like that. I’m going to have Roc on one of the joints.

JeremiahAlthough you have a couple projects out already you are still looked at as a relative newcomer to this shit. How do you explain, or what do you think is the reason for your seemingly overnight success?

Action Bronson:  That’s the thing, I don’t know if it was really overnight cause I’ve been at it for two and a half years. There [are] people that just have one video and they’re out of here, you know. I feel like I’ve been paying some dues. I’ve performed in front of fucking seven people before. I’ve done that shit…I’ve done the fucking circuit.

At the end of the day I’m appreciative. I don’t know why people are liking my shit… I guess it’s because nobody is really doing it like I’m doing it right now. It is what it is you know. People can look at it anyway they want. Either they like it or they don’t.

JeremiahBesides the producers, what would you say is the biggest difference between Dr. Lecter and Well Done, even in your writing or your thought process of the project?

Action Bronson: One thing with Dr. Lecter is I was trying to prove a point. There were some things going on in my life that I was [I don’t know] I was generating all that anger that had built up for a long time and let it all out in that one project. To me, that shit is just a chapter in history.

Well Done is another chapter in history because I wrote that shit when I was laid up with a broken leg so there were a lot of different angles for that one. I feel like everyone looks at your second album more than your first one to see if you can match it or surpass it. So that was the task…just trying to give the people the best delivery and best performance I can.

JeremiahAnd what would you say is the biggest difference between working with Tommy Mas, Statik Selektah, and The Alchemist?

Action Bronson: Shit, Tommy Mas is a perfectionist. He likes to take his time on things. He is not just gonna make beats for you on the fly. Statik will be there all night long fucking drunk, smoking weed with me just making beat after beat after beat. ALC… all we do is fucking smoke weed and fucking just laugh and make beats, that’s it. That’s how it goes.

It was all different experiences you know. The album with Tommy Mas… we took about six months with it… it was over time. The Statik album was a different situation ‘cause of the broken leg. I was recovering…I was angry you know. The Alchemist album was just a week of debauchery and just good weather on the beach…like how can you be mad? I can’t beat that right there.

I also have an album with my man Party Supplies. We made that in about a month…just working every other day or something like that. Also, I have an album with Harry Fraud, so there are a lot of things on deck. I just keep on working, keep on pushing you know.

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