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Music News: RZA Challenges Jay-Z To a Game OF Chess For a Prize Of 1 Million Dollars.



Music News: Michele Bachmann’s Late Night Intro Music On The Jimmy Fallon Show Was ‘Lyin Ass Bitch’…

As the house band for dancing spider monkey Jimmy Fallon, The Roots are sometimes forced to express themselves via the intro music that they choose to play when various celebrities walk out onto Fallon’s stage.

Last night, Michele Bachmann came on the show. The intro song The Roots played for her: “Lyin Ass Bitch,” by Fishbone. Clip below. Keep up the good work, fellas.




<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/d3iyADAmd8Q” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

source: http://gawker.com/5861908/michele-bachmanns-late-night-intro-music-lyin-ass-bitch

Music News: Adele Makes Fan Pay To Charity For Free Tickets…

Want to see Adele for free? It’s pretty much impossible. The “Someone Like You” singer’s comp tickets come with a price: a $20 donation to charity.

Adele’s tour rider, which the Smoking Gun excerpted, states that anyone who gets a comp ticket – be it from the performer, promoters or staff at the venues – must pony up a cash donation to Sands, a charity that funds research on reducing infant mortality and supports those affected by the death of a baby. The rider, which was used on the singer’s partial North American tour this year, stipulates that there are no exceptions to providing the donation.

Other requests on the rider are in the more traditional diva/rock star arena. Adele’s beer must be European – so bring her a Stella, not a Bud, as “North American beer is NOT acceptable.” And don’t cheap out on the red wine, either, as her rider asks for “the very best quality” of fermented grape juice.

Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/adeles-tour-rider-requires-charity-donations-for-comp-tickets-insists-on-european-beer-20111206#ixzz1foVQC2tN

Music News: Rihanna Sells 197,000 Her First Week.

Rihanna’s first week album sales have just been released. Rihanna’s new LP unit sales came in at 197,000 close to her last album “Loud”. Her album sales landed her at the third spot on Billboard 200 chart and she has given her fans another piece of music to enjoy.

Rihanna was releasing album notes on Facebook – she’s become a much bigger entertainer with lots more endorsements and her album put her in our top 5 spot for we were watching recently. (See our Rihanna First Week Album Sales Preview here.) Her last album sold “Loud” sold 206,530 units units in the first week and she kept close pace with the new LP. See our short list below.

First Week Album Sales 2011:

Lil Wayne -“Tha Carter IV” -964,000
Drake – “Take Care”- 631,000
ColdPlay – “Mylo Xyloto” – 447,000
Jay-Z and Kanye West – “Watch The Thrown”- 436,000
Rihanna “Talk That Talk – 197,000
So who’s next to come out with something that will top the charts? As the year comes to a close check in with CollegeDJ for our list of “Highly Anticipated Albums of 2012″ and keep up with who’s releasing what next year!
source: collegedj.net

The Bodega Cold Kutz Radio Show On December 16th.

On Friday, December 16th, your late afternoons will be changed forever. will be bringing you live from . Log on and listen every Friday from 5pm-7pm as Tha Bodega Cold Kutz show will keep it real and stay true to the Hip-Hop culture. With (from ) on tha 1 & 2′s, dope beats are guaranteed to be dropped and gems will be played. The show is hosted by along side and Krazi Fresh so the commentary will be up to par. From mixes, to interviews to the latest news… Bodega Cold Kutz show will have it all on deck. Make sure you tune in every Friday and follow/check us out on Twitter and Facebook @ 

Article written by Lady Blogga.

Music News: ASCAP Members Kick-Start the Holiday Music Season with the Top Ten Most-Played Songs

“Sleigh Ride” Tops List, Having Been Played Nearly 65,000 Times Since October 1


New York, NY, December 6, 2011: Nothing raises peoples’ spirits – and inspires shoppers’ zeal for finding the perfect gift – like holiday music. That’s why radio stations around the country are eager to start playing America’s most beloved holiday songs earlier and earlier each year. ASCAP (the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) has just released its list of most-played songs of the 2011 holiday season. For the second year in a row, “Sleigh Ride” tops the list of songs, which were all written or co-written by members of ASCAP.

