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The Bodega Cold Kutz Show

Music Video: Slim Thug Feat. Paul Wall & Z-Ro “Houston”

New Music: DMX Freestyle

DMX is everywhere can’t wait for his album should be fire!

Music News: ?uestlove Reveals His Top 5 Albums.

The Roots’ bandleader kicks off 2012 with a look back on last year.

The Roots’ ?uestlove recently spoke with the Associated Press, revealing his top five albums of 2011. During the interview, he named , , Wyatt Cenac, and  as putting out some of the best records of the year.

 is one of those records, I told people ‘You’ll be back in a month and a half,’” he said. “People were like, ‘Pf, whatever.’ All of a sudden, now, it’s like ‘Oh, this is my album!’”

He also spoke on why he chose a record from comedian trio The Lonely Island, likening them to. “I really, really love . I like it sonically, I think it has a sense of humor, lyrically it’s funny,” he said. “And it’s a comedy record, but it’s almost like if License to Ill were made in 2010, 2011, it would have been Turtleneck & Chain.”

Watch the Quest explain his picks below.

source: www.hiphopdx.com

Music News: RZA To Expand Into Film Directing and More…

Wu-Tang producer/rapper and actor, RZA, recently appeared on E‘s “Chelsea Lately” show to talk about his many entrepreneurial and creative ventures, including making his debut as a film director this year.
In the opening seconds of the interview, however, show host Chelsea Handler plugged RZA’s line of headphones – called “Chambers” – and also prodded him about smoking weed.
“I presume you smoke a lot of weed, and that’s just because you’re Black and a musician,” Handler joked.
“Making music and weed went together for me – many years, I’ve been in the studio making hits, and weed was always there. But I’ve transferred myself…,” RZA offered as a surprising reply, saying he’s been working to stay “Superman-focused” as a director.

The producer of some of Wu-Tang biggest hits is set to make his directorial debut in October with the film, The Man With The Iron Fists, which is set in “feudal China” and is said to star ’70s Blaxploitation vixen, Pam Grier, along with silver screen vets, Lucy Liu and Russell Crowe.
In the meantime, RZA is promoting his “RZA’s World App,” which offers advice to users, while priming for his role in the cable series “Californication” as a rapper turned film hopeful.

Music Video: Pusha T “What Dreams Are Made Of”

New Music: Supreme Sniper “Don’t Sleep” Produced by K.B Magnus

Industry Tips and Advice: Effective Music Advertising

BY: Bruce Warila

When it comes to music and advertising, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution.  What works for some artists will not work for others, and vice versa.  However here’s one thing I can tell you for sure: too many artists are using advertising as a blunt force weapon.  Simply dropping a picture of yourself, your band, or your album art into an ad unit and then indiscriminately campaigning nationwide for clicks will rarely generate the you need to justify spending on another campaign.

Based upon my own experiences and upon the numerous campaigns I have reviewed over the last year, I believe artists should 1) commit to running numerous test-trial campaigns prior to allocating the majority of their advertising spend to a single message, and 2) seriously consider which geographic targeting option (local, regional, or nationwide) will generate the immediate ROI artists need to justify a continuous investment in advertising.

For test campaigns, if you want to compare click results between campaigns, plan on spending at least $100 to generate 30 to 40 clicks per test campaign.  Campaign costs and results will vary widely between advertising platforms.  Test a matrix of targeting options, artwork, songs, messages and propositions to determine which combination outperforms all the others.

Are you a local, regional, or nationwide advertiser?

The answer to this most-important question depends on 1) your career goals, 2) your niche, and, 3) your evolving status as an artist that may (or may not) be attempting to obtain widespread recognition.  For most, jumping the rails and attempting to become a nationwide advertiser prior to achieving local and then regional success is an advertising investment mistake.

When you progress from being a local, to a regional, to a nationwide advertiser you accumulate essential messaging signals that enable you to effectively telegraph a that music fans will instantly recognize as deliverable.  Let me explain…

Messaging signals help advertisers cut through the noise.  For example, car manufacturers love to blow their horns about the awards their cars have received because it strengthens their messaging.  Ditto for restaurants, hotels and coffee.  Signals that instantly communicate trust, value and quality convert more frequently into consumer actions (e.g.: clicks).

