Interview: In a Recent Interview Masta Ace Talks On Why He Never Collaborated With Eminem.

DX: I wanna wrap up this quick Q&A by asking you about a couple of recent tweets you made [@mastaace]. Someone tweeted you on June 11th asking if you would ever work with Eminem, and you replied [that the deejay constructed] “Hellbound” may remain your only sorta collabo. I’m a little surprised that even after he wrote about [your influence on him] in his book, [The Way I Am], and remixed “SlaughtaHouse” [in 2008 for Delicious Vinyl’s Rmxxology project] that that conversation between y’all never happened.

Masta Ace: Yeah [pauses], it’s tricky, man. He was originally supposed to be on Disposable Arts. A lot of people don’t know that. The track that Young Zee is on with me and Strick, [“Something’s Wrong”], he was supposed to be on that track. And, management kinda came in and got a little heavy-handed I guess and told him that wasn’t in his best interest at that time.

Now, I don’t know where he’s at career-wise, mentally, whatever else-wise now, but I know that back then he said that it just wasn’t gonna work out.

I’m not one to keep pursuing stuff. I’m a Brooklyn dude, so my mentality is always like, “I’ll mess with you if you mess with me. If you ain’t messing with me, then it’s all good, I’ll keep it moving.” It’s a pride factor a little bit, you know. And, sometimes pride’s not a good thing to have. But, that’s my mentality on it. Like, he would literally have to reach out to me and be like, “Yo, let’s do something.” Then I’d be with it. But I’m not gonna reach out again like that. And it’s all love but I’ll leave it where it’s at.

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