“I Love the music business, I love music & HELL I AM MUSIC!!!”
Jefferson “KLEPTO” Akly is a hardworking individual that seeks to get to next level at all times.  Music as been a part of Jeff’s life long before he had realized it.  Born in March of 1979, Jeff is first generation in the United States and proud to be from Queens, New York.  Jeff’s parents always listened to music at home and in the car while traveling.  While growing up his parents provided musical instruments to play with, leading to his deep rooted passion for music from a really young age.  “My first music album was Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and I loved it when I was young” (5 years old at the time).

As Jeff grew up he found his passion for Hip-Hop at an extremely early age.  While most kids his age were listening to contemporary music or rock, Jeff was listening to the Hip-Hop that paved the way for the “Golden Age”.  Disco and R&B are still some of Jeff’s influences of music which helped him appreciate and love the art form named “Hip-Hop” early on.  Acts like the Sugar Hill Gang, Kurtis Blow, Biz Markie, Grand Master Flash Afrikaa Bambaataa, Melle Mel, Run DMC and The Furious Five were some of the groups Jeff listened to.   “I remember when the media would say that “Hip-Hop” was a fad and it would go away.  I remember the first time my parents heard me listening to Hip-Hop and told me to turn it off.  They said that it was a “bad influence and it would never last”.  All I could say was no.  Look at Hip-Hop now over 30 years deep.  It’s beautiful”

Middle school is when Jeff really began to appreciate Hip-Hop more when he learned that many of his favorite songs were sampled from older records.  “To know that your favorite record was probably originated from another record was fascinating to me.”  Beginning to tape record music from the radio and creating his own personalized mix-tapes to listen to on his “Walkman” was one of his favorite pass times.

The gangsta age of Hip-Hop in the West Coast had a grip of Jeff as he listened to NWA, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Warren G, Tupac as well as The Pharcyde and The Alkaholiks strong holding Hip-Hop.  Appreciating many styles of Hip-Hop was easy for KLEPTO as he grew up listening to the genre grow up as well.

The “Golden Age” of Hip-Hop is what solidified his love and passion for music.  Inspired by artist such as The Notorious B.I.G., Nas, Jay-Z, Wu-Tang Clan, heavily influenced his style and swagger.  That’s when KLEPTO was born.  Always figuring out ways to make money he started to trade for things, which he would then turn around and sell.  The hustle spirit kept on when he dealt with selling drugs for a little while and realized the lifestyle wasn’t for him.  Armed with a strong will and ambition he kept on trying to find himself.

During his early college years he would write poetry, which gained the attention of one his professors leading to a chance to write for the school paper, which he declined.  From poetry he began to write enough material to put together a hypothetical album he named “Theories” which was never recorded.  Enjoying the creative nature of putting together words that told biographical stories of his life he continued to cipher with his friends for fun.  Later on KLEPTO and a friend decided they wanted to buy equipment to produce beats, which never materialized to anything.

Still trying to find himself, KLEPTO continued going to school before he landed an entry-level position at ASCAP, which is the start of his music business training and career.  A decade later the need to do more started to surface.  Dabbling in promotions with artists, he began to tap into an unknown resource from within.  Feeling like there is more he could do lead him back on a search towards new opportunities.  The right opportunity was not found by instead was presented to him when a young artist from Brooklyn extended the chance to manage.  Knowing that opportunities just don’t appear out of thin air KLEPTO accepted the opportunity and began to get more involved in the music industry, networking and locating opportunities for the aspiring artist.

In 2010 KLEPTO enrolled into Full Sail University to fill a personal void of never having completed his college education.  Music Business is the career path that picked KLEPTO by fate not by choice.  Later on that year KLEPTO and his artist joined forces to form a company named Get It Done Entertainment to fuel a void in the industry for indie artists to acquire similar services that mainstream artists benefit from.  Having a new focus, KLEPTO is ready to show the world what he can do; ready to lay it all on the line and prove once and for all that MUSIC is what he was meant to be and meant to do.

Stay tuned as the best from KLEPTO is yet to have been exposed.