Effectively telegraphing a message translates into achieving enough  to perpetually advertise.

Delivering a  that music fans instantly recognize as deliverable equates to communicating (I can deliver the goods) believability versus the same old bullshit fans see and hear everywhere.

Consider the following roughed out ad campaign examples for further clarification:

A Local Advertising Campaign Example:

Campaign goal: Increase my Thursday night audience size from 50 to 100 people.  Value proposition: Meet people similar to yourself and have a great time on Thursday night.  Messaging: Great food, great people, great music (briefly described), no cover charge.  Featured photo or video: Attractive shots of the sample audience that also take in the room setting and the performing artist; focus is on the audience and the venue and not on the artist.  Targeting: within 20 miles of the venue.  Notes: The venue should pay for or subsidize this type of campaign.  The campaign is about selling a great evening out with compatible humans; the artist takes a back seat to the event (the evening).

A Regional Advertising Campaign Example: 
Campaign goals: Generate regional awareness; increase music and ticket sales.  Value proposition: Discover new but proven, vetted, quality music.  Messaging: Award wining artist (list accolades and awards), selling out at (name venues), is releasing new music and coming to (name areas).  Featured photo or video: Close up of the artist; rotate to jam-packed venue / live performance shots.  Targeting: Regional areas where you will be touring soon; keyword targeting for fans of artists that have fans that could also become your fans.  Notes: Notice how excelling locally gives the advertiser the opportunity to insert essential messaging signals (believable bullets and great crowd shots) that enable the artist to effectively telegraph a value proposition that music fans will instantly recognize as deliverable.

A National Advertising Campaign Example:  

This is a campaign for an artist that has already obtained significant mass-market exposure.  Campaign goals: Inform/link preexisting fans about/to new music and about/to an upcoming tour.  Value proposition: The easy acquisition of music and entertainment from an artist that you already trust as a quality supplier.  Messaging: New music, new tour.  Featured photo or video: Artist logo and recognizable shots / footage.  Targeting: re-targeting of website visitors; keyword targeting for fans of artists that have fans that could also become your fans; regional advertising to a targeted demographic and a genre audience prior to visiting an area.  Note: Advertisers in this category may want to consider a  where targeted display ads are repeatedly shown to previous visitors to the artist’s and the label’s website.  Re-targeting campaigns should be planned far in advance of any mass-market exposure such as a Saturday Night Live appearance.

Quick conclusion: The advice here does not apply to every artist. With niche artists being the exception, If you can’t fill local venues with fans, don’t worry about squeezing your logo and an iTunes link into every banner ad, and stop pushing pictures of yourself unless you’re hotter than the sun.  If you don’t have what I termed above as “essential messaging signals”, you will not be able to generate enough ROI to perpetually advertise.  Start small and think big.

source: www.musicthinktank.com

Industry Tips & Advice: How Record Labels Work by Allison Klein Pt 6

Music Moguls vs. The Indies

As it became more and more difficult for bands to get signed by the huge record labels, independent record labels began to pop up. Independent record labels (also known as indies or garage labels) can be as large as some of the smaller corporate record companies or as small as one or two people. According to , the reason that so few independent record labels succeed is due to the sheer amount of money, work and time it takes to run a record label.

Now that you understand the organization of a record label, you can see how difficult it would be to have to take on the job of A&R, artist development, marketing, publicity and sales with only a few people. The larger record companies succeed because they have the money and power to hire many people to do all these jobs. At an independent record label, it may be the same person who discovers the artist or band, calls the radio stations about getting airplay and arranges the artist’s publicity. That is not to say that independent record labels cannot succeed, it just takes a lot more work.

According to the , the best way to succeed in the indie record label game is to specialize in either local music or genre music. These are two areas that the major record companies may ignore. For example, an independent label called succeeded by promoting local Seattle punk and grunge music. did the same thing in New York City. Some independent labels specialize in certain musical genres. only releases blues albums, while specializes in electronic dance music. In this way, independent labels succeed by bringing music to consumers that the major record labels don’t release.

The Internet has also done a lot to promote the success of independent record labels. If they have trouble getting retail stores to carry their product, indies can sell albums over the Internet. The Internet has also been host to a variety of contests for music artists wherein the winner receives a record contract with an indie. If you’re interested in independent record labels, check out , or the.



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