Interview: Nitty Scott’s Gets Interviewed By Daniela Kohavy Of

One of the first times I got familiar with Nitty Scott, MC’s work was while watching an impressive performance on the 2011 BET Cypher. And after that, she was a permanent resident in my roster of female emcees (as they are few and far between) to watch out for. I found it rather interesting to [...]

Industry Tips & Advice: How Music Licensing Works by Marshall Brain

Tina Turner’s Song “Simply the Best” was used in an ad campaign for Pepsi in 2000. Introduction to How Music Licensing Works Let’s say you are reading Rolling Stone magazine, and you find an article about an ad campaign that Phillips has launched. The ads feature the Beatles hit “Getting Better”. In the article you [...]

Article: Epic Records to Name Tricky Stewart Head of A&R By Gail Mitchell and Ed Christman

Epic Records is expected to name Tricky Stewart head of A&R and is nearing a deal to name ex-LaFace Records executive Mark Shimmel to a senior executive post at the Sony Music label, according to sources familiar with the situation. In another Sony Music appointment, former Interscope Records senior VP of A&R Shawn Holiday has [...]

Music Video: Droop-E Featuring Kendrick Lamar “Rossi Wine” music video

Music News: T.I Talks about Working With Dr. Dre On New Mixtape.

Tip says he’s working on “developing that chemistry” with the West Coast veteran. T.I. recently released the second trailer for his upcoming mixtape Fuck Da city up, dropping New Year’s Day, and included footage of him in the studio with Dr. Dre. Speaking with MTV News, Tip said that the two were “creating chemistry” for the [...]

Industry Tips and Advice: 10 Tips For Your Music Business.

Source NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE IN YOUR CAREER, it’s important to look back at the basics. It allows you to think like a beginner again; back to when you could visualize the most possibilities. The following TEN TIPS, taken from a NARIP event in San Francisco, will help move forward your career in [...]

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