“In order to deviate successfully, one has to have at least a passing acquaintance with whatever norm one expects to deviate from”
Frank Zappa

“The key to success is often the ability to adapt”

“There comes a time when you must stand alone. You must feel confident enough within yourself to follow your own dreams, willing to make sacrifices. You must be capable of changing and rearranging your priorities so that your final goal can be achieved. Sometimes, familiarity & comfort need to be challenged.”


“Jeff has great integrity and a keen eye for business. I would highly recommend him and GET IT DONE ENTERTAINMENT, LLC .” July 7, 2011
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time
By: Timothy Holloway

“Jefferson Akly’s Get It Done Entertainment blog is one of the first sites I log onto when I wake up in the morning because I know I will read and hear about the latest, most accurate, industry news on the blog. The blog invites its viewers right in and allows you to feel like you are part of something bigger and greater. It is always updated and has a number of useful links that takes you to past interviews, upcoming events, and charities that one can donate too.

The blog is a great promotional avenue for today’s young, talented, but unsigned artist. The founders offer inexpensive but quality promotional resources that signed artists are provided on an everyday basis and you can’t beat that kind of service! Get It Done Entertainment blog is searching to bring together and bring forth the best ” soon-to-be discovered” hip-hop talent around and I am going to make sure I support them in their unflagging efforts to do just that. I highly recommend Mr. Akly’s services and he would also be a laudable asset at any company that shall be lucky enough to have him.” June 16, 2011
By: Qadriyyah Brown, Master of Science in Entertainment Business student, Full Sail University

“Jefferson was an intregal part of the promotions front for my father’s fundraising effort, The Pepe Foundation, which I was the Overall Coordinator. He conceptualized a series of video promotions and conveyed how this project would help in raising awareness as well assist in the fundraising. Jefferson and I worked on three videos of my father’s testimoty regarding his battle with LCNEC (Large-Cell Neuroendocrine Carcinoma), a rare form of Lung Cancer. His creative efforts, willingness to be open-minded and positivity contributed to a great work product which best represented the effort for the fundraiser. Many family, friends and colleagues all commented on how well of a job the videos were and it’s professional quality. Without Jefferson, this effort would have not succeeded in delivering my father’s message and generate donations to help this cause. I would highly recommend Jefferson for any and all forms of promotions for your event, artist and campaigns. My family and I have much gratitude for his artistic and professional contribution. Thank you.” February 28, 2011
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
By: Alex Baez

“Jefferson Akly is a one man empire. His attention to detail, great ideas, and hard work ethic puts him in a class of his own. He is very reliable and passionate about his work. I couldn’t have partnered up with anyone better.

He has been a teacher a mentor and a inspiration not only to my business career but my artistic career as well. Definitely worth recommending. Work with him and get to know him and i guaranty you would do the same.” February 21, 2011
By: Raymond Reyes, Co-Founder/CEO, Get It Done Entertainment

“I Highly recommend Jefferson Akly for any project necessary; big or small. While at Full Sail University, I also had the opportunity to meet and worked with Jefferson. He’s a very knowledgeable and ambitious individual. Jefferson, will be an asset to any corporation if considered for any employment. He’s more than qualified and experienced.” December 12, 2010
Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative
By: Ivens Jean-Pierre

“It is a pleasure to write on behalf of Jefferson Akly. Aside from being open minded, honest and thinking “outside the box” on projects, he is very diligent, an initiative taker and his work ethic is incredible. Jefferson has outstanding organizational skills. He is able to successfully complete multiple tasks with favorable results despite deadline pressures. He always exemplifies his skills in leadership and exceptional troubleshooting as well as posses great decision making abilities. Jefferson is a team player willing to hear everyone’s ideas and incorporate them when putting a plan together. His enthusiasm for the Music Industry is refreshing. He is a good point person to ask questions regarding various Industry topics ranging from Copyright Infringement/Piracy to Label dealings. Jefferson is a great person to know overall.” June 9, 2010
By: Alex Baez, Legal Assistant, American Society Of Composers, Authors & Publishers