“ASCAP is home to America’s greatest songwriters and composers,” says ASCAP President and Chairman Paul Williams. “So it is no wonder that the top holiday songs have been written by our members. This list reflects the enduring power of music. It’s a beautiful thing to realize that a songwriter’s work lives on in such a way, bringing happiness and meaning to millions of people’s lives year after year.”

Since October 1, 2011, “Sleigh Ride” has aired 64,317 times, making it the most-played holiday song on radio so far this holiday season. Although it depicts a wondrous winter scene, “Sleigh Ride” was written originally by Leroy Anderson on a hot summer day in 1946 in Woodbury, CT. Initially composed as an instrumental piece, The Boston Pops Orchestra gave the first performance in a concert conducted by Arthur Fiedler at Symphony Hall in Boston, May 4, 1948, and Mills Music published it that same year. The Boston Pops Orchestra recorded it in June of 1949. After Mitchell Parish added lyrics in 1949, it has been recorded by perhaps the most eclectic range of performers than any other piece in western music, with Leroy Anderson’s recording the most popular instrumental version and The Ronettes’ recording as the most popular vocal version.

The top 10 most-played holiday songs so far this holiday season are listed below, all written or co-written by ASCAP songwriters and composers. Each song includes songwriter credits, and cites the most popular artist version played on radio to date.

1. “Sleigh Ride” – played 64,317 times
Written by Leroy Anderson, Mitchell Parish
Most popular artist version performed by Leroy Anderson

2. “Winter Wonderland” – played 54,741 times
Written by Felix Bernard, Richard B. Smith
Most popular artist version performed by Eurythmics

3. “The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)” – played 50,796 times
Written by Mel Tormé, Robert Wells
Most popular artist version performed by Nat King Cole

4. “Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!” – played 49,509 times
Written by Sammy Cahn, Jule Styne
Most popular artist version performed by Dean Martin

5. “Jingle Bell Rock” – played 47,100 times
Written by Joseph Carleton Beal, James Ross Boothe
Most popular artist version performed by Bobby Helms

6.“It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” – played 46,492 times
Written by Edward Pola, George Wyle
Most popular artist version performed by Andy Williams

7.“Do You Hear What I Hear?” – played 41,633 times
Written by Gloria Shayne Baker, Noël Regney
Most popular artist version performed by Whitney Houston

8. “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas” – played 39,885 times
Written by Meredith Willson
Most popular artist version performed by Bing Crosby

9. “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” – played 38,395 times
Written by Ralph Blane, Hugh Martin
Most popular artist version performed by The Carpenters

10. “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer” – played 37,266 times
Written by Johnny Marks
Most popular artist version performed by Gene Autry

Note: The list represents an aggregation of all different artist versions of each cited holiday song played on radio from 10/1/11 through 11/28/11. The holiday song data was tracked by radio airplay monitoring service, Mediaguide, from over 2,500 radio stations nationwide.



Music News: DMX Plays a Game Of Wheelchair Basketball With Disabled Vets.

As The BoomBox previously reported, rapper DMX was released in July from an Arizona state prison after serving an eight-month sentence. And since his incarceration ended, the MC has been making the rounds as a good guy.

According to MTV Hive, DMX had a relatively “normal” fall season. The rapper reportedly mopped up a Greensville, S.C., Waffle House at 4AM in November and went on a similar cleaning spree at a nightclub a week later. (Weapon of choice: vacuum.) Since then, DMX debuted his newest single, ‘Keep Your Head Up,’ on — of all places — ‘Dr. Drew’s Life Changers.’

So what could be next for the troubled hip-hopper? How about basketball with the troops? The apparently reformed rhymer recently balled with a few disabled veterans after being asked to do so by a fan at X’s most recent San Antonio show. DMX showed up the next day for a game of wheelchair pickup, and he even managed to score a few baskets.

“It made my day as much as it did their day,” DMX told TMZ. “One told me that I gave him the best early Christmas gift he ever got and that has me still smiling.”

So what do you think about X’s return from the bottom? Now that “the Dog was let out of the kennel,” is he on his way back to the top?

