Article: Music Retail Can Be Saved – If We Act Fast by Kyle Bylin

Music retail can be saved. The way to save it is to encourage more outlets to open up. We’re not talking about starting more digital download stores like Amazon MP3, Wal-Mart, or the up-and-coming Google Music. No, we’re talking about allowing more independent outlets to emerge. To save music retail, as many niche sites as possible [...]

Article: The Number of Radio Stations in the U.S. by Bryan Farrish

No conversation about music marketing would be complete without the word RADIO rearing its ugly head time and time again. Few songs sell well at retail without it. None sell millions without it. You’ve got your CDs manufactured…now what can YOU do about it? Radio is one of the MASS MEDIA that record companies use [...]

Music News: David Banner Goes Off On All Blog Site.