“In short, Jefferson is one of the most innovative people in this company. He’s excellent when completing task requested by my department and work well with others. He is definitely a team player. It’s an honor to endorse Jeff.
Mark W.” April 1, 2009
By: Mark Walker, Senior Legal Claims Manager, ASCAP

“Jeff’s knowledge of the Legal Department has been vital in my transition to the department. His ability to multitask and manage multiple projects allows the department to function in a streamlined manner. I heartily endorse Jeff for any position he applies for.” April 1, 2009
By: Eric Lense, Legal Assistant, ASCAP

“I was Jefferson Akly’s Business Law professor in the Entertainment Business Bachelor’s Program at Full Sail University. Mr. Akly earned one of the highest grades in the class. He is a motivated, respectful and capable student and it was a pleasure to have him in my class. His work product was always of the highest quality, reflecting his full comprehension of the subject matter and ability to think analytically. Mr. Akly is articulate, intelligent and ambitious. Any company would be lucky to have Jefferson Akly in its employ.” July 7, 2011
By: Victoria Hernandez, Associate Course Director of Entertainment Business Law, Full Sail University

“As an Associate Course Director for Business Ethics & Social Responsibility in the Entertainment Business Bachelor’s Program at Full Sail University, I am delighted to recommend Jefferson Akly. Jefferson has already successfully completed a full year of classes in an accelerated program that condenses a four-year degree into two years of intense study. During the time he was in my class, Jefferson conducted himself in a highly professional and cooperative manner. He was a thoughtful contributor during group discussions, and was not afraid to take the spotlight or to shoulder responsibility in team settings. I look forward to watching Jefferson cross the stage at graduation, as he will most certainly do with honors. As you can tell, I think very highly of Jefferson, and would recommend him without reservations for any endeavors that he chooses to pursue.” May 13, 2011
By: Kelly Purdy, M.A., Associate Course Director, Full Sail University

COMPANY BIOGRAPHY: Get It Done Entertainment, LLC


Get It Done Entertainment is a start up entertainment Promotions Company put together by two very head strong entrepreneurs looking to establish a spot in the promotions world. The team consisting of two New York City natives, co-founders Raymond “Son-Ray” Reyes from Brooklyn and Jefferson “Klepto” Akly from Queens, which is a very exciting pairing because of the drive and hustler mentality to “Get It Done” that gears them towards the avenue of success.

With the willingness to go to the extreme to succeed, and a knack for the arts and business, we believe that we have the necessary skill and drive to corner the entertainment market. Get it Done Entertainment offers promotional web flyers, and videos that are an inexpensive and effective way to promote a new record, product, artist, and event or just about anything that needs to be broadcasted to the public for exposure.

Get It Done Entertainment also has showcases and competitions. Together a “mix-tape” project which unsigned artists can display their talents and be heard across the United States through the many contacts through out the industry. In the future there are also plans for showcases and talent shows so the best music that can’t be found on mainstream airwaves can be heard.

If you are interested in learning more about Get it Done Entertainment and how you can purchase a promotional video, web flyer, feature on one of our mixtapes, or in a show please contact us at getitdoneentllc@gmail.com.

Thanks for visiting and stay tuned as we get ready to expose real Hip-Hop to the World!

“We Hustle Hard!”


“If ur an artist this is a blog you cannot miss…good info u need…love these guys…http://getitdoneblog.net/”
By: , Radio Host @
August 22, 2011


- Mixtape Features
- Promo Videos
- Showcases
- Internet Promo
- Music Production (sell and lease beats)
- Music Videos (we come to you)
- Help With Copyright Music
- Artist Bio’s
- Photo-shoots
- Film Performances

NOTE: Our renown producer / director has been associated with such videos as Fat Joe’s “Lean Back” and Ja Rule ft. Jadakiss, Fat Joe “I’m From New York” to name a few.



