Music News: Tech nine Performs For Troops Despite Broken Rib.

Last weekend, Kansas City, Missouri rapper, Tech N9ne, performed in Kuwait for troops serving in the USO/Armed Forces and showed that he, too, is a soldier. According to a recent interview on Sway in the Morning’s Shade 45 Sirius/XM Radio show, Tech N9ne unfortunately fell from a helicopter and broke a rib prior to his [...]

Music News: David Archuleta Leaves Music To Be a Mormon Missionary.

David Archuleta is leaving show business to serve his church. Last night, while performing in Salt Lake City, Utah, the 20-year-old pop singer told his audience that he will stop recording or performing music for two years to become a full-time Mormon missionary. “It’s not because someone told me that I was supposed to do [...]

Humor: Man On Train Really Likes The “Ni&&az In Paris” Song

Events: “Round 2″ December 22nd 8pm

Article: WARNING: Every Musician’s Digital Performance Royalties Are At Risk

(UPDATED) This guest post comes from Kristin Thomson, of The Future of Music Coalition.  Recording artists and indie labels: there¹s a movement afoot to change the way that you would receive your digital public performance royalties, and it¹s not a good one, especially for recording artists. Back in August, FMC blogged about the news that [...]

Music News: Common Responds To Drake.

Com says that if Driz felt disrespected by the song, then so be it. After Common took subliminal shots at soft rappers on”Sweet” Drake announced at a concert that if anyone had a problem with him, they should say it to his face. During an interview with 107.5 WGCI’s Tony Sco (via FSD), Com maintained that [...]

Industry Tips and Advice: Don’t Let Your Past Dictate Your Future. By Brian Thompson

Don’t let the memory of a past experience hold you back or prevent you from trying again. Everyone experiences failures. It’s a part of life. The important thing is to learn from the things that didn’t work out for you. Take a step back from your failed attempts and try to remove your emotions from [...]

Music News: Left Brain From Odd Future Slaps Fan.

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