Music News: SoundExchange Has Undistributed Digital Performance Royalties for ASCAP Members

SoundExchange logo

ASCAP and SoundExchange are notifying ASCAP members who have unclaimed digital performance royalties from streaming music services. SoundExchange is the only organization in the United States authorized to collect royalties for the digital performance of a sound recording on behalf of the performers and rights owners of the recording itself. SoundExchange is totally distinct from ASCAP, which collects royalties for songwriters and publishers of the underlying musical composition. In other words, SoundExchange collects for record labels and recording artists. ASCAP collects for songwriters, composers and publishers. The two organizations are not in competition, as each handles two separate royalty streams.

If you haven’t heard of SoundExchange, here is why you should take note. It is the only organization in the United States authorized to collect royalties for the performance of a sound recording on behalf of the performers and rights owners of the recording itself.

When the music you recorded is commercially released and played on SiriusXM satellite radio, Internet radio such as Pandora, Yahoo, Live 365.com and AOL, and on digital cable and satellite TV services, SoundExchange collects a royalty on your behalf.

This is in addition to any performance royalties that ASCAP would pay you as the songwriter and publisher of this music – in other words, you are entitled to two separate royalties for these Internet performances.

SoundExchange collects performance royalties on your behalf whether or not you are registered with them, as directed under U.S. Copyright law. But if you want to get paid, you must register. All ASCAP members need to do is sign up once with SoundExchange. Once you’ve registered, you will continue to receive royalty payments quarterly, every time you’re owed. If you are a recording artist or performer, it makes sense to join SoundExchange, and it is completely free.

To get paid you must register at . It’s fast and free.

Direct any questions to SoundExchange Customer Care at 202.524.7839 or email info@soundexchange.com. You could already have royalties waiting for you!



Music News: ASCAP and the Radio Music License Committee Announce Settlement in Principle

New York, NY, December 5, 2011: The Radio Music License Committee (RMLC) and The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) today announced a settlement in principle concerning the fees payable by America’s radio stations to publicly perform ASCAP’s 8.5 million plus musical works through 2016. The RMLC represents the vast majority of the nation’s radio stations (over 10,000 radio stations) and ASCAP represents the majority of musical compositions played on the radio today through the creative output of its 425,000 songwriters, composer and music publisher members.

This settlement, when finalized, will cover the seven-year period 2010 to 2016. It would end ongoing Federal Rate Court litigation and provides for a return to a revenue-based fee structure as well as expanded coverage to accommodate the radio industry’s newer distribution platforms for reaching listeners by means such as Internet websites, smart phones and other wireless devices. It also greatly simplifies the reporting process and administrative burden through electronic filing.

“This is a gratifying result for the radio industry, which reflects the current realities of our industry and puts the industry back on sound footing insofar as its licensing relationships with ASCAP are concerned,” commented RMLC Chairman Ed Christian, CEO of Saga Communications. “We appreciate the good will which ASCAP has demonstrated in working with our industry to get this resolution.”

According to John LoFrumento, ASCAP Chief Executive Officer, “The process of building this agreement was based on mutual trust and appreciation, and reflected both sides’ clear understanding of the challenges and opportunities we each see for the future. I want to thank the Radio Music License Committee for its creative approach in respecting the value provided by music creators in our negotiations.”


ASCAP and SoundExchange are notifying ASCAP members who have unclaimed digital performance royalties from…

Nikki Jean’s debut album, “Pennies In A Jar,” captures her remarkable journey among America’s best-known …

In today’s edition of The Daily Brief, consumers support more protection against pirated and counterfeite…

&lt;p&gt;Your browser does not support iframes.&lt;/p&gt;
If you can see this, your browser doesn’t support IFRAME. However, you can view <a href=”http://www.ascap.com/new” target=”_blank”>ASCAP News &amp; Events</a>.


Music News: Common Clears Up Alleged Diss Towards Drake On “Sweet”

The Chi-town rapper addresses suspicions that he insulted Drizzy on his new cut.

On his cut “Sweet“ Common takes aimless shots at “soft” rappers, rhyming, “Y’all niggas man, y’all soft motherfuckers / Singing all around me man, la la la / You ain’t motherfucking Frank Sinatra / Uh, lil’ bitch / Sweet ass motherfucker.”

