Video: Canibus Pulls Out Notepad During Battle, And Gets Destroyed.

We all know Canibus at one time as being one of the best lyricist pound for pound in the game. Now he he has tarnished whatever little respect his fans still had for him.

Dizaster goes in on Canibus with no mercy even after Canibus says “alright you won”. In a sense i’m glad he did because that was just a disrespect and insult to Hiphop. Check the clip below


  1. says:

    Damn Canibus…I am glad tho he manned up and admitted that Dizaster won…BEFORE he pulled out his pad. One of the things I respect about this situation was that he acknowledged the crowd paid their money to come and hear rhymes and he was man enough to give them their money’s worth…even tho he just got smashed. #salute

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