Humor: Canibus vs. Dizaster (Official Reenactment Battle) Rap Is a Joke KOTD Vendetta

Check the real battle here

Humor: Top 9 Strangest Ghostface Killah Lyrics.

In this segment “the guy with the glasses” Utilizing his ability to look past a beat and analyze rap lyrics, Rap Critic deconstructs the words of some of your favorite rappers. Remember, though: you don’t have to like his opinions, but he doesn’t have to like your song! Check it out below.

Humor: Drake Gets Punk’d, Thinks He’s Meeting The Vice President Of The United States..

I have to say i found this rather amusing, he look scared to death.

Humor: Cheapshots – “You Wasn’t Shooting With Me In The Gym”

Humor: Chris Rock Surprise Set at Comedy Store,

Entertainment News: Chris Rock Wants To Tour With Dave Chappelle Says “The Watch The Throne” Tour Inspired Him.

Chris Rock chatted with the entertainment blog Vulture about his idea to do a joint tour with fellow mega comedian Dave Chappelle. Though the possibility of a tour has been mulled around before, it gained new life when Rock saw Jay-Z and Kanye West perform on the Watch The Throne tour: “I’ve been talking to [...]

Humor: Snoop Dogg Talks About His Visit To The Playboy Mansion…

Humor: Kevin Hart Jokes On Hot 97

Humor: Hitler Gets Invited To South X Southwest

This is pretty funny check it out.

Humor: Man On Train Really Likes The “Ni&&az In Paris” Song


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