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Interview: Joe Jackson Working On His Next “Jackson 5″ With The Rock/Rap Group Called “The Rebellion”.

Check The interview below on ATL v103 Personally i think the song sounds weak and it’s a bad investment what ya’ll think?

Music Video: Rick Ross, French Montana and Drake “Stay Schemin” in New Music Video (Official)

Not content to just crash websites with the release of his mixtape Rich Forever (download it here), Rick Ross also decided to debut the music video for “Still Schemin“, featuring Drake and French Montana. Key here is the verse from Drake, a scathing screed against an unnamed opponent that brings to mind Common or Pusha T’s recent subliminal attacks (unfortunately Serena Williams might be collateral damage here: she’s been romantically connected to both rappers, and Drake says in the song “Shawty wanna tell me secrets ’bout a rap nigga/I tell a bitch its more attractive when you hold it down”). The video is full of posturing and Ross layers on the inebriated flow, sounding like drunken Tony Montana in the restaurant in Scarface, telling its patrons to say hello to the bad guy. It’s good stuff, but one can’t help but be a little remiss when all the tough talk is coming from the man who made “Marvin’s Room” and it’s aimed at the man who made “Come Close“. Sign of the times I guess.

source: collegedj.net

Music News: Rihanna’s “Loud” Tour Grossed a Total of $90 Million Last Year.

The average person probably spent 2011 looking for a job or making decent money doing whatever it is they do. Rihanna is not the average person. The hard working singer embarked on a world wide tour that saw Rihanna play 99 shows in 78 cities and average $75 dollars per ticket in only six months. The tour hit major cities in North America, South America, and Europe, and was one of the top ten tours of 2011.
Her total gross from the “Loud” tour was a whopping $90 million dollars, and was the 7th largest tour of the whole year. Not bad for someone who just turn 23 a short time ago. Rihanna’s tour did better than Britney Spear’s tour, as well as the Watch The Throne tour and even topped Justin Bieber. I bet you “Racks on Racks” is her ringtone.

Music Video: Common “Raw” (how you like it)

Industry Tips & Advice: How Music Licensing Works by Marshall Brain Pt 1

Tina Turner’s Song “Simply the Best” was used in an ad campaign for Pepsi in 2000.

Introduction to How Music Licensing Works

Let’s say you are reading Rolling Stone magazine, and you find an article about an that Phillips has launched. The ads feature the Beatles hit “Getting Better”. In the article you read this:

But according to the licensing expert, the company no doubt “paid a fortune” for the Beatles hit: an estimated $1 million. The source suspects Gomez made no more than $100,000.

This ad campaign is using the Beatles song as the theme music. It is also using the voice of the lead singer of the band named Gomez laid on top of the Beatles original. The speculation is that Philips paid $1 million to use the song, and that Philips paid the band Gomez $100,000.

This is the world of music licensing — a world where the rights to use music are bought and sold every day. This world is most obvious to us in a case like the one described in this example. A popular song that everyone knows gets embedded in a commercial or a popular .

It turns out, however, that music licensing is something that happens constantly, all around us. When you listen to music on the , that music is licensed. When you hear music in a restaurant, that music is licensed too. In this article, you will have the chance to learn about all the different forms that music licensing can take.




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