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Article: Diddy renames self, Permanately kills Hip-Hop phrase by Andrew Unterberger

Well, guys, it’s been a good run. From NBA player Gilbert Arenas saying his “swag was phenomenal” after hitting a game-winning shot in 2007, to Soulja Boy chronicling his morning ritual of hopping out the bed and turning his swag on in 2009 to VCU men’s hoops celebrating their Sweet Sixteen victory via Lil B’s “swag” mantra earlier this year, we’ve gotten about as much mileage out of “swag” as a culture as could be expected. But now, invariably, the term has run its course—as proven by a video tweeted by the Artist Formerly Known as Diddy late last night:

From his hotel room with a number of friends (where they were apparently watching The Game and eating every type of soul food in existence), Diddy makes the announcement that after being sick for a week, he is officially back—and with a new name. His buds don’t do a great job of building up suspense as to what the new name is going to be, since after every single thing Diddy says, they echo “SWAG!,” like a loyal church congregation. But indeed, ’tis “Swag” the new Diddy moniker, and he’s even set up a new Twitter account to reflect this (from @iamdiddy to @iamswag—self-explanatory enough), though he says that unlike with previous name changes, this one will be for a week only.

There comes a time with every major pop culture catchphrase where you just know that its course has been run, and watching this video, which uses the term about a hundred times too many, it’s pretty clear that the end of “Swag” is now upon us. Hope you enjoy your week, P. Diddy Sean “Puffy” Swag Combs Daddy, because there are going to be some very angry rappers upset that you’ve permanently ruined their go-to phrase at the end of it.




Nicki Minaj wants to take her career to the next level and she doesn’t want any help from Sean “Diddy” Combs. Minaj was rumored to have signed a management deal with Diddy sometime last year, but it looks like she’s skipped out on the hip-hop mogul and has gone with management company Hip Hop Since 1978 instead.

XXL.com is reporting that the Queens native fired Diddy because he wasn’t “hands on enough,” and signed with the management company owned by Gee Roberson and Kyambo “Hip-Hop” Joshua. Ironically, Roberson and Joshua once worked on Lil’ Kim’s 2005 debut, ‘The Naked Truth,’ when they were employed as A&Rs for Atlantic Records. Kim and Minaj have been engaged in a verbal beef for the last year or so, with the brunt of the blows coming from the Queen Bee, who feels that the 26-year-old jacked her style.

Past history aside, Minaj’s new representation has a pretty good track record, which includes managing Kanye West, Young Jeezy and her Young Money family members Drake and Lil Wayne. According to sources, despite her new business decision, her relationship with Diddy appears to be in tact as the two parted ways amicably.

This is the most recent shake-up in Minaj’s management team, but not the first time that she has hired and fired people on her team. The rapper was originally represented by Debra Atney, mother to Waka Flocka Flame, whom she fired in 2010.



Article: 50 Cent Explains Beefs With Diddy and Jadakiss, Promises New Album by ANDRES VASQUEZ

G-Unit’s General speaks on the state of his relationships with Jadakiss and Diddy and explains why he won’t release an album he’s completed.

50 Cent recently spoke on why he has an album in the vault that he will not release and why he has chosen to reconnect with former rivals. The head of G-Unit recently met with Funk Flex at Funk Flex Full Throttle, a new show on MTV. The inaugural episode featured 50, who also ensured fans that he is nearly finished with a new disc.

When asked about his work to mend relationships with former rivals, 50 said he felt it was necessary at times. He also added that certain beefs were never personal.

“Some of it is Hip Hop. It’s just the competitive nature of the art form. Like with Jadakiss’ situation, that was just Rap. I don’t have a reason [to beef]. When you look back at it, when two years go by, and you say, ‘Why don’t I like them?’ And you can’t remember why, then you know it’s Rap.”

This led to a discussion around Diddy, someone 50 has had words with in the past. Their feud began when he spoke about extorting Diddy on “How to Rob,” saying he’d “snatch Kim from Puff.” Later, their feud escalated when Fif said Diddy was not “biggin’ up his brother,” but added that he was only giving love to the Notorious B.I.G. as a form of “biggin’ up his bank.” He also compared the head of Bad Boy to a “bitch” in a separate interview. Diddy also shared his displeasure with 50 Cent by saying his “breath stinks,” adding that he’s “ashy” and that he’s “a sucker,” before calling him a “hating ass crab.” However, now it seems the two are on good terms.

“I’m not upset with [Diddy] at all,” he said smiling, adding that they speak on the phone from time to time. “He’ll call me like, ‘What’s the next move, playboy? Why I feel like you doing this?’ And I’m like, ‘Nah, nah, it ain’t nothin’.'”

Aside from rehabilitating relationships with Hip Hop peers, 50 has also been working on a lot of music. During his interview, he also added that he is presently working on a brand new album, one that will replace a disc that is already in the can.

“I’m working on a record now. I’m almost done,” he noted. “I recorded a whole album before this one that I kept…Because I want to make sure it’s completely up to my standards. I’m critiquing myself.”



Music news: Violator Management’s Chris Lighty Launches Demo Submission Site by SEAN RYON

Violator Records
The man behind 50 Cent and Diddy launches a new website for aspiring artists to share their demos.

Violator Management’s Chris Lighty has had a long career behind the scenes of the Hip Hop industry, managing mega-star artists like Diddy and 50 Cent. Now, the Bronx native is taking his expertise to the Internet with a new music demo submission website.

According to a recent article by the New York Daily News, Lighty and co-founder Michael Dizon recently launched PleaseListentoMyDemo.com. The site that allows up-and-coming artists to upload their music and have it heard by Lighty and his staff made up of A&Rs and other industry heavyweights.

Each song will cost a fee of $10 to upload, and the site will make the best songs available for the public to hear. Lighty says that the website was inspired by the successes of YouTube and television program “American Idol,” as well as the proliferation of free music downloads.

“We are in the Internet age,” said Lighty. “There are so many creative people out there. We are not reaching everybody. Just listen to the radio. It’s the same 15 artists all day everyday…We won’t Simon Cowell you out. We will give you feedback. If we like it or dislike it.”




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