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Article: Soulja Boy Arrested…

 has learned that Soulja Boy was arrested at 3 AM this morning in Temple, GA. DeAndre Cortez Way was in the car with 4 other men and were pulled over for a traffic violation. Police discovered “substantial amount” of marijuana and $70,000 in cash inside the vehicle, as well as guns. Soulja Boy and all 4 men were arrested.

Update:  has now learned that the weed and the gun discovered during Soulja Boy’s arrest this morning were inside a briefcase which allegedly belongs to the rapper. Cops found a briefcase during the search, which they believe belongs to Soulja Boy and inside, officers claim they found a “substantial amount” of weed and a firearm. All 5 men have since been released after posting bond.

Article: Soulja Boy Apologizes For Anti Military Video.

Soulja Boy is apologizing for the anti-military lyrics of his new song “Let’s Be Real,” which have sparked outrage.

“As an artist, I let my words get the best of me. Sometimes there are things that we feel, things that we want to express, and when we put them on paper and speak them out loud, they can come out wrong. When I expressed my frustration with the US Army, not only did my words come out wrong, I was wrong to even speak them. So, I write this to give my sincerest apology to all members of the United States military services, as well as their families that were offended by my most recent lyrics,” Soulja Boy writes in an essay on GlobalGrind.com.

“As a young man who grew up in the post-9/11 era, I have watched our country fight two wars that seem like they are never going to end. I have seen thousands and thousands of our brave men and women get killed in battle and often times, I think for what? A lot of people in this country are struggling to make ends meet and I think a lot about what if we had never gone to war. Where would our economy be? Our schools, our after-school and work programs, our streets? I mean, damn, 48 people got shot in New York City just this past weekend … in 3 days … I’m not saying that it is just because of a bad economy, but at a certain point we have to take care of our own people.”

“In no way would I ever want to offend those who are protecting our freedoms … a lot of homeboys who I grew up with, a lot of people who come from the neighborhoods we live in … In no way do I want to hurt any of our honorable soldiers who put their lives at risk, regardless of how they feel about the two wars we fight in. I am just frustrated that we haven’t been able to bring you all home quick enough and my frustration got the best of me. I am deeply sorry.”

“Let’s Be Real” lyrics include, “F–k the FBI and the army troops … fighting for what? Be your own man…” billboard

ATICLES: Soulja Boy Tell’em Lies….

Last week Soulja Boy had the Internet going hammer when it was reported that he bought himself a $55 million private jet for his 21st birthday last week. However it was all a lie, according to TMZ, who happened to break the news in the first place.

The “Crank That” rapper’s spokesperson Greg Miller said that “elaborate rumors” are “false.”

To make matters worse, when given a chance by a Miami DJ to clear up the story on Friday (July 29), Soulja said he was “G5 status,” leading fans to believe he in fact made the astronomical purchase. He also told TMZ, “Hell yea… I bought it”

In related Soulja news, according to radaronline.com, SB is facing problems with Uncle Sam. The gossip site is reporting that the 21-year-old owes the state of California about $26,805 in back taxes, as well as about $3,500 to Mississippi. His Georgia home was also foreclosed on last year.

In more positive news, Soulja dropped his latest EP earlier today, appropriately titled 21.

Article: Hip-hop responds to Bin Laden’s death (in tweet form) by Jeff Weiss

With apologies to Bono, Billy Bragg and those outback vagabonds in Midnight Oil, hip-hop has always been one of the most explictly political genres of music. From “The Message” to “Muse-Sick-N-Hour Mess Age,” rappers have used their words to attack inequities and social issues of all stripes.

Even in today’s largely apoliticized rap world, artists such as Kanye West repeatedly address a wide range of topics (some of which end up causing widespread censure).

Understandably, the events of the last 24 hours have sent the rap world into a Twitter frenzy. Here are some opinions expressed by its more prominent members.

Bun B: “November 2012 is a long ways from now. The GOP isn’t even giving him credit. Trust me, this changes nothing politically. Don’t get it twisted. I’m voting for him, but the people celebrating are chanting USA not Obama. The haters are waiting to spin it.”

Chuck D: “USA is at it again. Number one in the rankings of Killing Championships. Stealing the Gold in the Murder Olympics, and the crowd goes wild! New Whirl Odor,… I smell. And with all these whippings of mass distractions , Amerikkkans now can look forward to 95 cent gas and hummers. One..dude in a cave, gimme a break please, would some UFO come down and straighten this human race out, even if you gotta devour us. Of course this was thrown in President Obama’s lap from jump. And most Twidiots will believe that this will be the Prez’s legacy.”

Lupe Fiasco: “Osama Dead!?! Afghan Operation done now??? Now kill poverty, wack schools, and US imperialism.”

MC Hammer: “Evil has an expiration date and it has offspring. We rejoice with our heads up, hearts warm and our eyes open and locked in.”

Styles P: “I ain’t even gonna lie! U will only know what the they want u to know so I don’t even know why we acting like we gonna here the truth!! Gonna be mad osama dead songs and references ! I can hear them allready! And don’t want to! Well dear gov since Bin Laden is dead! Bring the the troops home!!!!!!”

Big Boi: “Buried at sea? That’s the same thang that happened to Megatron in ‘Transformers Part 2.’ “

Soulja Boy: “The US Dollar has decreased 20% in value over the past two years. Wake up America! This country will not be a good place for any of us to live in unless we make it a good place for all of us to live in.”

Russell Simmons: “I’m not rejoicing at the killing of Khadafy’s son or even the killing of Bin laden. Violence promotes Violence, luv promotes luv. Killing can’t promote luv r destination is God consciousness or pure luv. Islamaphobia is the disease that helps create supporters of Bin Laden’s mindset. Until we are conscious of the hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians we kill, (like Iraq) we will always have a new Bin laden waiting.

“We can’t count the 4 thousand U.S soldiers without out counting the 200,000 Iraqi civilians? Their children are the next Bin Ladens. I’m not saying I’m not glad we got Bin Laden. I’m saying the loud celebration outside my apt (World Trade) hurt my spirit.”

Fabolous: “#TwitPicOsamaBinLadenBody… We dont believe you though. When they first told me Osama died, first thing I said was ‘Word, I jus’ seen Osama’…”

?uestlove: “I hope those rejoicing can hear O’s words that to engage in anti-Islam/Muslim rhetoric is missing the point.”

Busta Rhymes: “We are living in the middle of and witnessing very interesting times. Pay close attention to everything but also read between the lines.”

Freddie Gibbs: “US just said they just killed Osama Bin Laden and they got his body….yeah…right.”

Blockhead: “The first rapper to say a variation of ‘I bring the drama like Obama did to Osama’ should be publicly executed live on the Fuse network.”

See also, Heems of Das Racist, who has been cataloging xenophobic sentiments on his Twitter page.




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