While many believed this was a diss directed at Drake, Common recently spoke with V103 Atlanta’s The Frank and Wanda Morning Show where he clarified the lyrics.

“Some people have been saying that, but on that song, I’m just talking about whoever the cap fits. I’m talking about rappers out there that’s soft and doing the same thing. So if the cap fits, then that’s who it is,” he said “That’s all it is. It’s whoever the cap fits, then let ‘em wear it. I think it’s a lot of creative artists out there. I think Drake makes some good music.”

Naming Kendrick Lamaar J.Cole and Lil Wayne as contemporaries whose music he enjoys, Com said anyone who catches feelings from the cut are the ones he’s dissing. “On the song ‘Sweet’ – which we did the video for, too, in Haiti, we just put that out – a lot of rappers may feel it. And if they feel it, then that’s who I’m talking about.”

Music news: Occupy Music Movement Grows With Occupy Musicians Petition by Clyde Smith

Musicians have gotten involved with the Occupy Movement in many locations both on and offline. A new initiative seeks to focus that energy starting with an Occupy Musicians petition in support of the movement. But Occupy Musicians hopes to become much more than just a petition and plans to provide additional resources.

Musicians Occupy Wall Street

Ginny Suss and Vanessa Wruble at helped get a petition online that has already been signed by a number of musicians in support of the simple statement:

“We, the undersigned musicians and all who will join us, support Occupy Wall Street and the Occupy Movement around the world.”

If this is something you’d like to join, here’s the basic information:

“Are you a working musician in support of the statement above and the Occupy Movement? Please send us an email with your name, instruments, musical affiliations, and location to occupymusicians at gmail dot com.  [We mean 'musicians' broadly, as in sound engineers, sound artists, producers, DJs, producers, instrumentalists, composers, lyricists, etc]“

I’ll have to check and see if they include music writers!

In their , they share some of their plans to also “serve as a resource”:

• to facilitate performances at Occupy spaces and events
• provide links to media wishing to interview Occupy-supporting musicians
• host testimony and other writings of musicians for why they support the 99 percent
• host embedded media to Occupy-related songs and music videos
• network musicians to Occupy locations and Occupy fund raisers

You can also connect on Twitter at .

Occupy Musicians is allied with and .

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Hypebot contributor Clyde Smith maintains his freelance writing hub at and blogs at and . To suggest topics for Hypebot, contact: clyde(at)fluxresearch(dot)com.

Music News: Big Boi Would Like To Collab With Kate Bush.

Big Boi has been listening to Kate Bush’s new album 50 Words for Snow for a couple weeks now – but he’s been a fan of the singer since middle school. “I was introduced to her music by my uncle, Russell – my favorite uncle,” he says. “What caught me the most was, first, the production and the voice of course, but also the different meanings behind the stories she was telling.”

Snow, Bush’s first album of new material since 2005′s Aerial, is a seven-track, hour-long, moody meditation on love (and of course, snow). “The album, to me, is just very somber and very chill,” he says. “Knowing her music and being a fan, it’s very, very deep Kate Bush for me. It’s concentrated. It’s raw emotion. It’s almost like a scene from her diary – she seems to be in love like a motherfucker. Really, really, really in love.”

Big Boi’s favorite song on the album, “Snowed in at Wheeler Street,” clocks in at just over eight minutes long. “It’s like a story between her and the guy, how they were in love from the beginning of time, how they never want to let each other go,” he says.”It just really builds. I think it’s really deep. I dig it.”

“Snowflake” is another favorite. “It’s good ride music,” Big Boi explains. “It was the first song I heard when I first popped in the CD. I was on the expressway and just driving in circles and listening to it, because the songs are almost 10 minutes apiece and I didn’t want to get out of the car. So I played it a couple times and just rode around.”

But he’d like to take his fandom to a new level on Daddy Fat Sax, the follow-up to 2010′s Sir Lucious Leftfoot: The Son of Chico Dusty – and actually work with Bush. (He’s already brought Little Dragon and Phantogram into the studio with him, and has said that an Andre 3000 cameo is “very much possible.”) “I want her to co-produce something with me,” he says. “We’d produce a song and write it from scratch. I’d rather get in a room and not have a plan and just let it come organically – it’s not like I’ve got a song and I’ll just be like, ‘I want you to sing this part right here.’”

Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/big-boi-raves-about-kate-bushs-50-words-for-snow-20111122#ixzz1f4dhnb00

Music News: Lil Kim To Drop a New EP

Lil Kim  to tell fans about her own upcoming release, writing, “#teamlilkim For the holidays I’m releasing a 5 song EP for y’all as a preview of what’s to come in 2012 & so on 4rm Lil’ Kim :) !!!!!”

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Kim dropped her proper “I’m Not the One” single, which, not surprisingly, takes aim at her nemesis Nicki Minaj as well as Lil Wayne and the Young Money Camp. Check out the track below:

—Gina Montana

Music News: Asher Roth Signs To Def Jam

It’s been two and a half years since Asher Roth’s debut album, Asleep In The Bread Aisle, hit stores, but the Pennsylvania native may have just gotten one step closer to dropping his follow up. Friday night (November 18), Senior Vice President of Island Def Jam Shawn “Pecas” Costner confirmed via Twitter that Roth is now part of the Def Jam family.

“WTT new single, Bieber Xmas out now, Rihana 11/21, Jeezy, 12/20. Setting up Ross and Asher Roth for 1st quarter,” Pecas wrote. “#stophating #weworking.”

Rumors quickly spread that, as a result, Roth was no longer on SRC Records, the lable which put out his debut. However, the label’s CEO, Steve Rifkind, took to Twitter as well to clarify that they would be “partnering with Def Jam” on the former XXL Freshman’s new release. Then, yesterday (November 20) morning, Gaby Acevedo, President and Partner at SRC, unearthed a few more details via his Twitter account.

“Blogs got it wrong! @asherroth still part of the SRC Fam. SRC team up w/ DefJam. Album out 2012 @therealpecas @steverifkind #SRC/Loud/DefJam,” he wrote.

Rifkind also announced via Twitter that this would mark a new beginning for Loud Records, a subsidiary of SRC, which had shut its doors in 2002. Prior to that, the label had signed artists like Wu-Tang Clan, Mobb Deep, Big Pun and M.O.P.

Asher Roth’s album, Is This Too Orange?, is scheduled for a 2012 release while his mixtape, Pabst and Jazz, will be available on iTunes December 21. —Adam Fleischer

source: xxlmag.com

Music News: Big Sean Responds To Ludacris

While Luda’s recent diss aims to put Big Sean and Drake in check, Sean says “Badaboom” is built on a misunderstanding from over a year ago.

Ludacris’ newly released mixtape 1.21 Gigawattts featured a swift message to Drake and Big Sean and addressed their taking credit for what is called the “Supa Dupa” flow. The track, “BadaBoom” responds to the younger rappers’ alleged claims that Luda stole that punchline pattern. However, Big Sean offered his side to KUBE 93 radio in Seattle.

“Ya’ll sure [the song] is about me? ‘Cause I didn’t hear no name or nothing, ” he said. “I ain’t got no problems with Luda, I never did. I think he’s referring to an interview I did over a year ago. Literally over a year ago. But in the interview I said he’s a legend. I respect people who is ahead of me. I respect OGs and the Gs in general. The only thing I said–[the interviewers] was telling me about the “Supa Dupa” flow. They call it the Supa Dupa flow because on Big Sean my second mixtape I had a flow on there where I was using one word to describe another word in a punchline form.”

He continued, “I feel like Drake made it more popular on the song “Forever” A lot of people thought Drake made that up and this was new, and Drake was like, ‘I could trace that back to Big Sean actually on his mixtape. That’s where I first heard it. I think that’s where a lot of emcees got it from.’ That’s what Drake said. So people was telling me, ‘This is your flow.’ And I’m like, ‘Alright.’”

He also said he understood that the flow came before him, and perhaps even before Ludacris.