Contact Info:

CEO – Ray Reyes:
EMAIL: getitdoneentllc@gmail.com

COO – J.Akly
BBM: – 21B4358C
EMAIL: getitdoneentllc@gmail.com



Artistic, Deep Thinking, Easy Going, Observant, Real, and Ready!!!

Son-Ray, born Raymond Reyes, is a young aspiring talent and a creative Hip-Hop artist from Bedstuy, Brooklyn, NY.  Son-Ray is an individual that loves to create music and continues to establish himself as an artist looking to achieve individuality in a genre where cookie cutter artists are made everyday.

Being the youngest of four siblings and growing up in a Marcy Housing apartment Son-Ray was surrounded by music from an early age.  Brooklyn in the 90’s was an exciting and glorious time in Hip-Hop. Artists such as The Notorious B.I.G, Jay-Z, and others brought a new found glamour to a neighborhood and borough that has been troubled with the harsh realities of growing up in the hood.

Fueling the need for self-expression came easy for the young Son-Ray.  At the age of 14 Son-Ray began his artistic career when he first inked his first rhyme.  Being the youngest of three brothers lead to influencing Son-Ray to get more involved and join the family group that consisted of his brothers and two cousins which were the in-house music producers which supplied the vehicle to carry their words from paper to the ears of many who appreciated their style of Hip-Hop.

Living in the projects, Son-Ray unfortunately couldn’t escape the harsh realities of a life that the struggle tends to bring.  Although not proud, Son-Ray confesses being involved in illegal drug dealings as well as other behaviors that are easily exposed to a young man in the hood.  Despite the negative influences in Son-Ray’s life he began to realize that he was an entrepreneur and that having a business mentality helped him make a life changing decision to pursue music full time with his brothers and cousins.  While in the family group he was able to get a taste for touring while booking gigs in other states.  The energy he felt on stage made it clear for Son-Ray that performing on stage and expressing himself artistically and whole-heartedly was the passion he was looking for.  Son-Ray acknowledges his passion to one occasion at a performance in Myrtle Beach S.C when he signed his first autograph for a fan that had heard the group for the first time at that event.  He said “the experience was amazing and I knew right there that this (music) is what I wanted to do with my life”.

In 2010 Son-Ray broke away from the group as it began to dissolve.  Although the group broke apart Son-Ray’s desire and passion continued to grow and burn inside with the desire to shed some light on his life and tell his story. Later that year,  “Enlightened” was recorded which is a semi-biographical album telling stories of pain, striving to be the best and telling the world that “I Will Never Lose!”

From that point on there was no looking back. He began his mission to scout for a manager.  He knew that a strong support system would help him to achieve higher grounds and gain traction in a market that is saturated with artists also trying to get their voices heard.  In October of 2010 he would search no further as he found a person he believed fit the bill and who in returned humbly accepted.  Son-Ray’s drive, determination and knowledge of the music industry will lead to the road of success to have his poetic words heard.

In 2011 Son-Ray co-founded an entertainment company named Get It Done Entertainment with his manager.  The motto is “We Hustle Hard!” because failure isn’t an option for a young entrepreneur from Brooklyn.

So stay tuned because the best is yet to come. Let’s Goooo!!!



Mixtape – War On The Industry 1st Battalion
Host – Get It Done Entertainment.
Featured track – Be About It

Release Date – February 2011

Mixtape – Bodega Cold Kutz Vol. 1
Host – Joe Bodega
Featured Track – NY Anthem

Release Date – November 2010

Mixtape – About To Shine 3
Host – DJ Vlad
Featured Track – Toast To The Life

Release Date – November 2010

Album – Enlightened (2010)

Release Date – October 2010

“NY ANTHEM” By: Son-Ray


“Yo SonRay this one is a heat rocker fam… This song is one the cleanest and realest shit I’ve heard in a long time…

Erock U.F.A.T… Brooklyn Stand Up!!!

Favorite Quotes:

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow and learn as if you would live forever” – Gandhi

“I think Therefore I am” – René Descartes

YOU CAN LISTEN TO THE “ENLIGHTENED” ALBUM AT:<a href="http://Sonray1.bandcamp.com



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