Music News: Eminem Puts New Movie On Hold To Record New Music…

Eminem plans to record new music instead of filming what would be his first return to the big screen since “8 Mile.” Eminem has decided to put his boxing film Southpaw on hold so that he could instead focus on recording new music. According to Detroit Free Press, Em decided to put the flick on [...]

Really Though: The Secret Meeting Where “They” Suggested To Promote Violent Rap Music To Fill Private Prisons For Money.

I had to share in full this article was just too jaw dropping to not have shared. Whether or not it is true or not whose to say… Hello, After more than 20 years, I’ve finally decided to tell the world what I witnessed in 1991, which I believe was one of the biggest turning [...]

Industry Tips and Advice: Put Music First!

written by Heather MCdonald If you’re a musician, what is the number one, most important thing you will do for your music career today? No, not tweet or Facebook or blog or engage in a debate whether the internet is good or bad or contact the press – it is working on your music. Wait..what…huh? [...]

Industry Tips and Advice: Make The Labels Come To You

By Chris Standring Everyone knows how hard it is getting signed to a record label. It’s almost a dull and worn out subject. It is a frustrating and all consuming process. With the present state of the business, Internet piracy and lack of record sales in the music industry, it has never been harder and [...]

Industry Tips and Advice: Three Steps On Becoming A Record Producer

By Emerson Maningo A common misconception of a record producer is someone who has the money to finance expensive recording projects. While some producers are really the one that finances the project, this is only the tip of an iceberg in knowing the detailed job of the record producer. If you like to become a [...]

Industry Tips and Advice: Do I Need to Hire a Music PR Company? by Heather Mcdonald

You can record the greatest album of all times, but if no one knows about it, you might as well not have even bothered. If you want people to hear your music, then you need some vehicle of letting them know it’s out there. Usually, the fastest way to make that happen is to get [...]

Mixtapes: Curren$y “Here”

Curren$y drops his latest release…

Videos: Big Boi “The Crown Life” Europe

In celebration of Crown Royal Black’s partnership with Big Boi, cameras went behind the scenes to document Big Boi during his tour in Europe to capture moments of his life and career that showcase his definition of “The Crown Life.” The short film lets audiences into Big Boi’s life as he performed at Glastonbury in [...]

Industry Tips and Advice: How to Open for a Major Artist/Band

There are a few ways to make sure you get to open for a major artist in town: Develop a consistent reputation with promoters in your area that you can pack out whatever venues you play. Part of getting this great buzz about your music is getting into local press or radio stations (usually with [...]

Articles: Is It Time To Bring Gangsta Rap Back? Freddie Gibbs Thinks So….

I do a lot of reading. Not everything I read is always thought provoking but nevertheless I try to make a habit of it. Yesterday some quotes from a rapper got the wheels in my head turning. In an interview with ABC News Radio, CTE signee Freddie Gibbs had some rather interesting things to say [...]

Interview: Homeboy Sandman on Twitter, Still Using a Pen and Pad and more…

Music Video: Push! Montana – “Dreamerzzz” Directed By Ron Adkins


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