“I’m pretty sure it was done before [Luda] but I’m just saying where it came from now. We talkin’ about now…I’m not trying to debate and say, ‘I was the first to do this ever.’ I’m just saying that’s just where it was between us. So [some interviewers] asked me, ‘What’s a good example of [the Supa Dupa flow] and what’s a bad example of it?’ And I think I said [Luda's] ‘balloons’ line. But I’m telling you this was over a year ago. I can’t believe this was something that’s been lingering this long…I don’t have no problems with Luda. I didn’t even know he cared that much, for a year, to be thinking about what I said in interviews…I think Luda is the best, I think he’s a legend.”\

source: hiphopdx.ocm

Music News: Congrats To Mac Milller Who Sells 144,000 First Week As a Independent Rapper.

As forecasted, indie rapper Mac Miller’s first album, “Blue Slide Park,” debuts at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, selling 144,000 copies according to Nielsen SoundScan.

While it didn’t shift as much as some industry sources had expected (180,000 was the optimistic projection), he still can lay claim to a pretty cool chart feat: “Blue Slide Park” is the first independently-distributed debut album by an act to hit No. 1 since 1995.

This kid should be a inspiration to all independent hiphop artist…


Download Album here –>

Music News: Busta Rhymes To Cash Money?

The last quarter of 2011 has been swirling with rumors of MCs signing to labels like Ross’ Maybach Music and Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music. But in a shocking twist, Baby & Slim were the ones to steal headlines with the signing of Legendary rapper and down right energy machine Busta Rhymes to their Cash Money label, adding to what was a mediocre roster when you exclude Drake and Nicki Minaj respectively, but now who’s potential is somewhat impressive. This now gives Busta a little momentum to put out a project which he has been sorely missing the past couple of years.

Also added to the Cash Money roster is Mystikal, who was just recently released from prison for Sexual Assualt. Mystikal can be recently heard on Yelawolf’s Radioactive album dropping November 21st.
DJ Camilo Tweeted…

Music News: Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa Release Cover Art For “Mac & Devin Go To High School” Movie.

Here is the official artwork for the soundtrack to Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa’s Mac + Devin Go To High School movie.

The film, set in a Los Angeles high school, sees Valedictorian hopeful Devin Overstreet (Wiz Khalifa) struggling to pen his graduation speech when it becomes clear that all his academic overachievements have left him with little to no real-life experiences. He finds an unlikely inspiration in the least-achieving student on campus, Mac Johnson (Snoop Dogg.) Mac, a 15-year senior and consummate ladies man, is smitten by the school’s new substitute chemistry teacher. He soon realizes that the only way he’ll truly have a chance with her is if he finally graduates high school. In 3 weeks time, Mac must cram four years of high school academics, while Devin must cram four years of teenage experience.

Read more: www.thedropnyc.com

Music News: Ludacris Gets at Drake and Big Sean For Stealing His Flow.

Luda takes aim at the rappers for stealing what he says is a flow that he pioneered.

On his freshly released mixtape 1.21 Gigawatts , Ludacris assumedly takes aim at Drake and Big Sean on the track “Badaboom”  The DTP leader, who has previously spoken out on rappers stealing his “Supa Dupa Flow” (denoted by one-word punch lines at the end of sentences), fires subliminal shots at the rappers on the cut for claiming they invented the style.

“Counterfeit rappers say I’m stealing they flows / But I can’t steal what you never made up, bitch! / Y’all some duplicate rap cloning niggas / I manufacture you hoes put on your makeup, bitch!” he raps. “Let me explain, nothing’s been new since Big Daddy Kane / Flows been recycled passed around to different names.

“Eleven years and still counting / And y’all get a couple of hit records, make some noise and have the nerve to start shouting?” he continues. “You lyin’ to yaself, just admit it / May not like the way I used it, but you know you ain’t invent it, boy / Do your research before you make a claim so bogus that’s disrespecting pioneers in the game.”

Big Sean previously took credit for inventing what he deemed the “Supa Dupa” Flow, which Drake later popularized in his rhymes source: hiphopdx.com

Music News: Is Beiber the father? Reports state so called baby mama droped law suit.

According to , “The suit was quietly dismissed late last week. What’s more, Mariah Yeater’s lawyers, Lance Rogers and Matt Pare, have quit her … withdrawn from the case.”

