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New Music: K’Naan ft. Nas – “Nothing To Lose”

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Music News: Bill O’Reilly Is Back To His Racist Ways.

Seem like O’Reilly is running his mouth again, this time calling himself “a brother” after being able to tell the difference between Ice Cube and Ice-T. From lambasting Common for his “gangsta” ways to criticizing Pepsi for giving Ludacris an endorsement deal to accusing Nas of being “as violent as they come,” Fox News TV [...]

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red tails

Movies: Red Tails – Movie Trailer

In theaters January 20th

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Music News: Swizz Beats Has Celebrity Friends In Trouble.

Swizz Beatz has Sean “Diddy” Combs, Kanye West and in hot water with their label by getting them to promote his site, MegaUpload. The catch is the music industry has been fighting against file sharing, accusing the services MegaUpload offers of supporting piracy. Beatz’s wife, Alicia Keys, has also promoted the site with her [...]

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Aziz Ansari, Lloyd Kaufman Trent Reznor, and Many More Join The Anti-SOPA Act.

(UPDATED) Adding their voices to a rising anti-SOPA tide, a group of prominent musicians, actors, and authors including Trent Reznor, OK Go, MGMT, Zoe Keating and Neil Gaiman have signed an open letter to the US Congress. An open letter to Washington from Artists and Creators We, the undersigned, are musicians, actors, directors, authors, and [...]

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Politics: NYPD and Pentagon to place mobile scanners on the streets on NYC

New York City’s war on freedom could be adding a new weapon to its arsenal, especially if NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly has his say. The head of the New York Police Department is working with the Pentagon to secure body scanners to be used throughout the Big Apple. If Kelly gets his wish, the city [...]

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Quote Of The Day

All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward. Ellen Glasgow

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