Beiber was preparing to take a paternity test in about two weeks, so I suppose this frazzled the plaintiffs. Yeater (so called baby momma) was also facing potential statutory rape charges because Beiber was 16 years of age at the time.

So I guess it’s a wrap on this one but we’ll never truely know if Beiber should’ve “wrapped it up” and is truly a dad.




Music News: DR. Dre Opens Up “Beats By Dre” Store In Soho Nyc. Talks About His Break From Music.

Dr. Dre Gets Interviewed by The Fader; No More Detox (video)?
Dr. Dre recently opened a pop up store in Soho, NYC for his Beats by Dre headphones collection, and an interviewer from The Fader was on hand to ask him about a variety of things including his upcoming projects, the history of his successful headphones venture, and his hiatus from making music. Of course, hiatuses end, but from Dre’s statement in the video, it looks as though fans will have to wait even longer to get something new from the good Doc.

Source: collegedj.net

Music News: Queen Latifah To Host Syndicated Daytime Talk Show In 2013 by Aly Semigran

Queen-LatifahImage Credit: WireImage.com

There’s about to be a new Queen of daytime talk: Oscar-nominated will be the host of her very own syndicated talk show.

The yet-to-be-titled show — which will be produced by Latifah’s Flavor Unit Entertainment (she’ll serve as executive producer alongside co-founder Shakim Compere), James Lassiter, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment (Overbook’s Miguel Melendez will also executive produce), and Sony Pictures Television — is being developed for fall 2013. Compere said in a statement regarding the project, “We’ve had a long and successful history both personally and professionally with Overbrook’s Miguel, JL, Jada and Will. We share a common vision and have been wanting to collaborate for quite some time. The talk show is the perfect project to work on together.”

Of course, this won’t be the star’s first foray into hosting a talk show, as her gabfest The Queen Latifah Show, ran in syndication from 1999 to 2001.

(Reporting by James Hibberd)



Music News: EMI In $4.1B Split Sale To Sony, UMG by Bruce Houghton

(UPDATE) Several major media outlets are confirming that Citigroup has chosen Sony and Universal as winners of an auction that totalled $4.1 billion for the publishing and recorded music divisions.

The sale of EMI‘s two divisions to separate buyers is completion, according to several sources. On the publishing side, a Sony led consortium has reportedly a needed deal with GSO, the credit arm of Blackstone, to finance $500 million of the $2.2 billion rumored purchase price. Unless, BMG trumps the offer at the last minute, a deal could be announced as early as today.

The Sale Of EMI’s Recorded Music Division:

Vivendi’s Universal Music is also expected to announce that it has agreed a $1.9 billion deal for EMI’s recorded music business, according to the . The deal, which would be a huge win for new UMG head Lucian Grainge,  was reportedly struck after owner Citigroup agreed to take on EMI’s pension liabilities.


But even before the ink is dry on any deal, opposition is already mounting in Brussels, as EU regulators encouraged by indie trade group Impala, worried that Universal is getting too big and too powerful. Some pecuslate that Vivendi may even have to sell of some of its new assets to gain EU approval, as well as, to assure credit rating agencies that the company is not over extended.



Music News: Juelz Santana Post $46,000 bail.

Juelz Santana was arrested this past Thursday (November 10) in New Jersey on suspicion of making terrorist threats, TMZ is reporting.

The celebrity gossip and news website is also reporting that in addition to the terrorist threats, Juelz, born LaRon James, was also taken in for disorderly conduct.

Police told TMZ that the rapper refused to let officers search his vehicle, which was later impounded by cops.

After posting a bail of $46,500, Juelz was released hours later.

Shortly after the ordeal, Juelz took to his Twitter to comment on the situation.

“A! How many mugshots they gonna take of me smfh!!!,” Juelz tweeted. “46k bail. A! Police impounded my Bentley, so I guess I gotta bring the rose out! Fuck they thought that was my only car lol #Whooooaaaaaa. A! Yea gotta stun on em u know the police be on twitter lol. ! My car was parked and they asked to search it and I said no. So they locked me up an said will get a judge search warrant smh wow.”—Jakinder Singh source:xxlmag.com


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